Friday, July 10, 2009

You need a smile :)

My humor may be a little different than yours but this really cracked me up. Nice to start the weekend with a smile. :) Enjoy.

and more from the same guy


  1. Are all guys named "Jack" just warped or what! Very funny! Here's to a good weekend!

  2. Those clips are just TOO funny! I love clever, off-the-wall humor because laughter truly is the best medicine! Thanks for posting those, Kelly. :-D


  3. Hilarious! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. lol...We must have very similar senses of humor. I thought these were very funny.

  5. lol - funny! Congrats on your weight loss! i am in Texas too!

    - Lisa

  6. oh man...that's rich! i effing HATE the snuggie...the second i saw that stupid, stupid thing it went on my most hated stupid, stupid things list...i laughed so hard...many good one liners in this one!!


  7. Thanks for the smile. I've seen the published version on TV for both. I have yet to buy. :)

    Enjoy you blog and weight loss journey. Not a cook but your family activities remind me of my earlier life in Texas.

    I just experienced the 12 day vacation, mostly off program and see the scale result which I expected.

    But surprisingly, I was happy to get back on track as I did not feel good with the amount of food and food selections with which I stuffed myself.


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