Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo Journal of Thursday Eats

Breakfast: reduced sugar brown sugar & cinnamon oatmeal; WW vanilla yogurt; blueberries. Tastes more like a dessert than breakfast. :)

Took Charlie to the Y for PE. I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes at 5% incline. I guess it was 5%. I clicked the little incline button until it said 5. :)

On the way home I had to stop by the grocery store for a few essentials. I was hungry and they had samples everywhere. I had a few nibbles and counted it as 100 calories to make sure I covered everything.

Look what I found while I was at the store: cookie dough!!! All natural cookie dough. :)

And only 80 calories per cookie.

Yes, 8 of them were baked when I got home. I only had one!

Lunch: low carb 80-calorie tortilla with turkey, mustard and cheese; a Fuji apple, 2 egg whites stuffed with garlic roasted hummus. I think I like the regular hummus better.
Worked out for 45 minutes doing Just Dance. Love that game! Also did my Bootcamp workout. Only 2 days left!
Dinner: burgers made with 98% fat free ground beef, cheese, mustard and pickles; baked Ore Ida steak fries (3 oz is 120 calories). Burgers served on sugar free whole wheat bun

I also found Attune chocolate bars at the grocery store. I've seen Lori mention them on her blog a few times and was intrigued. They have 5x the live cultures as yogurt and are found in the yofurt aisle of your grocery store in a small box. Go to the web site to find out which stores near you carry it or order online. It's really good. It doesn't taste like "health food"! Oh, and it's only 80 calories. Yeah, a chocolate bar that's good for you AND low in calories. You're welcome.

Later I had a snack of Just Fruit Munchies. 1 0z is 100 calories and you get a large serving. I love these things. They're not like the usual dried fruit. They're crunchy!
Calories Burned: 2705
Calorie Intake: 1328
Deficit: -1377


  1. Yummy pics - licking the screen!

  2. Yum to everything! I haven't had hummus-filled egg whites in a while; gotta fix that!

    I am so stalking my stores for those Attune bars, now... THANK YOU and Lori!

  3. I do like those Attune bars - not as much as my Dove Promises, but they are better for you!

  4. Lots of yummy food. I really want to try those attune bars. 80 calories for a chocolate bar? I'm in!

  5. I got my mouth washed out with a Dove Bar once.
    Does that count?
    PS...don't eat doves ...that's just not right!

  6. Wow, thanks for the heads up on the Attune bars. They sound great!

  7. kelly your food ALWAYS looks SO good!!! makes me want a cheeseburger REAL bad!! :)

    and CONGRATS to you on the loss this week!! you're doing awesome :)

  8. Were did you get those cookies ? They look yummy..

  9. My congrats on your remarkable will power to eat only one cookie--no kidding. I doubt I could do it.


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