Friday, November 6, 2009

Weight Watcher First Meeting V. 2.0

So you've been hearing about me going back to the Weight Watcher meetings. Being online just wasn't cutting it for me even though I knew how to work the program. I just got lazy. It's so darn easy to do.

Thursday night was my first WW meeting do-over. I found a meeting location that was closer to my home (like 5 minutes away) than the place I used to attend. The meeting was to be held in an HEB grocery store. I had no clue where to look and the line for customer service was back up to yo momma's house so I just started snooping around the store. I finally went to a greeter and he told me he thought it was in a room in the where the employees go but the public isn't allowed. I walk down the halls and find a room with a few ladies. Found the right place!

I get a brand new book for all of my weigh ins. It's like starting completely over. I think this meeting location was mostly for the benefit of employees there but it's open to the public too. There seemed to be a few HEB employees.

I weighed in. Now, I'm not a stupid girl. I know I've gained some weight. My jeans are fitting snugger. You just know. I had also adopted the terrible attitude of "well, I'm starting WW next week so I better enjoy eating whatever I want before I have to count points again." Not good, Kelly. Reese's cups are not healthy. So don't buy 4 bags when they are on clearance. Understand what I'm saying? LOL

Knowing that I gained weight (and a pretty decent amount) I did something that most would consider rather stupid: I wore my heaviest jeans and a pair of heavy sandals. I knew was retaining fluid from salty meals, hormones, and a sore and swollen back. I can hear ya saying, "Now, girl, you know that's crazy. If you've gone and porked out you should try to dress as lightly as possible. That scale already hates ya!" Here's my reasoning: let the scale show a HUGE gain. Wear heavy jewelry...the works. Yeah, it'll be a nasty number (219 if you must know) but NEXT time you go weigh in you will show an impressive loss! LOL So I like mind games. Can't help it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I tried reality on for size but it didn't fit so I made my own reality. :-)

I think my leader was a cheerleader in high school. There's nothing wrong with her. She's very perky and happy and probably very crafty as well. I just miss my other leader, Jennifer. :( I'm sure Amber will grow on me. I didn't feel comfortable enough to start sharing my cocktail recipes just yet. Maybe in time. The important thing is that this girl is not only back on the wagon, she's driving the wagon!

Glad to be back aboard the Good Ship Lose-A-Lot.


  1. Good for you, Kelly! I know you'll be back in action in no time!

  2. Good luck! I love the "mind game" how funny!

  3. Odd that the meeting was in a HEB...but I guess it's convenient to leave the meeting all inspired-like and go shop for healthy food!

    I totally would have worn my heaviest clothes for the first weigh-in. Nothing wrong with that!


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