Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Treadmill; More Adventure into Houston Wilderness

I am so happy I could dance. A nice salsa or waltz. My dear in laws gave me their treadmill. It's in great shape so I'll get to walk inside while it's hotter than a chapter from Revelation. It also has handles that move so I can pump my arms and burn even more calories. Burn, baby, burn!!!

We still have nature challenge missions to complete. Got up this morning and made some blueberry muffins from a mix from vitamuffin people and had some cantaloupe on the side. Nice.

Then off to Buffalo Bayou in downtown Houston. It was hot. REAL hot. But we're on a mission.

We retrieved our mission papers from a secret location and went over our plans: find native and invasive plants; make a nature journal entry; collect a leaf from both a native and invasive species. The message then self destructed but we're not sure if it was designed to do that or it was from the heat.
Found the tributary mentioned in the mission papers. Cool little place filled with fish and turtles and dragonflies. Peaceful.....and HOT.
Success! A native bald cypress. Woohoo! One part of mission complete. Secret agent Happy Texan needs to lose a few more pounds. That IS a challenge.
Agents Mini Me and Happy Shootin' Texan at peaceful tributary.
Agent Mini Me finds a wild onion. Cool. Not really. Nothing is cool out there today.
After completing missions and exhausting other agents, we go on a training mission to Houston Arboretum & Nature Center. No missions here...just nature. It's free, Happy Houstonians. And it's in Memorial Park.

At one pond were a bunch of turtles. They obviously get fed a lot because they started coming out of the water when they saw us. No food today, turtles.
A view of the shaded yet scorching hot trail. We almost lost secret agent Happy Shootin' Texan. Had to send Mini Me to look for him. He was trudging up the trail very slowly. We thought we would have to leave him behind but he made it. Good job, man.
Another pond. Can you spot the broad banded water snake? Non-venomous
They also had a rope obstacle course. I incorporated this into the training of my troops. Mini Me slipped and fell a couple of times but finally passed boot camp.
Every one fell asleep on the way home. They did great today.
After arriving home I started to get things out for dinner. Darn it!!! My rolls were molded already! Plan B: crap! The loaf of baguette has mold. Plan C: Son of a @*&^#!! My bell pepper is already squishy and bad?? What happened?
OK, everybody. Get dressed. We're going out. Agent Happy Texan has failed at Mission Feed Your Family.
Tomorrow: grocery shopping, treadmill, school (because I'm a mean mom) and cleaning house.


  1. Looking forward to the next mission, Ma'am!

  2. HOW FUN!!! This is just so cool!

    I didn't realize you schooled in summer. I bought DS a math book and told him I'd pay him a dollar a page. He hasn't done one. Can't even bribe him with what I called a summer job.

    We've been having very cool weather -- sending some cool vibes your way.

  3. What wonderful adventures! Very cool.

  4. why do NONE of you look as hot and meltysweaty as I always do?

  5. I love how you spend your spare time! You've inspired me to start looking around for hiking clubs in our area...

  6. Wow, I've never seen a treadmill with handles before. That sounds cool! Your nature trips look like so much fun :)

  7. I'm sweating just looking at those pics. Haven't you guys been hit with 105 degree temperatures lately? Yikes!

    Those turtles are quite cool. I woulda fed them. If I didn't pass out from heat exhaustion first.

  8. I bought my treadmill when I lived up north and *thought* it was too hot to walk outside. Then we moved south and if it wasn't for the treadmill I wouldn't walk from June - Sept.

  9. I'm so jealous that you got a treadmill! That will be so nice to have!!!

    And I'm with everyone - y'all aren't looking miserable enough, spending time outdoors in this heat!

  10. You are hilarious! I can't tell you how many times mold and squishiness has led to us eating out! :-D

    Love your adventures.
    Path to Health


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