Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday Food Log (or lack of)

I woke up REALLY early with some serious pains. I thought they would go away but, alas, they only got worse. I have a nasty UTI. Oh what fun.

There was absolutely no way that I could go to the grocery store. But I did become very well acquainted with the bathroom. I also took 5 very hot baths and fell asleep in the tub once. I was just so exhausted.

I started taking antibiotics but of course they don't work instantly. Come on, drugs; work your magic!

Food: cereal + skim milk; lots and lots and lots of water; popcorn; soft pretzel from freezer

Not the healthiest but I wasn't too hungry. I just wanted something to fill the void and the pantry was pretty darn empty. I made pancakes for dinner for the family.

As soon as this mess is over I want to start walking and exercising regularly. I don't think I'll try killing myself with 2 workouts per day like I was before. That's just excessive and not something that I can maintain. 5 days per week is good for me. I'd like to add in spinning again because it's a lot of fun and burns lots and lots of calories.

Thursday (today) I did go grocery shopping so I should have a new recipe to share with you later if it turns out good. If it's nasty I don't want to share it. :) I also finally have some fruits and greens in the house again. yeah!

Friday we'll be going to visit my parents for Charlie's 9th birthday. They grow up way too fast. His birthday is Saturday so we'll be spending Friday night there. His Ben 10 party supplies came in the mail today (cutting it a little close, Fed Ex man!). I'm not exactly sure what Ben 10 is but I do know that he is obsessing about it.

So if you don't hear from me for a couple of days you know where I'm at and what's up.

Hey, I did peek at the scale today. Not bad! I haven't exactly lost weight but I haven't gained either. I'm practicing for my maintenance lifestyle. Yeah, that's it. ;-)


  1. I hope you feel better soon - kick in, medicine!!!

  2. I'm sorry you got the infection, but glad you're on antibiotics now. My nurse friend has told me horror stories about UTIs that have gone wild and become lethal quickly.

    Hope you kick that sickness asap!

  3. Ouch. Sending fast-healing vibes your way. Hope those meds kick in fast.

  4. ooooh hope you are feeling better by now!


  5. That's nasty! I haven't had one of those in 18 years, but I remember it well.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Oh yuck! I hope you feel better soon! Your family has a ton of summer birthdays! Hope you feel good enough to partake in the festivities!

  7. Ugh, hope you feel better really soon! Get the rest you need.
    Path to Health

  8. I miss you! Wish I could take spinning with you and burn some mad calories.
    Hope the medicines do their magic and you feel better sooN!


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