Monday, June 8, 2009

Rachel Birthday Part 2

Rachel had a great birthday Saturday! It's not over yet. This Friday our shared birthday gift will be getting to pet the penguins at Moody Gardens in Galveston. I am so excited about this. I still can't believe we get to do it.

We got Rachel a cute little outfit. LOL She's still tired. She wasn't quite awake when we started throwing gifts at her. See the balloons down the banister? Chuck and I got up at the crack of dawn (literally) to blow them up and decorate. We also hung up a big Happy Birthday sign.

We blindfolded her and told her the next birthday present was outside. Then on the count of 3 we had her remove her blindfold and we all pelted her with Silly String. It was fun until we had to stop and clean up the mess.

We also got her a cake decorating class enrollment. She has been wanting to take one since watching Ace of Cakes.

After breakfast we headed to my parents' house and then to Village Creek State Park which is around the block from their house. But this is a county block so it was probably 2 miles or so.

Once we parked we had to walk 1.1 miles to the swimming area. Carrying all of our picnic supplies. In crocs. Through the sand. Up and down ravines. Mosquitoes. 90 degrees.

The hike actually wasn't too bad. But you would have thought we were on the Bataan Death March with the complaining from folks we met along the trail.

The creek still has some debris from hurricane Ike last year.
Charlie with his cousins Katelynn and Connor.
Rachel and cousins enjoying the cool water on a hot day.
Getting even with Charlie.
Found a bunch of freshwater clams.
Our picnic area. Those are my parents. :)
We had West Texas Style BBQ (the best BBQ I have ever had!); baked chips; lots of watermelon. Yeah, Chuck carried half of a watermelon in a cooler.
We got back to our house kind of late. I had told Rachel that I was going to cook dinner but we surprised her with Domino's. She has been wanting to try one of those pasta bowls served in bread for a while. It's not something that we usually have on the menu but it's her birthday. WOW, those are good.
The birthday cake. The cake speaks for itself.
It was a wonderful day and we all slept very hard that night. :)
I'll be back to my usual food logs starting this evening. We've been so busy this weekend. But I burned almost 3000 calories yesterday!


  1. Aww, she looks so cute! I'm glad you guys had such a great weekend. And have fun petting those penguins! I know you're super excited about that.

    The creek looks fun! Ooh the hike with mosquitoes sounds icky, but maybe it made it all that much sweeter when you finally got there? Maybe? No? Okay. Haha!

    That cake looks incredible! Wow, so chocolately. Love it!

    Have a great day!

  2. 1-Super cute outfit that you got Rachel
    2-What an awesome birthday :) I cant wait to have kids so I can make their birthdays insanely special. What a great Mom :)

  3. What great parents you and Chuck are! How fun for Rachel to have such a great day...she looks so cute in that outfit! The cake decorating class will be fun for her...and speaking of cake - that birthday cake is to.die.for. Drool.

  4. Happy birthday Rachel!!!!

    I saw an episode of The Little Couple on TLC where they did the penguin thing at Moody Gardens. I'm so jealous. I just know my little boy would LOVE to pet a penguin.

    I love Ace of Cakes too, that Rachel has good taste! :)

  5. LOL..I think I tried on that top Rachel is wearing. But it didn't look good on me..It looks great on her..

    The day sounds wonderful.
    the pictures look great
    and the cake is making me crave strawberries and this chick can't have them because she's allergic! So eat another one for me!

  6. What a cute outfit! I love birthdays. You guys really love each other, that's evident!

    Gorgeous cake!

  7. That's a birthday she will not be forgetting! She is a doll, and a lucky girl!!


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