Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Recap Cliff Notes Style

Eat good breakfast. Visit penguins at Moody Gardens. Totally awesome!!

How about we grab a burger. T-Bone Tom's in Kemah. Yum One bad meal won't hurt.

Meet friends for dinner at Sushi Coast in Webster. How about some apple sake? And a Celine Roll. How about some lychee sake and just give me a chunk of raw tuna. And a dessert roll. Things get crazy when sake shows up.

Let's go to the movies. The Hangover. Hilarious and yet raunchy.
Call Rachel when we leave movies. What do you mean the fridge is broken?! And what is that sound the van keeps making? Brakes in rear going out. Great. Freakin great.

Fridge problem: Chuck's phone on top of fridge on vibrate and whenever Rachel tried to call it she would hear the vibration and think fridge dying. Problem solved. Brakes still broken though.


Eat good breakfast. Run tons of errands including sending my beloved Bodybugg back to company for replacement. She died and will be missed. RIP 2008-2009 I'm hungry and it's time to go grocery shopping. Let's eat Chinese food. Meh. Not so great. I eat half.

Get groceries and run other errands. Order brake parts.

Go to MIL for her birthday and to place tires on FIL boat and to change brakes. NOT a simple fix. Emergency brake must be removed to get to parts.

9pm and every one starving. Dominos delivers. Hey, two or three bad meals won't kill me, right?

Brakes fixed. Go to bed too late.


I stayed up too late last night but dog is barking nonstop outside this morning. What is up? Oh a large black snake with a yellow belly is striking at the dog. That's nice. I'll just go outside in my nice rubber boots and night gown armed with a broom. No problem. Chuck comes out fully dressed and armed with a hoe. Snake comes at Chuck. See Chuck run. Run, Chuck, run. (snake was a non-venomous yellow bellied water snake often mistaken for water moccasin but still...)

Eat good breakfast.

Go to Discovery Green downtown Houston to sign up for Nature Challenge. We're Team Motley Schu!! Cool things going on like Farmer's Market and lots of park people with critters.

Charlie holds albino boa.

Lots of cool architecture and playground stuff...just a neat place to go.

Finish first Nature Challenge mission. Get sticker and take pic by cool fountain. We're hungry!! Let's stop by Mooyah. We've never been there. Get hamburger. They all come with double meat?! Very good on homemade buns. Another bad meal won't hurt, right?

Let's head out to San Bernard Nature Refuge. Many cool critters roaming around.

And flying around....
And slithering around......(speckled kingsnake)
Aw, this poor snake is in the road and needs help across. I'll push it with my umbrella across the road so he doesn't get hurt. Though he looked real tough he did not strike at us. Possibly a hog nose. BAD smell to him and umbrella had to be tossed afterwards. You're welcome, snake.
It's 8:30?! How long will it take for me to cook dinner? Oh...a while. Sure, we'll go out to eat. Why the hell not? I'll take the 6 piece shrimp. yeah, I'm allergic to them. Give me a Benedryl on the side.

I'll be hitting the Shred pretty hard next week.


  1. We all have weeks like that. When the hectic pace just gets to us. Hang in there!

  2. hectic but fun? (I LOVED the hangover. made me laugh).

    Heres hoping your week is filled with far less excitement (hello fridge! brakes!) and more mundane routine :)

    Sometimes routine is good huh?


  3. Wow sounds like a busy weekend! I really need to see The Hangover. And sorry about the fridge and the bodybugg :(

    I hope today is a little less hectic!

  4. Was that a weekend recap or a week?? Good grief, y'all pack a lot of stuff in to your days!! No wonder Ms. Bodybugg died a premature death. :-)

  5. I'm worn to a frazzle just reading about it...

  6. Busy weekend, appeared to be stacked with reptiles, particularly snakes. I am one of those persons that thinks any live snake deserves a death sentence.

    I am approaching a 3-day convention. which, like you, will be stacked with bad food choices. I am doing an hour workout in gym today and hour aerobics tomorrow, hoping to stack up extra exercise points.

  7. please tell more about discovery green, my boys have been wanting to go there, to the farmers market and then just to look, but we have not made it, we are going to an Astros game next week so i figured we would go early and try to make it just to see whats there.
    so we might have walked right by each other at moody gardens funny. my youngest LOVES it there so we go as often as possible.we have the passes that expire in 2 days, but our life being so busy lately they will no be renewed until the fall more then likely

  8. The best way to find out more about Discovery Green is to go to their web site. (link is in my post). They have events going on every single day from exercise for free (Zumba) to special dog competitions. SUnday was our first day out there.
    There is a water "park" with spray fountains, a water fountain that kids play in (see pic in post), remote control boats to rent for the pond ($% per 30 minutes Sat and Sun only I think), a couple of restaurants (Lake house one is casual but The Grove is fancy), playground, library, stage, office, restrooms, jogging trail, lots of open green to play ball or whatever, dog park. The green market is on Sundays but will be closed during August. Just too hot. They have fresh goat cheese, organic clothing, dog treats, raw treats, pies, veggies, flowers, arts, grass fed & free range chicken, lamb, pork and beef....just a lot of stuff.

    It's fun! There is no meter parking on Sundays which is a plus.

  9. The scale gods were out to get us this weekend :) But it does look like you had a good time (after the "broken fridge" worked itself out!)

    I'm sorry your body bugg died!!!!

  10. I know this post was about you and your food choices, well, and other things, but...

    I cannot get past the snakes.

    Oh my gosh, I don't like snakes.

    I'm floored that you actually moved a snake out of the road. Oh my stars.

    When my FIL was alive, there was a rattle snake along side their house. He killed it with a hoe because there were grandchildren and grand-dogs. I didn't go outside the entire time I was there after that.

  11. Love that fountain!

    My fridge is broken, too. It's freezing everything! Guy came tonight, but the parts place was already closed, so hopefully he can get the part tomorrow. I can't really shop for groceries until it gets fixed. :-P
    Path to Health

  12. Heehee sounds like you had a pretty busy week, it's alright, you deserve to cut yourself some slack with the eating! As long as you're feeling satisfied and not guilty about :> then they have their "value" and "purpose" (which is to serve and satisfy you hehe).


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