Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just what can you do with an eggplant?

I forgot to show you the cupcakes that Rachel made on Sunday. It was her first cupcake decorating attempt and I think she did great. They're cute little panda bears. Yes, I ate one. A good mom always eats her kids' creations. Remind me to tell you about some of the breakfasts in bed I have had. LOL
This morning I did have a SF Rock Star. I needed something to get my motor running. You see, last night all of the smoke detectors went off at once at about 2:30am. I almost jumped out of my skin. No smoke so I have no idea what happened. Then I had to wait until the adrenaline rush subsided so I could go back to sleep. Then Rachel gets up at 3:30am because of upset stomach. Interrupted sleep makes for a tired momma.

Breakfast: oatmeal with 1 Tbs chocolate peanut butter and some protein powder; watermelon
I decided to make some sun tea since it was so bright outside. Here is the pitcher when I first set it out with green tea bags, sliced lemon and mint from my landscaping.
I tried some strength training with free weights. MizFit has said that strength training really boosts the metabolism and that's something I really want to do. Plus I want that great figure that lifting weights gives. :)
So here is what I did but I only used 5 pound weights because that's all I have:

*bicep curls 2 sets of 12 standing on Bosu ball
*tricep dips 2 sets of 10
*dead lifts 2 sets of 12
*chest flies 2 sets of 12
*shoulder presses 2 sets of 12 standing on Bosu ball
*overhaul pullovers 2 sets of 12
*crunches 2 sets of 12
*oblique crunches 2 sets of 12
*captain's chair 2 sets of 12
*planks 2 at 60 seconds held each
*back extensions 2 sets of 8
*modified push ups 2 sets of 10

Tricep dips, planks and modified push ups kill me the most. I guess that means those are the areas that need the most help on my bod.

Afterwards I took a bunch of stuff to the recycle center and then a load of Rachel's clothes to the Salvation Army. She has lost a considerable amount since I started Weight Watchers too. :)

Got home and spread a big bag of dirt in the yard. Cleaned the fountain. Just did some basic yard stuff.

Lunch: bean burrito with lettuce, taco sauce, greek yogurt and cheese; honeydew melon

Afternoon snack: Gnu Peanut Butter Bar (I love these)The sun tea is ready to be served with dinner:

I wasn't exactly prepared for dinner so I had to come up with something. I looked all over the place for something to do with eggplant. Eggplant parmesan sounded nice but I wanted it low cal. So I came up with my own version using what ingredients I had. It actually turned into a sort of pizza when I served it on a low carb pita.

Dinner: eggplant parmesan sort of on a pita (a sort of eggplant parmesan pizza); corn; more honeydew melon I would have thought that the strength training and yard work would burn a lot of calories but it didn't. Bodybugg is not impressed with my activity today. I have to say that I did enjoy the weights though. :)

EEK! Tomorrow is weigh in. I'll sacrifice a cupcake to the scale gods and hope for the best.


  1. great job on the weights, you will see the rewards from work for sure!!

    how awesome that the rest of your family is benefiting from the changes you have made!! congrats to rachel!! Oh and the cupcakes are super cute!!

  2. Cute cupcakes! Pandas are one of my favorite animals :D

    I love that wrap, and the honeydew looks sooo juicy! Yum!

    Wow, I want some of that iced tea. Your dinner looks fab, too. I love eggplant!

    Good luck at the weigh-in! <3

  3. You are kicking butt! And that honeydew really looks tasty. And the tea! I want some!!!!
    Path to Health

  4. Those cupcakes are very creative...almost too cute to eat...note I said almost. I never liked eggplant until I met my husband. He makes the best eggplant parm yum.

  5. Those cupcakes were cute!!

    Strength training doesn't typically burn as many calories as doing a cardio workout but it keeps the metabolism up longer and you burn calories after working out (I think, might want to research this). But I know in the long term, it's good to do. Keep it up! The planks kill me too!

  6. I have really got to get back to my strength training...I may steal the Mizfit workout.

    I am still confused about when your birthday...so it was Sunday? you sure down played it or I missed a post somewhere...

    Those cupcakes are adorable!!

    Take it easy today Kelly...when I don't get enough sleep, it is not pretty!

  7. Hey Ms Patty! My birthday was on May 28th; Rachel's birthday was this past Saturday. So many birthdays! Chuck's is on the 18th.

  8. I had eggplant last night. I grilled it and them turned it into a hamburger. It wasn't too bad! I posted pic's on my blog.

    LOVE the cupcakes!


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