Friday, December 4, 2009

Houston Snow Pictures

I can't believe we got so much snow today. I'm equally surprised that it didn't stick. It was wet snow. But the kids had a great time and it was beautiful while it lasted. Now it's messy.

These are just pics from around my neck of the woods. I'm sure other folks out there got beautiful pictures of downtown Houston, Moody Gardens, etc. I'm not one of them.

Below is a pic of my house right when it first started falling around 8am.

Then it really started falling!
This shot is of a back road on the way to the storage place for our travel trailer. It was coming down pretty hard. But I needed my metal skewers for a dinner I had planned!
Even giant ragweed can look pretty when it is covered in snow. The weight caused the weeds to bow their heads. Very pretty.
Love this rustic windmill we passed. It was amazing outside. And COLD!

The kids had a snowball fight at the storage place. It was like a blizzard out there. I took this photo from the van. With the heat running. :) The temp. gauge said it was 32.


A view of the front "lake" with the fountain going.

And home after visiting the storage place.

Rachel has a dream of visiting Colorado and playing in the snow and building snowmen. We need to take her. In the meantime, she built this cute little snowman. (Update: the snowman has died. :( It fell over)

Charlie had fun for a while but the cold got to him. Rachel was on a mission to build more snow creatures. This is her snow ladybug. Cute.


  1. Y'all were so lucky!!! The pictures are so pretty - it is amazing how nice everything looks under fresh snow. We just had some little flurries and lots of COLD air.

  2. Yay for snow! Let me know if you come to Colorado (well Denver). Enjoy the snow!

  3. I am so jealous of your snow! Beautiful house by the way :)

  4. I was in Houston for halloween and it was so beautiful that week. The sun was shinning bright and the air was so warm. It's so crazy that just a few weeks later it is snowing. It's not even snowing here in Seattle yet.
    BTW- I was visiting my BIL in Sugarland. His house is identical to yours, are you in Sugarland too?

  5. Morapiggy, I miss the warm weather. But no, I'm not in Sugarland. I'm sure it's a pretty standard floorplan with Pioneer homes. :) I love mine. I do visit Sugarland quite a bit though!

  6. we did not get that much snow here in Galveston County, i have some pictures up on my blog if you want to see. that is great all that you got and it my family lives in CO ( the Denver area) so my boys were not impressed with the little we got here. what you got would have impressed them. and i think all the houses look the same in this area we have quite a few in our neighborhood that look like yours and we had a different builder

  7. This is a most beautiful snow in Houston! My fiance worked as a sushi chef at Kim Son Cafe. (have you ever been to Kimson cafe?.
    I'd love to see Houston! someday I'll really see the beauty of the city of Houston..

    your photos are very beautiful..


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