Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lots of food, little on points

Yesterday it was hot, today it is cold. The thermometer has been up and down more than my weight!

Breakfast: CarbCheck bagel with WW cream cheese (3 pts) and a cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer (1 pt)

Lunch: can of Amy's Organic Alphabet Soup (2 pts for the whole can!) and a slice of pumpkin pie (1 pt)
I really love this soup. It reminds me of Spaghettios. :) It has corn, carrots, potato and a few pieces of green bean. I'm not a huge green bean fan but these don't have a bean-y taste at all. Very good and very expensive. My Kroger store had them on sale 2 for $5!
The kids had a Junior Master Gardener planning meeting today. They're going to get to do some really cool stuff in this group. It's part of 4 H if you've never heard of it.
Dinner: Spinach Lasagna (6 pts), garlic bread (2 pts), salad (1 pt)
The spinach lasagna is usually 5 pts for 1/8th of the recipe but I had to use low fat ricotta instead of fat free. Still a huge portion and delicious.

From The Happy Texan Cooks

Dessert: 1/2 cup cake flavored ice cream (3 pts)
This ice cream is so darn good! It's really sweet so 1/2 cup is just perfect but still makes you feel liked you've indulged.

Snack: popcorn (1 pt) and candy corn (5 pts)
That candy corn keeps getting me in trouble. I'll be glad when it's gone.
Hang on just a second..................
There! I threw it away. No more candy corn to tempt me. :)
I was looking at my weight tracking chart on the Weight Watchers web site. Then I realized that I would be in the 170s or 160s had I stayed on course. It make me physically sick to my stomach to even think about. I was doing so good.
I know there's no use in beating myself up about it now but thinking about where I could be instead of where I's tough. I don't know what else to say. I'm just glad I'm back on track. I need to get my exercise routine back to something more regular now. Then I'll be 100% on track.
Tomorrow is weigh in. I'm a little nervous. Yeah, I want to see a big number. Do I expect it? Not really. I'll take what I can get though. :)


  1. No regrets. You cannot change what you have done, so there is no point in feeling guilt about it or beating yourself up about what could have been.

    You can change what happens in the future, so focus positivity on that.

    We finally just finished up the candy corn yesterday LOL! Last 10 pieces. Until next year :D

  2. Years ago I lost 70 pounds, went off plan and gained it back plus some. There's something to be said for getting back on the wagon sooner rather than later--years, like me.

    I make that pumpkin pie recipe all the time except I never put flour in it. That will make a huge difference as my version without the flour is a little watery. I reduced the milk a bit last time and it was better, but your recipe is a better solution!

    Good luck at weigh in!

  3. It is what it is and you are where you need to be right now. Don't worry about the past - plan for the future. Geez, cliche much, Shelley? But I really believe these to be true - regrets do you no good.

    Hope you have a happy weigh-in tomorrow!

  4. That ice cream sounds so good!! I know what you mean about the where you could have been stuff. Glad you are back though, I've been needing some new recipes :)

  5. What a great blog! I'm just starting my sojourn back to the other side of the scale and you're blog is a great inspiration. We're in this boat together, Doll! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I Love that ice cream too!

    Good luck on your WI!


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