Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Still A Struggle


The day didn't start with a cup of coffee or a healthy breakfast but changing the salts in the mummy-in-progress. The kids are great sports about this.
Breakfast: Green shake with Amazing Grass Pomegranate Mango & chia seeds & almond milk
Lunch: turkey, pesto, roasted peppers, muenster cheese on whole wheat toasted; peach; baked chips I can't get enough of this sandwich combo. It really is terrific.
One of our school projects was to make canopic jars for our mummy chicken. They were used to store the preserved stomach, intestines, lungs and liver of the deceased. Since there is no way in hell that I am preserving chicken guts, we are just making the jars and calling it a day.
I spread out painter's plastic on the floor and mixed up some paper mache. The kids used cleaned baby food jars to build the heads of the gods on top.
Did you know?
Some of the earliest mummies that were discovered appeared to be covered with bitumen, or pitch, a tarlike substance that becomes shiny and hard when it dries. The Arabic word for bitumen is mumia, so people began to call these preserved bodies "mummies." In fact, the blackened mummies were covered with resin-plant gum-that had darkened over the centuries.
About 800 years ago, people thought that bitumen had medicinal properties and would grind up the mummies to make medicine. The powder was supposed to cure everything from coughs and stomachaches to bruises and broken bones. Sometimes mummies were boiled to make ointments to put on cuts! But the mummies contained no bitumen and the "medicine" often caused vomiting, stomach cramps and bad breath. Even the king of France used mummy to treat his ailments!

Rachel then had to do a science experiment that demonstrated how cells use osmosis. She used potatoes & sugar. Love science.

I have a problem. I start each day on track but have been having trouble staying on track as the day goes by. Last night we had burgers. We ate out because Chuck was going to get home late and he was going to stop by the store to get some ingredients I needed. It would have put us eating dinner VERY late. So....we went out.
I thought that losing weight and eating healthy would get easier. It hasn't. It's still a struggle. Which really scares me. Will it be a struggle even after I lose weight? Does it ever end? Will this struggle be my constant companion for the rest of my life? If it is a companion, then it's a demon.
Maybe I'll name my demon so it doesn't seem so intimidating. I'll call him Fred. NO, I'll call him Vince. My weight battle demon is called Vince. Meet my demon:
The month of July has been a rough one for me. While I'm still determined to lose weight, I slip as the day goes by. I'm just going to have to be stronger. If I had will power I wouldn't be in this situation.
The one big difference between slipping now and slipping like I did in the past is I am still exercising. I am not giving up. Before I would just give up. Not this time. But I am still struggling.
Why can't I just have great will power? I think being prepared is essential to this. I must have a menu and all of the ingredients to make dinners.
I know that I will lose weight. There will be ups and downs. I was hoping that it would get easier but I am still struggling.


  1. Yup, Vince totally looks like someone you should watch out for!

    I find that it's much easier now that I plan our meals for the week. It takes me 15-20 minutes to decide what I'm going to make (I don't work out which days we're having what) and to make a shopping list according to that. If I need 3 onions for the week, I buy only three onions, etc. By the end of the week my fridge is virtually empty and nothing gets wasted. I resisted this planning thing for a long time, but now that I've tried it I'll never stop doing it. It works like a charm!

  2. Preparation is key for me - having the good healthy foods in the house makes it A LOT more likely that I will be eating the right stuff. That said, IT'S A LOT OF WORK, getting fresh fruit and veggies ready! Lately I've been slicing two meals' worth of just about everything (except for avocados and tomatoes) for my big dinner salads - I put everything into separate rubbermaid-type containers, so the second meal is really simple to put together.

    But let's face it - it's July, it's hot, and sometimes we need a break! You are still doing so well - I'm sure this feeling will pass soon.

  3. You just need to summon up all your strength and kick Vince in the pecans.

    You've come too, too far to let it slip away.

  4. It's been my experience that sometimes the best you can do is not to lose ground. Know that this process has peaks and valleys and sometimes it's easier than others. Just realize that all progress isn't linear and even if we are just holding steady, that may be an improvement over what had happened in the past. (I speak for me here - I was always gaining and losing, gaining and losing. If I wasn't losing, I was gaining. Holding steady would have been a victory.

    Good luck...

  5. I find it is especially hard when you have lost a decent amount of weight. You are no longer like, oh my God, I am so big, and you are fitting into things that are cuter, that the motivation sometimes slip.
    I mean, you still want to lose weight, it just doesn't seem as urgent.
    Go back and read through your blog (I have a journal) and see how you felt. Think of how happy you were when you made Onederland and things like that.

  6. Ah, Kelly I feel for you and with you. It is hard. It's a long road. I do think it will get easier when goal is reached, it's a different mindset.

