Friday, December 11, 2009

WW Friendly Sonic Treats

Fast food is not exactly the healthiest option but when you're on the road a lot, sometimes you have to stop for a bite to eat! Or sometimes you just want a treat. The following are good options when you stop for some Sonic munchies.

Diet Cherry Limeade (any size) 0 pts
Any Diet Soda (any size) 0 pts
Diet Limeade (any size) 0 pts
Need a slush? the Wacky Pack size is 3 pts
Hot chocolate 2 pts
Diet Cherry flavoring (to add to your drink order) 0 pts
Cranberry Juice (to add to your drink order) small 0 pts; medium and large 1 pt
Fresh Lime 0 pts
Fresh lemon 0 pts
Peach Ice tea 0 pts
Raspberry ice tea 0 pts
ice tea 0 pts
all of the flavorings are low in points (1 or 2 pts) green apple has the highest calories

jr Butterfinger Sundae 4 pts
jr M&M Sundae 4 pts
Jr Oreo Sundae 3 pts
Jr Reese Cup Sundae (pictured above) 4 pts
Jr Banana Split 4 pts
Vanilla Cone 4 pts

small French Fries 5 pts
jr Frito chili cheese wrap 7 pts
small tater tots 5 pts
jr hamburger 7 pts
jr cheeseburger 9 pts
popcorn chicken snack size 9 pts
corn dog 5 pts
grilled chicken wrap 8 pts
french fries regular serving 6 pts
tater tots with cheese 8 pts
tater tots regular serving 5 pts
grilled chicken salad 6 pts (add fat free Italian dressing for 1 more point)
Santa Fe grilled chicken salad 8 pts
grilled chicken sandwich 9 pts (you can lower this by substituting mustard for mayo)

What NOT to get:
Super Sonic Cheeseburger with mayo 24 pts
Chicken Strip Dinner 21 pts
Large Chocolate Cream Pie Shake 22 pts
Large M&M Sonic Blast 20 pts

So you could have a corn dog with mustard (5 pts), a regular order of tots (5 pts) and a diet cherry limeade (0 pts) and a jr oreo sundae (3 pts) for 13 pts! Not too bad for fast food.


  1. Have you seen the funny WW/Sonic commercials?? If you go to Youtube and search sonic and weight watchers, there are this hilarious sonic/ww parody commercials that are probably only funny to those of us on the WW

  2. Wow, delicious! Thanks! And they just put a sonic in by me!

  3. Yummm, I haven't had Sonic in forever! Thanks for the heads-up!


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