Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuna Croquettes (3 pts) and Upside Down Pizza Bake (5 pts)

I'm behind a couple of days in blogging. It has been a little on the crazy side at the Happy Texan fort. We did some emergency cleaning before an appraiser came over so we can refinance the fort at a better rate. We'll see how that goes.
OK. Let's get on to the food journal and some drool worthy pictures. Ya hungry? You will be. :-)

Breakfast: Sugar Free Rock Star, Carb Check Bagel (2 pts)

Then it was off to a field trip at a recycle center called Biosphere. Very cool! We learned about all of the things that can be recycled and got to see some cool equipment that squishes stuff and shreds stuff.After the field trip we went and had lunch with Mr. Happy Texan. He works right down the road from the recycle center. Perfect. We went to Subway and I tried the buffalo chicken sandwich. When I got home I looked up the points: 7 points! That's without cheese or condiments. It was good but I'm not sure I want to spend the points for it. I could have my favorite steak and cheese instead. Oh, and I also had some apples (0 pts).

NOTE: I've seen different web sites that say that the sandwich is 9 points and one said 8 points. I just wrote down 8 points in my little food journal. There is no nutritional info for it on the Subway web site for some reason.

Snack: Fiber One yogurt (0 pts)

Dinner: 4 tuna croquettes (3 pts), mac n cheese made with Ronzoni pasta and 2% Velveeta (4 pts), salad (0 pts) **Click the link and scroll down for the recipe

I heart these croquettes. So good and you get a lot for the points. Dessert: Raspberry Fudge Holey Donut (4 pts) and a small York peppermint patty (1 pt)

This donut was super good. One more snack: banana (2 pts)


Breakfast: Carb Check bagel with WW cream cheese (3 pts)

Lunch: pizza made with Carb Check bagel, pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni and low fat mozzarella (5 pts) It was good but the bagel was too sweet to use as a crust. I need to find something else to use. Any ideas for a good, filling pizza crust? Low cal/points of course.

And also had an apple (1 pt) Snack: 2 small York peppermint patties (2 pts)

Dinner: Upside Down Pizza Bake (5 pts), spinach with Laughing Cow wedge (1 pt). Also had some POM juice (3 pts) **Click link for pizza recipe.

The pizza bake was a new recipe I tried. It consists of ground turkey, tomato sauce, herbs, bell pepper, mozzarella and a crust made out of a batter of egg, flour and milk. I liked it a lot! Dessert: 1 Hershey kiss (1 pt), some low fat ice cream (3 pts) and a couple of bites of candy (2 pts) I had a bad craving for sweets. Still stayed within points!

Now that I'm getting the eating back on track I really need to get back to exercising. I was doing so good with a 30 day challenge with Rachel but we stopped when we both got sick. So we need to get back at it.

I want to get that Biggest Loser game for Wii. Has any one tried it?

What's your favorite way to exercise? A class? A game? A sport? A video?


  1. I see a lot of bloggers use Whole wheat pitas as pizza crust...looked yummy though I gotta try it one day!

  2. Tuna croquettes sound pretty tasty, but when I clicked the link that pretty little honey mustard salmon picture at the top distracted me. 3s.

  3. I use the Flatouts as my pizza crust, but it is more along the lines of thin and crispy rather than filling.


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