Thursday, August 6, 2009

Help Finding Some Books

I'm looking for some book titles and was hoping you could help me.

  • Liposuction for Dummies
  • The M&M Diet
  • Liposuction: Do it Yourself and Save $10
  • You, On the Couch
  • Fat Bitch
  • Ravenous Girl: 200 Recipes Under 200,000 Calories
  • The South Bitch Diet
  • The Eat Clean Food Diet: Wash it First
  • The Mediterranean Diet: All You Can Eat Baklava
  • Vegetables are Killing You: Why You Should Only Eat Chocolate and French Fries
  • Lose Weight While Sleeping
  • Exercise is Dangerous
  • Raiders of the Lost Pantry
  • Bar Wars: Drink Your Way Thin
  • Chips and Salsa: Food of the Gods
  • Sleepless at McDonalds
  • Death of a Chocolate Salesman
  • The Crisco Light Cookbook
  • How to Burn 5000 Calories in 20 Minutes


Wednesday flew by at breakneck speed (I'm not sure the actual speed of breakneck but I am assuming it is pretty fast). I pulled a few weeds, had the kids paint their own death masks (relax! it's a school project), got the wild birds set up with some seed and water, captured a jumping spider trying to impress my 9 year old son (not impressed), did tons of school stuff with the kids and threatened to send them away to military school if they didn't start trying harder, cleaned the kitchen and basically just ran around in circles. Hey, it works for dogs.

I was so busy that I didn't get hungry much. That might just be a breakthrough for me: if I'm occupied with some sort of activity it completely takes my mind away from losing weight. Plus I'm burning calories staying busy.

Staying busy also meant that I had no idea it was 5:30 when Chuck walked through the door. I was still teaching and thinking it might be 2pm. Oops! As a result, dinner was late.

I'm thinking about putting in a small pond in the back yard. Just about 1 foot deep. A nice tranquil spot where I can take water samples to view under the microscope. A place where minnows swim free and frogs croak. I'll just dig out a spot, line it with pond liner, fill it with water and get some pond critters for it. Maybe plant some papyrus and horsetail around it. Sounds like a nice place to have a margarita, I mean ice water.

Let's talk food. Wednesday: piece of bread (I forgot about breakfast when I got busy), sandwich with baked chips; spinach, roasted potatoes and Dijon chicken; small piece of cake

And thanks for the sweet comments. I miss checking in on all the blogs. I guess I just need to get up earlier.

Oh, and we have a new addition to the zoo: a lizard. Technically it's a green anole. Does my knowledge impress you? LOL!!!

I hope to have a new recipe for you after tonight. We'll see how it goes. :)


  1. *Sigh* Why do I feel like I've been a bad influence on you.

    Fantastic list. I chuckled my way through, enjoying it even more because I wasn't expecting it.

    Well done!

  2. Haha, wash it first. That was a good one. :)

    Pond sounds excellent.

    I was at a BBQ this past weekend and this lady was walking around with a bottle of tequila offering to take shots with anyone willing and she kept saying "C'MON TEQUILA HAS NO CARBS!" I never knew that! Magarita away, dude!

  3. You might want to try Paperback Swap i have found some books there that i did not expect to. also do you have a 1/2 bookstore nearby ? i think i remember seeing some of those titles the last time i went to the store in Webster.

  4. I'll take the M&M Diet book!!!

    Glad you are getting back into the swing of things, even if it means you are too busy to eat (and post pictures of your food...I always enjoyed that).

  5. The Dijon Chicken was excellent. Post pics of it. Wait... it's all gone.

    I can write the book "The M&M Diet". After all, they are small. How much fat can they really contain? Tune in later to find out.

    Glad you're back, my Love.

  6. Have you looked on Craigslist for any of those books? You might get lucky - just be careful on that site!

    A pond sounds good. My friend had a big one, and she really enjoyed it. It was a lot of work though!

  7. Ha Ha that was quite a funny list. Thanks for the chuckle.:)

  8. Dinner was late here too... Tried to get my blog post done, instead of starting dinner! Fortunately it was worth the wait.

    Love the list... I'll check my book shelf!

  9. You are SOO funny...I want several of those books. ;-)

    Hey, I was impresed that you caught a jumping spider!!!

    Oh, I don't know if I'm ready for the busy-ness of school or not!

    Your pond idea sounds lovely!

  10. Hey I have days like that at 73 and no kids, unless husband counts.

    If I find any of those books, will let you know.

    And don't knock yourself out reading my blog every day. Just drop in and say hello once in awhile. Several of my bloggies have burnt out trying to read tons of blogs and post daily.

    I gave up on both. I write when I am inspired and save as a draft to post later. I read other blogs in spurts.

    Further self-imposed pressure is not good for a diet--that's enough pressure!

  11. love the book ideas! hilarious!

  12. oooof cant wait for the recipe.
    even this avowed GRILLER is avoiding the outdoors in this heat.

  13. Love your book titles! The clean food diet!


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