Friday, July 17, 2009

Use the Fork, Luke!

I used the power of the force and resisted the Dark Side of the restaurants and fast eating Thursday. Yay for me!

I didn't exercise because I was exhausted. I went to sleep find Wednesday night but woke up around midnight in a panic attack. It suddenly hit me that Rachel is 14 and will be 18 in 4 short years. I lost it! It felt like a weight was on my chest and had trouble breathing.

Have I taught her enough? What should I have done differently? Anything? OMG, she will be driving soon! How can I afford a car for her? Will I have taught her everything she needs to know by graduation time? She's behind on math because it's always been her toughest subject so we don't move ahead until she has a firm grasp on a concept; therefore, we have moved slowly. She tells me she doesn't want to go to college. Should I push her or let her choose her own path in life?

Yep, I had a full freak out. It lasted until around 2:30am and I couldn't fight sleep any longer. I can't believe how fast kids are growing up. I can't believe how fast my life is flying by. Time used to go so slow when I was a kid. Did the clock speed up?!

I woke up fully recovered from the panic but very tired. I just have to make a 4 year plan. And if it takes a little longer, then so be it.

Breakfast: Amazing Grass pomegranate mango shake with chia seeds

Lunch: leftover Chicken Enchilada Casserole; watermelon

I also had a handful of coconut M&Ms. Those things are incredible.

Rachel had an experiment involving liver, hydrogen peroxide, and a toothpick. Place the liver in a jar with hydrogen peroxide. We didn't know it was going to have such a violent reaction. The catalase in the liver converts the hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen in seconds.

She put the lid on the jar and let the chemical reaction break down the peroxide.She lit a toothpick and blew out the flame so that the toothpick just had a glow. Then take the lid off the jar and hold toothpick inside the jar. The high oxygen content from the chemical reaction lit the toothpick again! And it burned much brighter in the oxygen rich environment than outside of the jar. So COOL!
By dinner time I'm usually tired from a busy day. This has been my toughest part of the day. THIS is when I want to just go out for a quick meal. It's easy & I don't have to clean up afterwards. But I totally resisted and made dinner instead. And it turned out great!

Dinner: Open Faced Chicken & Spinach Sandwiches; baked sweet tater
Wanna hear something sad? My elbow is so sore that it hurts to bend my arm. All because I played too much Wii tennis in the evenings. LOL Can you get tennis elbow by playing Wii?!

I feel much better about my day. I got school done; dinner cooked; washed clothes; worked on a scrapbook page for the Nature Challenge. :)

Now if I can only do good over our busy weekend. That is a big challenge for me. I'll report back how I did. Planning is everything.


  1. It goes way too fast. I had my panic attck when mine was 9 - when she was "half way" till she would spread her wings. My daughter is very similar- great syudent doesn't love math- has struggled but got a great teacher 2 years ago and things made a turn for the better- she is going to be a chemistry major after graduation (she is a senior this year). She was accepted into her school's "middle college" for her sr year and will go t community college in lieu of high school- get 18 FREE credits and have a head start on college. Push for good teachers... her chemistry teacher is why she has chosen chemistry. Good teachers that care make all the differnce- but whatever path your daughter chooses, I am sure she will do great in life- she has had an excellent role model in you. The extra stuff- like cars and insurance just somehow fits- I never thought we could manage insurance and a car for her- but we have and for some reason everything just works out! Take a deep breath and go for a walk- maybe she will join you and she won't know how much you cherish each minute, because that's what teens do!

  2. Don't worry about her turning 18 in four years, Kelly.

    Worry about her turning 16 in two years! You gotta put her behind the wheel of a car. An automobile! Your little baby! On the highway, merging into traffic! Oh sh*t!

    Believe me, 18 is nothing after 16.

    Hope that makes you feel better.

  3. Kids do grow up fast. My sister is going through the same thing now with my teenage niece. But you know, the fact that you're thinking ahead is a good thing. I know my folks weren't prepared for the teenage tornado and were in a constant state of shock and denial when it finally hit.

    But don't worry too much. It's going to happen and things have a tendency to work themselves out. That's life.

    These experiments seem so much fun!

  4. Wow! You guys really do some interesting experiments!

    Yes, planning is everything!

  5. I had a mini meltdown this week because my youngest and last is turning 1. No more babies in the hosue and it makes me so sad!

  6. I can relate, Kelly! I think someone did speed up the clock!

    Great job heading off the dark side:) Dinner looks delicious!

  7. You are doing such a good job with both kids - and I think it's a sign of a good mother to wonder if you've done enough. She will be fine - look at the strong examples you and Chuck are for her! Hugs to you, Kelly.

  8. You are such a sweet mama to be worrying. I don't have any kids, but I do know, from my own experience, that it can take some time to find a direction. The most important thing is having people who love and support you through those difficult years. I was blessed to have that, and I know your daughter is blessed with that gift too!

  9. Oh, Kelly, I've had the same thing happen only my son is 13, 14 in October. Why does it go so fast? I have the same worries about teaching enough, doing enough. I think when we have those worries, it just means that we *are* doing enough.

    We go slow with math, too. My son detests it and has a meltdown every time the math book comes out.

    I'd love to know what you use for curriculum. We're eclectic and use mostly secular stuff but not all.


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  11. Sorry about your panic attack :( I'm sure you taught Rachel really well, and she'll be fine. Plus, 4 years is good amount of time! I do think it's really important to go to college, but she may change her mind about not wanting to go on her own by then :)

    Your experiments sound so cool!

  12. From what I see, Rachel is going to be just fine. She has a great mom.

  13. Don't worry today about tomorrow. Today has enough of its own worries. OK, that was a bad paraphrase of a Bible verse! :-)

    My 21yo daughter is such a delight. And she also hated math. We are never able to teach them EVERYTHING, but we can teach them how to learn what they need or find things out for themselves. We never STOP learning! Our relationships with our kids are so much more important than any lessons we teach them.
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