Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Small Announcement

Hello! Long time no see. Right? So where has the Happy Texan been hiding? Oh, here and there.

Being the sharing family that we are, we passed around some various illnesses for a while. Glad that's about over. Also been busy playing taxi to the kids to various outings.

Want to hear what a bad mom I was? The Terra Cotta Warrior exhibit was leaving Houston last Sunday so I dragged the kids out on Friday night with a fever to see it before it left. It was great to see the 8th wonder of the ancient world. And they survived. :)

I've also started back with strength training but that was put on hold while I recovered from being sick. I'm ready to jump back in there with that. Have I told you how much I hate squat holds and jump lunges?

Sensa Review: No, sir. I didn't like it. Not even a little. I thank the nice people at Sensa for sending me the trial. I hate to send out a bad review but here is the honest truth. You are expected to sprinkle a powder on your food each time you eat. There is a "salty" side for food that would normally be good with salt but the powder itself doesn't have a salty taste. There's also a sweet powder for your sweets. The powders are pretty neutral in taste but they do have a smell. That smell is supposed to trigger something in your brain to tell you that you are full. After 5 slices of pizza and "salty" powder it finally registered that I was full.

Another downside is that the powder tends to stick to your teeth. Sometimes when you take a bite the powder goes straight to your lungs which triggers nasty coughing fits.

IF you would like a DVD and a 3 month supply of Sensa, let me know. If there are a few people then I will have a drawing this weekend.

My small announcement: I'm going to start back with Weight Watchers. I miss the little high I would get as my clothes became loser each week. I miss the meetings. I miss the accountability. And Weight Watchers just plain works. I know it does. I saw the results.

I haven't gained back a ton of weight. About 10 pounds which isn't too terrible. But it's a slippery slope. I'll probably wait until after my camping trip over Halloween weekend before joining back for the simple reason that I don't have time to go to a meeting right now. I'm going to start restocking my pantry and fridge with healthier options again and start posting daily food intake again.

So you're going to be seeing a lot more of me! Not so sure about how much before the camping trip. I have soooo much to get done.

Thanks for stopping by to visit. I'm going to try to catch up on blogs soon.


  1. Good to see you, Kelly!

    Glad everyone is getting better :)

  2. Hey, stranger! It shouldn't take you more than six months to get caught up on all the posts you missed while you were away.

    Glad to hear we'll be seeing more of you. And less of you. ;)

  3. Hey welcome "back"!! You know we missed your regular posts!! :>

  4. Ready for your regular posts again!! Welcome "back!"

  5. I will make the same commitment to WW with you except I am on-line.

    K've been tripped bup by multiple trips (with probably trigger your memory too) but I also periodically have to use steroids for chronic broncitis/asthma. I shot usually=5 pds min. I have an edocrinologist now helping me, but his sermon is I have to learn it will happen and I must adjst my thinking. I just ended up with 7# I've got to lose all over again.

    Good Luck. I envy you have a groujp cloe to home. I am also restocking my home. sharili

  6. Miss reading your blogs!! Welcome back...better to nip it in the bud when it's only 10 lbs instead of 30 or more! Good for you.

  7. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad to see you're back in my Pointy world. We all try new / different things. It gives us feedback, and feedback is a good thing in the long run. Now you know what works, and that Sensa sucks. lol

    PS....I've done the same type of thing with my kids. what doesn't kill them makes them stronger. :)

  8. Good for you for catching it before you slip too much.

  9. How do you get all the samples....Teach me please...:)


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