Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday with a Chance of Illness

I have been so careful to stay well while those around me come down with colds and terrible illnesses. I've applied hand gel to my hands and bathed the kids in it every time we go in public. The holidays are here and I don't want any one sick around here. Especially me! The house shuts down when momma gets sick.

Today I have 2 kids and hubby who don't feel well. I have a slightly sore throat but I refuse to believe I could get a cold. It can not happen. My head spins when I think about all I need to do to get ready for Christmas day.

Breakfast: sugar free Rock star (o pts) and nothing else. I think I was still full from my pity party last night. That was some of the best pizza I've ever had in my life....ever.

Lunch: leftover broccoli chicken and brown rice (approx. 7 pts) and a soft peppermint that melts in your mouth (o pts for 1)

snack: brownie (2 pts) I LOVE No Pudge Brownies. My son has been hitting the brownies pretty hard.

Here's a little something I wanted to share with you. These gingerbread men are 6 for 1 pt or 12 for 3 pts. They're really good and satisfy your sweet tooth.
Dinner: chili cheese dog made with fat free wiener (1 pt), sugar free wheat hot dog bun (1 pt), mustard, 1/2 cup Wolf Brand turkey chili no beans (1 pt) and cheese (1 pt). also had 3 oz of steak cut fries (2 pts)
Did you know that you can get the frozen steak fries and bake them and have 3 oz for only 2 pts?! Not bad. No deprivation there, my friend. They're crispy and just as good (if not better) than fries you'd get at a restaurant. Try putting some low cal chili on them with a little cheese. mmmmmmmm
Snack: banana (2 pts), 8 oz almond milk with a packet of chocolate Amazing Grass (2 pts) and then a bottle of POM juice (3 pts) I'm trying to fight off that cold that's threatening me.
And just for fun, check out Rachel with the world's largest Reese's cup. It's true. The package said it was. It came with two of these babies. I had ONE bite. That's it. And it was small. :) True story. I counted it as 1 pt.


  1. Oh I want that Reeses!!!

    Crossing my fingers that it's just a quick icky feeling, not a full-blown sickness for you and the family.

  2. I love how you are healthifying foods. You're still eating some delicious looking foods but they're much healthier. I think that's much more sustainable and I love it! :)I hope you don't get sick!!

  3. have used the same Frech Fries tricks with several frozen varieties. Husband usually doesn't notice the difference, and I take them out before crisp as he likes them "limp" as he eats without his false teeth a majority of the time.

  4. Oh no! I HATE being sick! Really hope you're not!

    I had NO IDEA about thee steak fries...infact, that whole meals looks EXACTLY like what I want to eat!LOL I'll put it on my grocery list!

    I LOVE the one bite rule!:-)

  5. I love the wee little gingerbread men!

    Frozen fries are a lifesaver. I always have some at home.

    Sending you some feel better vibes!

  6. The gingerbread men look great. Hope youre feeling better!


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