Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Nature; Meet My Pets; Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon Recipe (7 pts)

I have a little catching up to do! Seems like our weekends have been busier than usual.

Friday we headed over to one of our favorite new places to visit: Sims Bayou Urban Nature Center
They have a duck there named Jeremy who totally kicks the rooster's ass that lives there. This duck waits and ambushes poor Scooter. Why ya gotta be a hater, Jeremy?
Scooter handles the gang bangin' ok. He doesn't retaliate. And look how handsome he is. I bet all of the roosters will be combing their combs to the side now.
The kids now ask me to buy mac and cheese at the store so we can visit Scooter and bring him a treat. I think we are official members in the Scooter fan club. Tee shirts coming soon. :)
While at the center we got to meet their resident sugar glider. It is so soft and cute but I think a little spoiled. He has some major man boobs. When you're that cute you can get away with it.
Charlie got to bring home some Indian walking sticks. He is so thrilled with these insects.
Saturday (today) we went to Matagorda Bay Nature Center to fulfill one of our nature challenge missions.
Such a beautiful day.
Rachel has really taken an interest in recycling since reading about the damage that plastic bags do to sea turtles and other wildlife. She was very upset that people had been leaving their trash all over the beach. She found a plastic bag and spent most of her time picking up as much trash as possible. I told her we would come back with our own bags and pick up more at another time.
I'm proud of her. I think the best way to protect wildlife is to foster a love of nature in people then they will want to protect it.
A brown pelican
a bunch of birds
Chuck, Charlie and an overheated shih tzu (Rusty) and sheltie (Brisbie). Shih tzus are pretty useless in the outdoors. Cute, but useless.
And now that you've met two of our pets (not counting the walking sticks), I'd like for you to meet one of our birds. I present to you Sawyer, the Moluccan cockatoo. (why are little boys so weird? LOL)
Sawyer is such a pretty boy. He's also VERY loud. Seriously. This is not a pet you could have in an apartment. I guess you could but your neighbors probably wouldn't like you very much. We have neighbors two houses down who can hear him when he starts screaming.
Sawyer in full fluff mode while playing. Looks like he's having a bad hair day. Got frizzies?
For dinner I made an awesome salmon dish. You should try it. :)
(follow link above to recipe)

I just got the coolest water bottle ever at Target tonight. It says I'm cute, stylish, eco friendly but also a little scary and dangerous.
And, please, for the love of Weight Watchers and all that is diety, do NOT get these coconut M&Ms. They are so good you could get hooked on them and binge plus they're only available for a limited time so you'd be getting the joneses for them eventually anyway with no relief in sight. They're awesome. You've been warned.
And I'm finally up with the times: hubby got us a wireless printer! Now I won't have to email him at work anymore and beg him to print something out for me. :)
And now we're caught up. Tomorrow...more nature challenges and hopefully a new recipe.


  1. Mmmmm&Mmmmm's.

    Coconut even!
    Not for the faint of heart.

  2. I love your photo posts! So informative and interesting...

  3. It seems a little unfair that they would make Coconut M&Ms knowing full well that we shouldn't have them. Unfair.

    I love your new outdoor life :P

  4. I saw those M&M's and figured they would be trouble. :) Glad to know I was right.

  5. Now, I want those M&M's! Ah, the power of suggestion...
    I'll pretend I never saw them =)

    Great times in nature! Love the little guy with man boobs!

  6. Hi Kelly!

    I've been trying not to give details about where I live on my own blog (paranoid, I guess) but I will be happy to tell you where we went on our trip.

    We stayed at the Olle Hotel in Flatonia (beautiful!), then visited the new Sengelmann Hall in Schulenberg, and antiqued in Smithville.

    Love the sugar glider and your handsome cockatoo. Great post!

  7. I'm in heart with the water bottle, but holding up a cross in front of the evil coconut M&Ms. Those are the Devil's niblets...

  8. You always have the best pictures! I used to want a sugar glider so badly when I was younger. That, and a chinchilla. Haha! Those walking sticks creep me out though, eek!

    Wow, kudos to Rachel for cleaning up the beach. That's wonderful!

    I love the pic of Sawyer in full fluff, hehe. Oh my gosh, coconut m & m's? Those sound ridiculously yummy and dangerous!

  9. Thanks for sharing the pics of your family and the bird - he's huge!

    As for those mmmmmms, luckily for me I don't like coconut!

  10. Mmmmm...coconut.

    And sadly, I don't like salmon. I wish I did - I like almost all of fish but not salmon.

  11. Again, great pics and I will definitely be trying the salmon recipe...and I'll try NOT to try the coconut M&Ms. (secretly praying I dont see them when I stop to shop on the way hm in the morning)

  12. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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