Monday, January 4, 2010

Several Recipes & Eyelash Extension photo

Welcome to 2010! I'm really excited about this year. Aren't you looking forward to doing new things and becoming stronger? You have so many possibilities. Make goals and then take small steps to reach them. Have a lot to lose? Break it down into 10 pound goals. It won't seem so monumental.

I know when I go for a run (not that I've done that recently) instead of looking how far I have to go, I zone in on one driveway or street light. That is my goal for that moment. When I reach it I look for another landmark to reach. Soon you've reached your ultimate goal. It's the same with any goal. Break it down into small bites and you'll get there. Celebrate every small victory.

One of my goals is to take better care of myself. I never take care of my skin or nails. I wear tee shirts and jeans (or shorts) everywhere. I'm not sure I even have a dress anymore. That's all going to change this year but with small steps. I can't exactly afford to go get a new wardrobe all at once. Besides, I'll be losing weight and those clothes won't fit for long anyway. :)

A small step I took in take care of myself was to get eyelash extensions. You can't really tell in the photo but they really do lengthen my lashes. And I don't have to wear mascara anymore! I do plan on getting them done a little fuller. They're rather sparse right now. There is a place in Houston called Lashco where folks like Beyonce go to get theirs done.
I'm finally getting around to posting some pics of Christmas dinner along with recipes. Here is the table set for dinner.

Garlic Mashed Red Potatoes (3 pts) and super delicious

From The Happy Texan Cooks

Crockpot Macaroni and Cheese (3 pts) makes a LOT! Thanks to Bev at One Day at a Time for the great recipe. My points reflect the changes I made to get the calories down.
From The Happy Texan Cooks

Turkey Stuffing (2 pts)
From The Happy Texan Cooks

We also had ham, wheat rolls, broccoli with cheese sauce (Green Giant) and sweet potato casserole that my mother in law brought. It was a great dinner and a very nice day. I love watching the kids open gifts. :) That night we went to Moody Gardens to see the Festival of Lights.

Sorry I haven't been around to say "H!" over the past few days. Chuck was off from work and we had just a wonderful time together. We went to Galveston to Moody Gardens again and took the kids to Rainforest Cafe, went to a candy factory and shared a chocolate malt, went to see New Moon (I liked Twilight better but I'll still buy it when it comes out on DVD), went shooting, just spent great time together.

Yesterday Chuck took us all shooting. The steel targets were a lot of fun to shoot with the .22 but then we went to the shotgun range and shot a 12 gauge. Oh my god! It kicked so hard that it knocked me off balance. Rachel tried it and it knocked her a couple of steps backwards. Charlie tried it and cried. Poor kid. I am super sore this morning where that mule of a gun kicked me. I guess Chuck needed a little shot of testosterone after sitting through New Moon. :)

Today is back to life. Back to reality.


  1. Um...those recipes all look amazing! I love comfort foods like mac & cheese and mashed potatoes!

    Your eyelashes look great too; I had a friend that got it done and enjoyed them.

    PS I moved my blog to wordpress, the new address is

  2. Love your lashes! I'm going to visit my sister in TX on the 22nd of this month and we're going to have our eyeliner tattooed. I cannot WAIT! Xmas dinner looked delish! Glad you're enjoying yourself and your family!

  3. Your eyelashes look great - you can't even tell that you are wearing extensions! Nice about not having to wear mascara (says the one with light-colored eyelashes).

  4. I love how a new year feels. Its like a clean new slate that you can turn into anything you want! Last year I while I did focus a lot on being healthier, I lost focus for about 4 months. I dont want to look back on 2010 and say ugh, another 4 months I just let slip by, another 15 lbs that I regained and will have to lose again!

    Youre right, we can do it lady :) Let's make 2010 AWESOME!

  5. Hey your lashes look great. I didnt even know they did that kind of thing.. How long do they last?

  6. Your eyelashes looks very pretty and even the recipes looks yummy. Vancouver eyelash extensions is the best to look good.


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