Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back to Weight Watchers Day 1

Very busy day and my first official day back on WW. And I'm not exactly prepared. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. LOL

Breakfast: pour 1/4 cup egg beaters in mug and a laughing cow swiss wedge. Microwave for 45 seconds; stir; microwave for 35 seconds. Season and put on a sandwich thin. So good and filling for 3 points.
Today was park day for our homeschool group. So after rushing around to get ready we go to the park and have a great time. It's always nice for the kids to get to play and always nice for the moms and dads to have a chance to chat.

Lunch: Subway turkey sandwich and apples and Dt Coke 6 pts

Then it was off to Rachel's Comic Club where they learn to draw comics and make their own. While she had her class, I finished reading The Girl Who Played with Fire. Good book! Rachel finishes up after a couple of hours and then it's off to our first 4-H meeting.

Before the meeting I had a Fiber One bar (2 pts) for a snack.

I was surprised at the meeting. 4H is a lot more than livestock. There are so many projects available like photography, food & nutrition, natural resources, field & stream, housing, family life, shooting, automotive, vet science, dog care & handling, gardening, small animals and more.

The meeting last for 2 hours and by the end we were all in starvation mode. We went out to Texas Roadhouse (a favorite). Here's where things didn't go quite as well as I would have liked. But I had my weekly 35 points allowance. :-)

Dinner: Texas Roadhouse 2 rolls w/1 tsp butter on one (est. 9 pts), 2 potato skins (est 9 pts), house salad w/1 egg & a little light Ranch (est 3 pts), 4 oz sirloin steak (5 pts) and some steamed veggies (est 2 pts because I think there was a little butter on them).

I had to use 14 of my 35 weekly allowance.

There was no exercising today. I was all over the place and by the time we got home it was 8pm and I was exhausted.

Writing down everything you eat is such a smart idea. There were several times when I was about to just grab something and toss it in my mouth but would remember that I had to account for every single thing I ate so I stopped. It's tough to break bad habits but it seems easy to get in to them.

Overall, I'm please with being back on WW. Now I just need to restock the pantry and fridge.


  1. Great job!

    Yes, old habits die hard, but just take one day at a time. Concentrate on making changes that are do-able for the long haul and will fit into your lifestyle. You can do it, Kelly!!!

  2. congrats on day glad your back on program!!!

  3. I'm just glad to see you posting so often. You'll get back into the swing of things, you said, you just need to get prepared.

  4. I love you....because you love Texas Roadhouse & misc. BBQ goodness. YOU ROCK!

    PS...we have a leader around here who really was a cheerleader in high school & she makes me wanna kick the crap out of her. Perky only goes so far with me, and then it pisses me off. lmao

  5. Congratulations on rededicating yourself to WW. It will take some recommitment and rearranging (pantry) .

    Hubby and I are both ill with bronchitis and heaven only knows what else, so dieting is hard, except I don't wanna eat--not supposed to do that either. But eating on the low end of things is not all bad.

    Good luck: Iknow you can do it.

  6. Do you read Angie All the Way? She has a great blog and just started WW again (it seems to be going around) and is posting a lot about it.


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