Friday, July 24, 2009

Robbers & Pork Chops & Cake--Oh My!

A policeman stops by on Thursday to ask me if I have seen anything suspicious in the neighborhood on Tuesday. A house two down from me was robbed during the day and the burglars parked the car next door to my house to load their loot. Kind of scary considering I was home with the kids most the day.

The officer said that there have been a lot of robberies lately and they are happening during the daylight hours typically from 8am until 1 pm. Our neighborhood has been hit twice in 2 weeks.

They may act like door to door salesmen and then force their way in at gunpoint when you open the door. If you don't answer the door, they knock down your back fence and then kick down your door. Some unfortunate homeowners have been tied up while being robbed.

My new companion is not a cuddly puppy but a shotgun that holds 8 shells. I refuse to be a victim.

This is happening all over, folks. Please be careful out there. Be prepared. Don't be a victim.

Other than a cop visiting, it was an ordinary day.

For dinner I made some oven roasted potatoes that were out of this world. I bet these would be awesome with some scrambled eggs and cheese wrapped up in a tortilla. Mmmm...and some salsa.
Also made these totally awesome (!) pork chops with chimichurri. Only 4 pts! Chuck loved the sauce so much that he even put it on top of his potatoes. Give it a try. It is a very fast dinner.
Rachel made her 2nd cake ever. She is improving with each one. I'm so proud of my little girl. She's growing up way too fast. I think I've mentioned that before. Isn't it cute?! (The icing recipe calls for an entire small can of Crisco!!)

After dinner we watched a documentary on mummies then made funeral masks using plaster bandage strips (found at typical hobby store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels).
Charlie's mask. He had to go 15 minutes without talking while it set!
Just coat the face with Vaseline, dip strips in water and apply to face. Smooth and let set for 15 minutes. Wiggle mask off and let finish drying.
Rachel's mask.
Chuck even got in on it. :)
Now we just need to paint them.
I have learned that if I don't exercise in the morning, the chances of me actually exercising decrease exponentially as the day progresses. I am going to have to start getting up earlier.
And my elbow is still hurting. I mean bad! I may have to break down and go visit a doctor. I hate going to the doctor.


  1. How many points are the potatoes and for what serving size?
    Kelli, tell your daughter to goto a site called cake central,they have awesome recipes and a whole bunch of ideas. Your daughter will spend hours each day looking at it. I have a few really good recipes from there that I use when I bake, which is almost everyday. I didnt get 20 overweight for nothing. I just love to bake, its my passion and living in Vegas I have always wanted to got to Le Cordod Bleu school. I just dont know if I want to gain MORE weight. YOu can email me personally if she wants some of the really good recipes.

  2. Does your daughter know about - it's one of my favorite sites to poke through? She'll see what NOT to do!

    Those break-ins are scary. Be careful.

  3. My wife put one of those masks on me one time... but she didn't leave the noseholes.

    I pity the girl scout selling cookies that shows up at your front door this week. "Step away from the Thin Mints and nobody gets blown away!"

  4. Your food looks delicious!

    Your neighborhood sounds like my whole country! It's really bad over here, and people often get tortured, raped and murdered in their own homes.

  5. OK, that robbery situation is freaking scary!!! But please please be careful with the weapons - I used to work for the mother of this guy and I've met both of them (husband and wife) - horrible what can happen when you are afraid and holding a gun.

    Sermon over...Rachel's cake is cute, and I agree with Roxie, send her over to - she will get a kick out of it. One thing - Crisco in icing? That kind of grosses me out. Is it because butter would turn it yellow and they wanted it white? If I thought every frosted item that tempted me was full of Crisco I would definitely think twice before swiping a fingerfull of icing!

    Your dinner looks great - mmmmmm, potatoes and pork chops! May do that tomorrow while my kids are home. Off to check out your recipe page now - have a great day!

  6. You can tell you live in TX. You Texans and your guns.
    Those potatoes look super yummy.

  7. I second the cake wrecks blog. I've been reading it since it started, and it's funny! It's kid safe, too.

    Scary stuff going on. Be careful. I think I'd do the same thing you're doing.

    Your potatoes look delicious! The masks are great! And the cake is wonderful--I'm still stunned about an entire small can of Crisco, though. lol

  8. Dana, I'm really not sure how many points the potatoes are. I'll try to remember to figure it out and post them. It made a HUGE skillet of potatoes. I think the only thing that would drive the points up is the olive oil.

    Yes, we're being careful around here. And careful with firearms. Safety is first. We're all about safety. :)

    I remember as a kid we'd have gun sitting right by the door. I think it was a rifle. We needed it because of all of the chickens we had and there was always something trying to kill them in the middle of the night. We even had a bobcat come up. My brother and I never had the urge to touch that gun. I guess when you grow up with them it's not a big deal. But I know they do make many people nervous. I understand. I hope I never have to us one to defend myself but it's nice knowing that it's there just in case.

    And I'm definitely going to show cakewrecks to Rachel. She'll LOVE it. :)

  9. I would also recommend a pistol on your person. Those types of people may try to surprise you when you are getting home or leaving to go out.

    It's not just Texans! We Coloradoans like our guns, too. I carry EVERYWHERE. (And the shotgun just isn't practical.) ;-)

    OK, the cake is gorgeous, but the thought of a can of Crisco makes me gag a little. :-)

  10. Wow an entire small can of crisco? Is that so it will stand up for decoration? Was it good? I agree with some others sounds not so appetizing. Looks GREAT though!

    We too have had a home invasion just a few houses down on our cross street. Very scary stuff. It caused me to go over some safety stuff with the kids like where the security panels are in the house, how to use the panic button and to call 911. Them using 911 is the only reason we kept a home phone line when we moved so many are ditching them for cell only but I want the 911 dispatcher to know where we live w/o my paniced kids having to remember the address and spelling it! (we live on an odd street name)

  11. Oh my goodness, that is so scary! Sounds like you've got a good plan of attack, so to speak. Stay safe!

  12. When the economy goes south, the thieves move north.


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