Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello to all of my blogger friends. :)

Thursday was Rachel's first dance and she had a great time. I'm so glad. I was a little worried about her since she was so nervous but she danced and said she can't wait for the next one! They sure do grow up fast. I'm proud of the young lady she is becoming.

Friday Chuck and I took the kids to my parents' house along with two dogs and a bearded dragon. They're going to watch the critters while we're away camping. The kids spent the weekend and Chuck and I got to have a much needed date and time to ourselves.

Friday night we went to Carabba's where I blew my remaining 35 points for the week. It was so good. It was also nice just to spend some time together and talk and laugh. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids with all my heart. I just need some time with Mr Happy Texan too. We get bogged down in the day to day stuff of life and it's good to reconnect with each other.

On the way home we stopped at Bass Pro Shops. They had a bunch of tanks set up in the parking lot for a kids' fish fest that was going on. The fest was closed and the fish were "sleeping" except for a couple of catfish that had jumped out of their tank. One looked like it was dead but the other was flopping around. Catfish are tricky fish to handle. They can stab you with their fins and it can cause a nasty sore. Chuck found some gloves out there and was able to put the fish back in the tank and save them. Even the one that looked dead went back to swimming after a few seconds. But Chuck did suffer a small injury when an ungrateful catfish poked him. He's ok though. It felt good to save some fish.

Saturday morning I made an AWESOME breakfast of scrambled eggs, veggie sausage patties, fat free hash browns and cheese wrapped in a low carb tortilla. Yum!

After breakfast Chuck had some work to do so I went to get a makeover at Ulta and spent way too much money on makeup. But it was fun. :) They do lash extensions now and I'm hoping to get some of those soon. It would be nice not to have to wear mascara yet have beautiful long lashes.

Saturday night Chuck and I went out for some of the best Indian food. The chicken curry was so good I could have sipped the sauce through a straw. I love that place! Then it was off to Moody Gardens for the opening of the Festival of Lights, walk through the aquarium pyramid and watch Christmas Carol in IMAX 3D.

Sunday Chuck and I went out for breakfast together then to get the kids. It was a fantastic weekend.

Monday was mega field trip day from hell. It was so busy! I left the house a little after 9am and got home from everything at almost 10pm.

First stop was Sims Bayou Urban Nature Center. The kids learned about different animals including this sugar glider....
...went on a nature hike to learn about different plants and birds......
.....looked at maps at how the bayou has changed over the years and what the changes have meant for area flooding and ecology.......
...got to pet our favorite rooster Scooter (we also brought him mac and cheese as a treat).....
......and painted birds like Audubon using watercolors.
Charlie's toucan:
Rachel's parrot: (I think it's a conure)
After the field trip I had to drive to Angleton to find the 4H office for Rachel's Vet Science handbook. It's a 5 year program through 4H where kids learn about vet science and earn a lot of volunteer hours. Unfortunately, I got completely lost in Angleton. Eventually I found the office and got the right supplies.
I rushed home and prepared a quick dinner and then we were out the door to Richmond for a small animal restraint class for 4H.
Here is a vet tech showing one method of restraining an unruly kitteh. The cat is inside the blue collapsed thing.
Also got to see a not-so-feisty bearded dragon being handled.
This chicken was just the cutest. I want a chicken. I did some searching online and they make chicken diapers so you can keep a chicken indoors!! Wheels are turning in my head right now. Should I? Anyway, here is the cute hen being restrained.
We got home at almost 10pm. I was so exhausted!
Tuesday Rachel has a teen planning meeting and then I have to go grocery shopping and wash all of the clothes. We're going camping at Lost Maples State Park from Wednesday to Saturday. Sunday the kids are going flying for their aviation class. Monday Chuck has to work and Monday night we are going to Conroe to spend the week in a condo. Saturday we finally come home.
All of this means I won't be posting much for the next week. But I'm staying on plan. It feels so good to be back on the wagon! I can't wait for my next weigh in. I checked but there really aren't any meeting locations close enough to go to while we are camping. I'll just weigh in after the holidays.
Hope every one has a fantastic Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for?
I'm thankful for my family and my wonderful husband who loves me so much.


  1. I didn't know Ulta did makeovers. How fun!! I always come out with more than I needed too. Great recap and enjoy your Tuesday.

  2. Chicken diapers?!? I am loling over that one...what does Chuck say about it?

    You are so busy but your life sounds like fun. Your kids are quite the artists - Rachel's color shadings are great!

    Enjoy Lost Maples - I've never been, but it's my husband's fav. place to go with the Boy Scouts.

  3. It is important to get some grown-up time in every once in a while, too. Glad you two could enjoy a nice night out.

  4. I am thankful that there is such an item as chicken diapers. I am also thankful that my sweet wife loves me. What a wonderful feeling.

    Now... let's talk about the possibility of a new house chicken. I think we should name it "Herb". As in "seven Herbs and spices".



  5. Wow all this activity makes me tired. I'm so glad you are much young than I. It is a miracle staying on program.

    Straying from home is deterimental to my weight almost every time.


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