Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just a Day in the Life

Tuesday was a nice normal day around the Happy Texan household.

I woke up at my usual 7ish am. That's a real time according to my Einstein Watch of Relativity: 7ish, 8ish, 9ish, etc....

Forced myself to get on the treadmill and walked for 1 minute and jogged for 2 minutes. Did that for 2.5 miles. I love seating now and I sure do a lot of it. It's kind of silly but I like to imagine that I'm sweating away melted fat and getting thinner and more muscular.

I also like to walk on the treadmill while watching cooking shows. Nothing makes me want to run like watching Paula Deen cook. Can she cook anything without a stick of butter? I think not. I am not making this up: I once saw her make a hamburger using two glazed donuts as the buns. I know!!!

After a good sweat and getting cleaned up, had an Amazing Grass Bar, and headed over to a chemical supply house to pick up citric acid (for Rachel's bath fizzies she likes to make) and some caustic soda (aka NaOH aka sodium hydroxide aka lye). Did you know that you used to be able to get lye at the grocery store in the form of Red Devil Lye drain cleaner? Can't any more. The feds were putting pressure on lye makers because lye is an ingredient in meth.

If you've ever wanted to give the gift of meth for the holidays, don't. Check out these ingredients: Drano, Brake Fluid, Lithium From Batteries (Battery Acid), Lighter Fluid, Rubbing Alcohol, Drain cleaner, Gasoline additives, Paint thinner, Freon, Camp stove fuel, White gasoline, Ammonia, Cold Remedies, Hydrochloride, Hydriodic Acid, Red Phosphorus, Lye, Ether (Starter Fluid), Iodine Ephedrine.

Ephedrine is a common ingredient in sinus medications like Sudafed. Since being used to make meth, you will often see it behind locked glass doors at the pharmacy now.

Ok. Back to chemical shopping. I was having trouble finding copper sulfate. If you ever need it, just go to a home supply store and pick up some root killer for septic systems. It's 99% copper sulfate. It's also used to kill algae in ponds so you might be able to find it at a water garden supply store. Just FYI.

Chemical roundup complete, we begin the experiment. The whole point was to be able to detect starches, fats and proteins in foods.

The first two tubes are for testing for starches using cornstarch and iodine solution. The one on the far left is the starch and the other one is the control.

The middle two were for testing for fats using veggie oil and alcohol. I was out of alcohol so I used hand gel. LOL It worked!

The last two were for testing protein using egg white and copper sulfate solution & lye water. The one of the left is the one with the egg white protein.
Things I learned from this experiment:
  • finding lye is a lot more difficult than I'd expect. Hope you don't want to make soap or hominy!
  • lye is used in making meth
  • handgel can be used as a substitute for alcohol and is a wonderful product.
  • lye gets extremely hot extremely fast when mixed with water. I did not know this and freaked out a little bit.
  • chemistry can be a little scary for those (ME!) who don't know what they're doing

To make the day more fun, here is a real conversation that occurred:

Charlie: "Mom, can I keep this daddy long legs?
Me:"AH! Get it out of here. That's not a daddy long legs!!"
Charlie: "what is it?"
Me: "A spider! Don't pick up things if you aren't sure what they are."

Lunch: turkey sandwich and some popcorn

Then school. Rachel also had to frost another cake for her class. These cakes have been giving her a fit. We've had the worst time with them falling apart or sticking to the pan. But this time I greased it like crazy and it worked out much better.

Things were busy and I just couldn't squeeze in another thing before her class. Took Rachel to class, went to the grocery store and came home. Breathed for a moment and then it was time to go get her at 8pm. We still hadn't eaten dinner so we went out to Gringo's Mexican Restaurant. Chuck and I split a fajita burrito (actually I had about 1/3) and we both got Mexican Hurricanes. Great way to end the day. :)

Oh, and Rachel's teacher showed everyone in the class a rose that Rachel made. Yeah! I know that made her feel good. She's been afraid that she can't do as well as all of the adults in the class.

And that concludes our broadcasting day.


  1. I think I had a lot of amazing grass bars in college. ;)

  2. When I took that cake decorating class, my teacher had a great method for greasing a pan. Instead of greasing, then flouring, just make a batch of equal parts flour and liquid vegetable oil. Mix it up into kinda like a paste. Then just pour some in the bottom of the pan and rub it all around the sides and bottom. Works like a charm! I loved that class, but it gets expensive!

  3. I am still amazed at all you do for your kids' really are Wonder Woman!

    Glad that Rachel is enjoying her decorating class so much - we watched an HGTV show on wedding cakes last night and who knows? That could be her "thing"!

  4. I think I'd be very intimidated by the science experiments! Well done!

  5. Hamburger with glazed donuts...doesn't even sound good..
    Cool experiment, though. Very cool, mom!

  6. Kelly - I just saw your comment over at my post about the guy on the one year hike - there is something about our journeys that go hand in hand with camping, exploring, etc.
    In the Army it was bivouac which no one liked. But now everyone wants to get out and about!

  7. Paula is crazy, but dang do I love her! That burger between donuts was just insane! Would have been a little less crazy if she had halved ONE doughnut instead of using two.

  8. I love your visualization while on the treadmill!

    And I'm a little scared at your meth knowledge...

  9. I love your blog...just found it blog hopping....Hope you will visit me.


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