Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bootcamp Results

I'm going to make this short and sweet. :)

Today was the last day of Bootcamp on Sparkpeople. I loved it!!! Each day we had a 10 minute strength training video, a bonus challenge (which was usually pretty easy), and 5x a week we had to do 30 minutes of cardio.

I am proud to say that I did every single exercise and bonus challenge and cardio workout! Woohoo!

  • I'm much happier
  • can definitely see more muscle definition
  • lost 8.2 pounds
  • can fit in a smaller size
  • wearing size 16 pants today!!
  • I feel stronger
  • I tried new things (Zumba)
  • can finally do side planks
  • enjoyed exercise
  • looked forward to weigh in days!

It was a great experience. I'm kind of sad that it's over. Hopefully the February challenge will be a lot of fun as well.

I'm looking forward to challenging myself to do even more. I have definitely found a love for strength training. It just makes me feel so good afterwards!

I wish I had taken measurements because I can tell that I've lost inches. I even had to tighten up my Bodybugg arm strap. January was a great kick start to "thin in 2010!"

PS: I got the cookies shown in the post below at HEB. It's a Texas grocery store. Go to Immaculate Baking Co. web site to find a store near you.


  1. I've noticed a difference, too!

  2. Congratulations - I'm proud of you!!!

  3. congrats on completing the 30days - I know it was hard work and a big commitment!

  4. That's pretty frickin' awesome!

  5. Thanks for posting the link no cookies here in dang Ga.. Arggggg.

  6. Great job for finishing the boot camp!

  7. Good for you on seeing your goal through to the end! I can't believe you're sorry to see Bootycamp go! I know you must really be seeing great results if you're not dying from the cardio! I don't even know what a "side plank" is. I'll have to google it!LOL Anyway, thanks for being such a fabulous role model! Keep up the good work...for me! LOL

  8. Congrats! I'm so proud of you! I can't wait to get back into my 16s!!!


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