Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Don't Think We're in Houston Anymore

Woke up this morning and it looked so nasty outside. So I let the dog out to desecrate the yard and it was cold and wet outside. Where did the beautiful warm weather go? Come back!!!!

Last night I went to bed in a little funk. I think because it was Monday, I had the munchies, was still exhausted from vacations and Chuck & I didn't get to spend much time together. But this morning I'm in a great mood and filled with optimism. Love it.

Chuck & I are going to keep each other accountable. Exercise. Food. The works.

So in that spirit, here are the stats:

Breakfast: 2 egg whites, slice of FF cheese on thin bread (3 pts) and a SF Rock Star (Dude! There is a fly buzzing around in the house and it's driving me crazy! Just thought I'd share that piece with ya.)

Sinful treat: chocolate covered cherry

Lunch: veggie corndog and a big helping of broccoli with some 2% Velveeta

Snack: bag of smartpop (I so love this stuff)

Dinner: some Fiber One pancakes and a veggie sausage

Exercise: 30 minutes on the treadmill It totally sucked at first but I felt great afterwards.

I hate to complain or sound mean but I had to take Charlie to the dentist for a cleaning. He's 9 and independent so he said I could wait in the waiting room. While waiting, an older guy come in who smells so strongly of feet that it took my breath away. It was so terrible! Honestly, guys. It burned my nose hairs.

It gets better. He kept grunting and groaning while he was sitting there. The grunts and smell was pretty bad. But it got better. They were playing Christmas music in the waiting room and this song comes on about some kid wanting to buy shoes for his mom who's about to die and this way she'll have new shoes if she sees Jesus tonight. What the hell?! THAT'S a Christmas song? While the crappy Christmas song is playing, the dude starts sucking (literally sucking) loudly on a water bottle. I wanted to ram a hot poker through my ears. And my nose.

The grunting foot fart man finally got called back and almost took out a wall. He just wasn't being careful. But at least the noise was gone and the smell started to fade.

Good news: no cavities for Charlie. Yeah.

I don't know how it is where you live but it's cold and raining here. Hope to see some sunshine soon. :)


  1. did you see it might snow? now i will believe that when i see it

  2. I saw that we might get snow! And we are supposed to have a "Winter Frolic" party for the kids at a park on Friday. It might not happen.

  3. Well, you know where I am, and we are experiencing the same cold rain as you...is it too early to say that I am OVER IT already?!?

    Saw that about the snow...wonder if it will top last year's snow event!

  4. You hate to say anything but I get up and move==look for a magazine, go to restroom, etc.

    I wonder what they would do if you gagged a few times.

    I had a man sit on my pew in church that smelled so bad I did gag and finally put my song book over my nose and mouth.


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