Monday, September 21, 2009


I do not believe in diet pills and things of that nature. The side effects seem more dangerous than actually having a few too many pounds hanging around. So when the people from Sensa asked if they could send me a 3 month sample to try I hesitated. But I'm also curious so I said, "Yes."

Here is what they asked me to do: take the stuff and blog about my experience. They also want me to include a link to them so you can get your free trial. Being the nonconformist that I am, I'm not going to include a link. Yet.

Sensa is not a pill but a powder. It comes in what looks to be a giant box of floss but it is split between "salty" and "sweet." You are supposed to sprinkle the salty side powder on your food that you would normally put salt and pepper on. You sprinkle the sweet side powder on stuff that is sweet. The powders themselves have no sweet or salty taste. The idea is that the smells will signal your brain that it's satisfied.

The ingredients are not impressive or dangerous sounding, otherwise I would not be willing to try it at all.

My thoughts are that it will not work at all. I just don't see how it could. So I have no expectations for this product. (Sorry, folks at Sensa. Thanks for the samples though!) Either way I'll tell you how it's going. I just started using it Saturday night.

Weight loss update: I have nothing to update. LOL OMG, it's so difficult to stay motivated and focused. But I saw a picture of myself and I realized that I need to get back to my dedication. Focus. Focus. Focus.

I also need to analyze my goals and why I do what I do. My main reason to lose weight is because the health risks to being overweight are just too great. I love my husband so much and I want to have as many years with him as I can. It seems that time is speeding by at the speed of light and I want to slow the clock down just a little bit.

My other reasons for losing weight include better self confidence, feel better, able to get cute clothes, and I want to accomplish this HUGE goal. It's a mountain to climb. A mountain of lard! LOL But I must never give up.

Food and recipes: nothing much to share this week. I mainly used stuff I already had in the freezer so it wasn't creative. One thing that we had for dinner that was fairly low cal and delicious was potato, egg, cheese and bacon breakfast tacos (or we call them taquitos). Just scramble some eggs and cook up some hash browns and center cut bacon. Add them and some low fat cheese to a low carb tortilla and you have a VERY yummy meal that satisfies. One of my favorites, actually.

This week was busy as usual.

Took our first Latin class. It was all Greek to me! :P It's pretty difficult but I think we'll be able to learn it.

Rachel had a chemistry class so Charlie and I did school at a fancy coffee shop called Minuti Coffee. The atmosphere must have agreed with him because he made perfect scores on everything including his spelling test, which he never does well on. Rachel LOVED her chemistry class.

First episode of Biggest Loser of the season! My heart about broke when that poor woman said she lost her family in a car accident. It even made Jillian cry! JILLIAN! Hell hath frozen over.

I know that not every one has warm and fuzzy feelings for Biggest Loser but it's a big motivator for me and my family. Every time we watch it we feel like we can also get in shape. Even the kids get in on the action. So for us it's a big help. I wish that none of them would get voted off. I don't really like the reality game show aspect of it. Glad to see Daniel back and getting another chance.

We're studying about ancient China so the kids painted their own Ming vases. I don't think they would fool an art dealer though. :)

Just ran errands all over town. Got NOTHING done at home. Charlie had PE at the Y.

Park Day with the homeschool group. The kids love park days.
For lunch we went to a Chinese buffet as a sort of field trip to go with our studies. It wasn't the best place we had ever eaten. They also had some weird stuff on the buffet like octopus and salty duck. Blech! We dared Charlie and Rachel to eat an octopus. We even offered $10 if they would eat it. Charlie accepted the challenge and ate a whole octopus. I almost lost my lunch. I did try a tentacle and it did not taste what I thought an octopus would taste like. It was kind of rubbery too. Charlie finished his octopus and was $10 richer for all of 30 minutes until we got to the dreaded Wal Mart.

Spent the morning at Sims Bayou Nature Center for the Family Nature Exploration Club kick off. It was so good to see my favorite chicken and they had lots of activities going on.
Me and Scooter the rooster.

They had a bird banding demonstration going on as well. They tried to catch hummingbirds but it didn't work out. They did catch an English sparrow for us to see and pet. So cute!

Later in the day we went to Hudson Woods for a nature walk and this hound dog showed up and Charlie became attached to it real fast. It was funny: when it came up behind me I could hear a noise and when I turned around all I saw was something big and black running up and I screamed. After many more scares with spiders and noises in the woods and spotting very large hog tracks and walking for nearly 2 hours, we made it back to the car and the dog trotted off to its home.
And THANK YOU to Shelley for sending me 2 tickets to the Renaissance Festival! We've never been so I can't wait to go check it out. Every year we say we're going to go but never do. Thank you!
Just stayed home and cleaned a very messy house.
I hope to have a lot of good exercise and healthy eating news for next week.


  1. Curious to read about the results of your Sensa experiment. I share your skepticism.

    Scooter looks too cute. And delicious.

  2. Lordy, do I love hound dogs! What a cute picture -actually, all of them are very good. Girl, I don't know how you manage all that you do. I'd be a quivering mess!

    Here's to refocusing - I hear it's going around :-)

  3. I've seen the ads for that and have been very skeptical. Can't wait to hear about your results.

    Love the rooster! My hens would be all over him!

  4. I don't get asked to review anything anymore. I guess they all read where I called POM juice "purple urine."


  5. They're supposed to be sending me Sensa too...I'm intrigued, but not optimistic about it. Make sure you keep us posted!

    You make me miss Houston.

  6. Kudos to Charlie for eating an entire octopus - I don't even think I could watch someone eat it, much less ingest it, lol!

    And you look so calm with the rooster...I would have been - well to be honest, I wouldn't have gotten that close to it!

    Sensa offered me their stuff to try, but it just sounded too weird for me. I'm interested to see what you think of it.

    Hope you all enjoy Ren Fest - I knew those tickets would go to a good home!

    p.s. how funny, my word verification is "squidifi"!

  7. Great update! I'm curious about the experiment. I admit to being a skeptic.

    I love that little sparrow. So sweet. :-)

    I've had octopus a few times at sushi places, and I have to admit that it is not my favorite. There's something really weird to me about eating the sunction cuppy tentacles. The rubbery texture is weird too. Perhaps if the tentacles were fried, like fried calamari, I might feel differently. Frying things often makes them better, after all, and those tentacles don't bother me a bit. Kudos to Charlie!

  8. Great pics! I miss doing all the nature stuff with my kiddo, who is now 25. Despite the scary spiders and such, you seem to have a lot of fun.

    Those folks asked me to review Sensa but I was too skeptical. Can't wait to see what you think.

  9. You really must let us know how it goes with the Sensa. I've looked at their website and I'm thisclose to placing an order, but I'm just not sure.

    I would have loved to have gotten a sample to review. That would have been so sweet ......


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