Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas is gone but the leftover aren't

Hope you all had a great holiday. I sure did! I got most of my cooking done in advance so for Christmas dinner all I had to do was heat up a few things. No slaving in the kitchen. And the best thing was that it was a low calorie dinner.

The Menu:

appetizer: raspberry chipotle sauce over reduced fat cream cheese with reduced fat Ritz crackers

lean ham
broccoli in cheese sauce (thanks Green Giant)
wheat rolls
garlic mashed potatoes (WW recipe)
turkey stuffing (WW recipe)
crockpot mac n cheese (3 pt per serving)
sweet potato casserole (not low cal. MIL brought it. I had a small amount and it was good!)

dessert: I had no pudge brownie

The kids got so many great gifts. That night we went to Moody Gardens to see the baby penguins and the Festival of Lights.

I did manage to get something for Christmas that I did NOT want: a cold. I feel terrible right now. As soon as I get to feeling a little better I will post some Christmas dinner pics and recipes. Until then, I'm curling up with some Kleenex, Dayquil and some chick flix.


  1. Ship that cold back. You didn't ask for that for Christmas!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Feel better soon, Kelly. Glad your Christmas dinner went so easy - that is my kind of meal!

  3. Toos bad you can't return the cold, doubt you could find a service desk!

    Otherwise, seems like Xmas was great for you and a low cal dinner, Congrats!

    We were both sick sick sick. But Christmas Spirit was still felt from our give it all away decision.

    Happy New Year.

  4. Poor girl! Sounds ike you had a great time! Hope you feel better soon!


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