Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pumpkin Pie (the WHOLE pie 4 pts)

Tuesday. I woke up to a dense, foggy morning. But at least it wasn't cold anymore. It got up to 77 degrees! I wore shorts. Only 4 days ago it was snowing. Ah, I love this area. Hey, is it a sign of old age to be talking about the weather all the time? Huh, let's change the subject.

Breakfast: package of reduced sugar brown sugar oatmeal (2pts) and coffee (0 pts)

Keeping to schedule we started school at 9am and worked until 10:30. Then it was off to the YMCA for Charlie's PE class. Rachel prefers to work out with me than go to the teen class. So she hit the bike and the treadmill while I did weights.

The Y has a cool little gadget on all of the machines that tells you where your seat/leg position should be for each exercise and how much weight you set for each one. I haven't used this for quite a while (so long has it been that I had to ask them to reactivate my account). I just used the same weights I was using when I was working out before. Ummm, I'm not as strong as I was then. The worst were the arm exercises. My biceps and triceps are killing me. I worked out for 40 minutes (I'd say actual workout time was only 30 minutes since I had to set up machines and reactivate account, etc) so I earned 2 activity points.

Lunch: wrap with buffalo chicken, Dijonaise, spinach, and a little shredded mozzarella cheese (4 pts) and 2 clementines (1 pt)
After lunch it was time for more school and then to the grocery store. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I hate going to the grocery store!

Dinner: Tender Chicken in Gravy (5 pts) over brown rice (4 pts) and sugar snap peas with some spray butter (1 pt)
Just follow the link for the recipe then scroll down. This is a terrific family dinner and pretty quick to make. It sure doesn't taste low in points!

Dessert: Here it is. 1/4th of a crustless pumpkin pie for 1 pt
It was good. I would have liked it a little sweeter but that's just me. You really can't beat it for the points though. If you prefer to use a different sweetener, go ahead. I just followed the original recipe the first time.
I got the recipe from Kim Benson's web site. She lost over 200 pounds (!) on Weight Watchers. She will post various recipes from time to time on her web site. This one is no longer on there. She also sells light bagels and wraps and other goodies.
Snack: pineapple (2 pts) and some candy corn (4 pts)

Did you watch the Biggest Loser Finale? OMG, the transformations were just amazing! I didn't even recognize one guy. I didn't follow this season like I usually do. I love the way my whole family, myself included, gets so motivated when watching the show. My daughter starts eating healthier food and exercising more. Chuck gets motivated to exercise. And I always have a renewed sense of determination.

With that determination, I'll hit my goal and drag my family along to a better lifestyle.


  1. Great food today lady! Looks like youre doing a good job back on track :)

    The Biggest Loser, absolutely amazing. I'm glad that everyone who won, won AND love that Shay is going to be able to work with Subway to lose more weight!!

  2. Wow, that pie looks great - I will definitely make it for Christmas!

    I'll bet your arms are sore after working out at the weight you stopped at (does that even make sense?) - you had advanced quite a bit!

    I was glad that Danny won, and equally glad that Rebecca won over Tracy - but not too fond of Rebecca's new blonde hair - thought she looked much prettier as a brunette.

  3. Too bad the recipe is no longer on the website. I love pumpkin.

    I finished the Vanilla POMx. Had to be careful of caffeine as I drink too much coffee to begin with. But was good. The next POMx I think I'll add 1 oacket Splenda to make a tad sweeter...just me.

  4. NitWit, You can still get the recipe by following the link in my post. :)

    Hope you're enjoying the POM Iced coffee. I saw some at the grocery store and almost got some more. Yum.

  5. I'll snag that lovely chicken 'n gravy recipe later, but I just wanted to say that you made my holiday by showing how to eat such a large piece of pumpkin pie and still fly under the radar. *high five*


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