    I know when I lost 70 pounds years back, I got to the point that I kept telling myself I was hungry. I don't think was hungry, but I wanted to eat what I wanted in the volume I wanted. I wanted to not have to stress over menus at restaurants.

    I gave up, gained it back. *I don't get that vibe from you.* It's just a rough patch, which I think is normal. You're still working out, just tired of it. You'll get your mojo back.

    I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it easy for you. This is the one thing I have feared happening to me again on this journey. I haven't figured out how I'll handle it when it hits, because I know it will. I know you'll set a shining example for me when you get it figured out.

    After reading your blog for so long, though, I know you have "it." "It" will reappear soon, and you'll make it.


  7. You just say the word, and I will take Vince out. Quiet like. Your demon will never know what hit him. He won't even hear the shot.

    Unless you want him to....


  8. Oh my gosh, Vince looks so creepy! Preparation is DEFINITELY key. You have to make it easy to choose healthy foods. I suggest always having lots of fresh fruits and veggies in the house, as well as lots of salad ingredients (mushrooms, grape tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers, bell peppers, etc). Also, having lower-cal wraps available is a great idea.

    I definitely suggest coming up with a meal plan for the week. And if you're not feelin' the meal on a certain night, maybe have the ingredients on hand for the next night's meal, and just switch them?

    The key is to make it easy to make healthy choices. You could also make extra of your healthy meals so you can have leftovers ready.

    Also, see if you can find an easy, healthy go-to meal for when you're tired and just want to grab something--or if everyone else is having take out, and you don't want something unhealthy. Mine is a veggie burger over salad.

    You've come so far, and you can do it! It is tricky, but you're right--preparation is key! I suggest planning out menus for the week, and making sure you have ALL the ingredients on hand. Good luck, and I know you can do it!

  9. So, I shouldn't rub mummified chicken on my body. Check.

    Lunch looks a lot better than what's on my desk right now. *sniff*

  10. Don't give up. Planning helps but traveling isn't.

    I gained 3lbs LAST week and lost 2 of it this week.

    Here I am on the road again, but by myself--somewhat easier. I had the breakast at the motel. Small amount scrambled egg, fresh fruit about 1 cup, black coffee, 1 biscuit with 1 tsp margarine.

    For lunch an apple.

    And for supper I have a WW dinner I just bought at WM as I have microwave in my room.

    It should be easy at the evening seminar as I will have a few points left at their break for a teensy snack and coffee IF I want it.

    BUT YES YES YES if is hard and truthfully I don't know. However my endocrinologist told me I HAD TO QUIT CALLING IT A DIET.

    I'm pulling for you and certainly no lectures; I fail far more often.

  11. I so know how you feel right now. I agree with Roxie, if you can focus on maintaining during the rough patch, you will be ahead of the game when you find your mojo again.

    This is such an entirely long journey (the rest of our lives sort) that there are going to be times when youre going full steam and no one can stop you as well as times like these, times where you just dont have the same passion about what youre doing.

    I vote that you take out a couple of cookbooks this weekend, chose 5 dinners to try, ones that youve never tried before, stock up on the ingredients and give the new items a try. It looks like you have a pretty good hand on clean breakfasts & lunches.

    I've spent the last 5 weeks going through one of these slumps. I didnt want to focus on points and calories on vacation. I didnt want to grocery shop, I didnt want to excercise. I wanted a break from worrying and thinking about food. I cant say I'm 100% turned around right now, but I'm working on it.

    You'll get your mojo back, we all have faith in you :)

  12. July has been a struggle for me too; but we'll just keep trucking along! We can do this!

    PS I don't blame you for not mummifying chicken guts!

  13. It's easier for me, after six months on WW. But, I have enough new recipes or pointed out old recipes that I can now make a two week menu with ease.

    There are still set backs. I'm still overcome by temptation a lot. The whole 'it's just easier' trick gets me a lot. I try very hard to stay away from those things I know I have a hard time resisting. Buffets are a NO go for me. Everyone is like 'just get a salad'..oh yeah, right. That's like telling a recovering alcoholic to go to the bar and just have water. Its just too hard...still.

  14. uh oh.
    will POWER or willingNESS to do what it takes day in and day out?

    Husband and I had this debate again last night...

  15. I wish it would get easier, but I am afraid it will always be a struggle for me too. I have days, and weeks that I do everything right, then it's like someone kidnaps that part of me and I can't stay on track to save my life. My salvation is my blog, and Weight Watchers. Somehow, this time around I have managed to not let the struggles overwhelm me to the point of giving up, I believe it is the fact that I have to face me in black and white, and read the words that live in my blog. Hang in there, the best is yet to come.

  16. Vince looks like he needs addiction treatment for a crazy meth habit. What a nut.


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