Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday: Back to the Wagon and sharing my goals with you

The weather outside is so nasty and cold today. I really don't want to do anything except recover from vacation. Doesn't it seem like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation sometimes?

Breakfast: an apple

Lunch: rotisserie chicken deli meat on sugar free bread with FF cheese and mustard and a few Pringles Light sour cream and onion chips

Dinner: some leftover spaghetti. I was still hungry so I had some leftover sweet potatoes. mmm

Dessert: a couple of chocolate covered cherries

Snack: 100 cal. popcorn

Feelings: hungry, tired and slightly on the cranky side. Probably because I am tired and hungry. I do realize that even though I was "on plan" it wasn't the best day of eating. I need some new groceries but I also need the fridge cleaned out of leftovers.

I really need to get some fresh produce, as you can see. :)

Next year I will be having Thanksgiving with my parents and my mom's family. Her side of the family is HUGE! I mean big. I'm talking about in number, not size. Have I ever told you that I don't like crowds? They freak me out just a little bit.

My mom's family has never even seen Charlie. I haven't been to a gathering in so many years that I've lost count. Part of that is because I'm either too darn busy, made other plans, or my slight crowd fear. The other part (and a large part) is that I hate the way I look so I automatically feel that I will be judged. It's really kind of sad and vain when I think about it. Most of them wouldn't think ill thoughts about me. It's my own little mental problem that I am trying to overcome.

Nevertheless, my goal is to lose to goal weight by Thanksgiving next year. I want to be the best I can be. Now that I have an event (seeing the family for the first time in years) on the horizon, I am extremely motivated.

The kitchen is filled to the ceiling (almost literally) with delightful goodies to tempt me at this moment. Chocolate covered cherries, mint cookies, brownies, cheesecake, mac n cheese, sweet potato casserole, chips, cheese dip, leftover Chinese food, etc. Even though I don't feel like eating healthy today I just do it. I used to have that attitude with exercise: it doesn't matter if you feel like doing it or not, just do it! Work out your feelings later. I have got to get back to that attitude.

So today I am, once again, back at it. I've found that vacations (camping trips, overnights at hotels, road trips) are the most difficult for me to stay on plan. I do just fine if I am at home. I need to challenge myself to overcome those urges when away from home. And I will. I am willing to make those changes so it will happen. But it is more than a small challenge at this point.

Perhaps if I put small, daily goals out there I will be more likely to keep them. It's worth trying. So in that spirit, here are my goals for Tuesday:
  • stay on plan with eating

  • cardio exercise with Leslie Sansone walking DVD

Just so you know, I don't do winter. I am not a fan of the cold. I think snow is beautiful and I like to visit it and then I like to get away from it. Far away from it. That's why I'm in southeast Texas, right? When I walk outside in the cold, the inside of my ears heart and I get a splitting headache. When I get a chill, it takes hours for me to get warmed back up. When it's cold outside, my old snake bite injury on my finger turns numb and it's hard to move my finger. It was a copperhead bite when I was 9, I think. Anyway, I don't like winter. I would hibernate if I could. So I will more than likely be getting my exercise indoors during this season unless it warms up again. And it always does. I remember some Christmases where we got to wear shorts. Love it! :)

If you have any favorite indoor workouts, please let me know. I am open to ideas.


  1. We'll do it together. I'll be your drill sergeant if you'll be mine.


  2. My only indoor exercise is housework. I have a gym membership. The gym is two blocks from home. That is nearly indoors :OD


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