Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ham & Swiss Breakfast Galette (4 pts); Cock-a-doodle-Christmas

Most of the snow was gone this morning. Just a few houses had some on their roofs. The lawns had frost all over them though. It looked really cool. I wish I would have taken a photo now.

I tried a new recipe for breakfast: Ham & Swiss Breakfast Galette (4 pts) and 2 clementines (1 pt) (Chuck gives this 5 stars out of 5)

From The Happy Texan Cooks

This recipe is full of flavor and very quick and easy to make. In the time it would take you to drive to a donut shop (provided that your donut shop is 15-20 minutes away) you could have one of these for only 4 pts.

I also had some coffee and creamer for 1 pt.

Though I didn't exercise (hey, it's the weekend!) I did wash and fold all of the laundry. *high five*

Lunch: packaged chicken noodles soup and some carrots that I added (4 pts) and then some candy corn (2 pts)

Rachel had volunteered to help out at the Sims Bayou Nature Center Holiday party so we had to be there at 4pm. I brought my own hot dog and chips and drink (5 pts)because I wasn't sure what was going to be there. So that I wouldn't seem rude I ate it in the van in the parking lot. LOL

They had sooooo many goodies there so I did indulge somewhat and used the rest of my 8 points for the day. But I don't feel too bad about that. On the way home the kids wanted McD's so we stopped and I didn't even get anything. Good for me. haha

The Christmas party was a lot of fun. They had crafts for the kids, a movie playing outside, Santa Claus, and LOTS of goodies. LOTS. But the greatest was my favorite chicken Scooter.

We were able to get a family Christmas picture. Isn't it cute? :) It's nice to be warm and cozy inside the house after a few hours outside. Now it's time to curl up with my favorite guy and watch movies. Maybe play some Wii too. :) Have a great Saturday evening.


  1. Love that you had your family picture taken with Scooter - that is one beautiful bird!

  2. Aw, I <3 the family pic!!

    And your breakfast sounds so good...I might have to add those ingrediants to my shopping list for today!!

  3. Great pic! I just wanna give that chicken a hug and smooch.

    Breakfast pic will be my new screensaver. mmmmmm

  4. You are so busy, I don't see you have time to even count the points!

    You do very well.Continued success


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