Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yikes! I woke up Tuesday so sore from that Zumba class. My legs are ok. My arms are ok. My entire core feels stiff and sore. Rolling out of bed was even a painful experience. LOL

And for those of you who think you could never take a Zumba class because you can't dance or you're not coordinated, think again. I couldn't dance to save my life. I have no rhythm. You do what you can at Zumba. There are people going different directions and modifying moves to make it doable. You do what you can. No one is paying attention to what you're doing because they're only focused on themselves and having a good time. Trust me. I was very nervous about going. If I can do it, YOU can do it. Try it. If you don't like it you don't have to ever do it again. But at least you can say you tried it and you burned some calories. :)

Dragged my poor abused body to the kitchen and toasted a CarbCheck bagel and topped it with some FF strawberry cream cheese. Washed it down with the daily SF Rock Star. Only 200 calories and I got a ton of protein and fiber in!

Logged on to Sparkpeople to get my Bootcamp video. I was nervous. I knew I was going to be in for a world of hurt if the exercises had anything to do with abs or the core in general. *whew!* It was the arms workout.

Oh wait! There is the daily Bonus Challenge! And today it's pushups. Why?! :( I pushed through 20 pushups. Yeah! Feel the burn, baby.

Had lunch: Amy's Fat Free Vegetable Alphabet soup and a few multigrain crackers. Very tasty and the soup is only 160 calories of yummy goodness. The taste always reminds me of Spaghettios. :)

For grins, I checked out my fortune on the scale. Gained 3 pounds? LOL I knew it before I even stepped on. Sore muscles plus some hormonal issues were going to cause a momentary weight gain. No worries. I know it's temporary and will go down. Chuck has been telling me that he can really tell I've lost weight. As long as my clothes are fitting better I'm happy! (stupid scale...doesn't know what it's talking about)

Took the kids on a field trip to see the Chronicles of Narnia exhibit at the museum. It was really pretty cool. You step into a room that looks like a set from the movie and the wardrobe opens by itself and you walk through the coats and then there is "snow" falling. There was an ice throne to sit on and LOTS of props from the movies.

Before we went in we went out to a playground that the kids wanted to try out. I got on one of the little spinning things that you stand on. Charlie thought it would be fun to spin me. I kept asking him to stop but he kept spinning me faster and faster. At this point I couldn't let go or I was going to get hurt. Finally we bonked heads. His head is made of stone. Mine tends to be a little softer and I started bleeding at my temple. Nice.

Got home and had a pear. Then it was time to do cardio. I'm still very sore and stiff. I did 33 minutes of Just Dance and burned about 300 calories. Woohoo!

Dinner was 98% FF hot dogs on sugar free whole wheat buns with some turkey chili. Served with some baked fries.

I still had 300 calories left in my daily calorie goal! So I had a small FF Greek yogurt with honey and stirred in some blueberries. Yum! Then an ice cream sandwich. Low cal of course!

Watched Biggest Loser while folding clothes. What is up with red team?! And why is green team so angry and moody all of the time? Hate the drama. I do like watching the weigh ins. I always imagine what number I would be at if I lost as much as each contestant. "OK, he lost 10 pounds. If I lost 10 pounds I would weigh ....." Wow! Can you imagine having a weigh in like that?!

I munched on a piece of sugar free angel food cake while watching the weigh in. Irony.

I'm hoping I won't be sore on Thursday. I'm either going to take Zumba again or go to spin class. Not sure which. Which one should I do? Is there a class you've wanted to take but haven't yet?
Calories Burned: 2492
Calorie Intake: 1244
Deficit: -1248


  1. Your Zumba review was very interesting - you just debunked the reasons I haven't tried it yet...I am one of the most uncoordinated people ever! But get this...I have really good balance. I love figureskating and took lessons for 10 years and could do all kinds of spins and a few jumps....but guess what!?! I was so ungraceful!

    PS you are on a roll with the activity girl, keep it up!

  2. I've watched plenty of Zumba classes (they have one before one of my weekly bball games) and I can confirm that you don't have to be able to dance...

    Keep at it! The scale will catch up eventually...

  3. well at least you know the class worked!! :) i LOVE zumba!! i haven't done a spin class before, but can't wait try. I think I am going to finish out this month w/zumba and then maybe go to spin...or who know's maybe i'll do both!! ;)

    i'm not a big fan of the drama on BL either. i was hoping the mother would go home last night and not the daughter!

  4. I want to try a zumba class too - everyone is talking about it. Just haven't found one local yet!

  5. Sounds like you put your all into that Zumba class...gotta love/hate the soreness - it's a literal pain to deal with, but you sure know you've done something!

    I'll take a Zumba class with you but will probably exercise my abs the most from laughing at myself!

  6. I'm proud of you, Love. You really are doing this right.

    Won't be long now... You will reach your goal!

  7. Zumba...hoping the new gym I have been suckered into joining has those classes! I LOVE just dance!!! It's an awesome workout!


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