Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crockpot Beef Stew (5 pts); POM Wonderful Review; No Pudge Brownie Review

I have some gooood stuff to share with you today! Let's get started. :)

Breakfast: low sugar maple brown sugar oatmeal with a container of Fiber One vanilla yogurt and some Jay Robb chocolate protein powder and 1/2 of a banana (4 pts) and a cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer (1 pt)
Oatmeal and yogurt mixed almost taste like a dessert. Throw in some protein powder and you are good to go until lunch.
Lunch: Flatout Wrap (1 pt) with 1/2 cup Fat Free Refried beans (1 pt), FF cheese slice (1 pt); chili powder and cumin powder, 1/4 cup brown rice (1 pt) and taco sauce. Delicious and HUGE.
also had a "For One" serving of Green Giant Broccoli with Cheese sauce (o pts)
Snack: Weight Watcher yogurt (1 pt)

A while back I was sent some POM Wonderful Pomegranate juice from the good people at POM. I LOVE this stuff so much. It's slightly tart and slightly sweet and very good for you. You can mix this with your OJ, drink it with some vodka or go to the POM web site to get some recipes.
Not only is it tasty (yes I will be buying some when I run out) but it has a lot of research to back up its health benefit claims. This is good stuff.
An 8oz bottle is 3 points. Half of the bottle (4 oz) is 2 points.
I love using a crockpot. Throw a bunch of raw ingredients in and a few hours later you will have a great meal. In theory, anyway. The beef stew I made tonight was one of those magic recipes that comes out perfect and doesn't taste low cal at all. Give it a try. It's so easy to make.

Dinner: Crockpot Beef Stew (5 pts) and biscuit (3 pts)
Pillsbury Grands Golden Wheat Reduced Fat biscuits are only 3 pts and super delicious. These are located with the canned refrigerated biscuits at the grocery store. And they're big!

Recently I found a box of No Pudge Brownie Mix at my local Kroger store. Being a total brownie fiend I had to get some to try. All you do is mix in 2/3 cup of no fat vanilla yogurt. That's it. Taste? Check out the picture of the finished product below.
This is one super bad-ass chewy goodness brownie. Chuck liked it better than "regular" brownies. Yeah, it's that good. I HIGHLY recommend it. I mean this is 5 star brownie here. It's only 2 pts!!!! And, yeah, I ate it.
So I know you want some of this. Check out the No Pudge web site to find out which stores near you carry the mix and rush out to get some.
Exercise: I started out doing The Biggest Loser Wii game but my balance board batteries died half way through and I couldn't find any AAs anywhere. Oh well. 15 minutes (+1 activity point)
Then I hit the treadmill. After I hit the treadmill, I walked on it for 30 minutes (+2 points)
At this point I still have 3 points left to spend. Should I go get another brownie? LOL


  1. No Pudge brownies are the best!!! Even my kids love them!

    You're doing great, Kelly!

  2. I saw some POM pomegranates in WalMart yesterday. They were the biggest pmegranates I've ever seen.

    I noticed in the juice/drink section there were some selections with pomegranate juice in them.

    The POMx drinks were good, especially when I added some Splenda. I like coffee taste pretty sweet. Everyone is different.

  3. I am a no pudge brownie fan! they are great!

  4. I found an old box of No Pudge in my pantry the other day - will be making these when my kids are home for Christmas.

    I have been using my POM in sauces for pork - instead of using wine or broth, I use the POM and it's great!

  5. We started eat No Pudge Brownies before I even decided to be healthy!LOL They are fantastic! And I love my crock pot too! Family calls me the "Crock Pot Queen" since it's my go too appliance.LOL I'm going to have to make your chili!

  6. The lunch looks delish!

    I know you dont have a Trader Joe's there, but No Pudge also has Mocha and Mint (I think they still have both), maybe you can find them on their website. I highly recommend the mint!


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