Monday, January 11, 2010

Shake Weight Giveaway

You've seen the commercials. You've laughed at the commercials. You may have even blushed.
Now it's time to get one of your own. I know you've made some resolutions about getting in shape this year. We all have. This will help you out with those arms and give you (and everyone watching) a good laugh.
Yes, I have one of my own. Does it work? I think so! And you only have to do it for 6 minutes. It comes with a DVD. I also just pick it up sometimes and start shaking it for the hell of it. Just because I like it.

All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment below telling me what exercise contraption you have spent money on in the past. I'd love to know. Did you use it? Did it work? Would you recommend it? Join in on the conversation. :)

Winner must be in the US (sorry to my international buddies) and will be announced Friday, January 15, 2010.


  1. I would love to win this! I haven't bought anything too crazy. A stationary bike, a yoga matt, some dvds...yeh pretty normal stuff!

  2. Pick Me - Pick Me! I also have not spent big $$ on anything. I did get some resistance bands that are effective and I also bought a Belly Dancing DVD I love.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I haven't spent money on anything too crazy...just lots of money on a gym membership and boot camp classes (which I love!). My parents did have an ab roller when I was growing up. I sort of wish I had one now because my trainer has taught me all sorts of freakishly hard ab exercises. Oh, well. The one at the gym will have to do for now.

  4. I bought a used Thighmaster at a thrift store once. I couldn't even do one squeeze! Then I thought about someone else's sweaty thighs being on it for hours on end and it kinda grossed me out so I learned to love my fat thighs.

    Also, I bought a Wii that I only ended up using to play Guitar Hero. I have the thinnest fingers in town. (flexes)

    And yes, that thing makes me laugh, and yes, I want it!

  5. Years ago I bought a THIGH MASTER... I never did get legs that looked like Suzanne Sommers! I just turned the big 4-0 and have started to notice some arm flab. I would love the SHAKE WEIGHT. It looks like fun!

  6. lmao....shake the hell out of it!! I so NEED this product! It would be perfect for me to keep at work. I get totally stressed out some days and want nothing more than to SHAKE somebody!! Please pick me!!

  7. Lets seee
    I spent cash on a tredmill...
    yoga ball
    ab roller
    thigh master
    I used them all but the ab roller...

  8. Where do I begin? :)

    The ab roller that eventually became a receptacle for towels and clothes?

    Countless exercise dvds that collect dust?

    Stinky yoga mats?

    Unused gym memberships?

  9. Hilarious!! I love it.

    I've only bought the basics, hand weights, aerobic videos, exercise ball, etc.

  10. Hahaha, I always crack up at the commercials! But I'm intrigued by the Shake Weight, and it's interesting to see that you like it! As for what I've bought, the worst as far as never being able to use it was a stair climber thingie that you HAD to use your arms in a pulling motion the entire time you were on it. I never lasted more than a couple of minutes...

  11. Oh, my gosh. I would love to put this to the test. Lord knows my arms need all the help they can get, lol.

    Let's see, the ab contraption comes to mind. The one you lay on your back and pull a bar over your head. Whatever...then I borrowed one of those things you lay on your back and it folds you in the middle, can't remember the name but it was kinda fun but gave no results :)

  12. You know I've gone to this website I don't know how many times. I want to see if it would get rid of my flying squirrels.

    I've been using Wii fit/Wii Fit Plus, EA Active, Biggest Loser Wii..

    When I use them I do great..I feel great..It's all the times in between that I let get into my head as of lately that puts me in the "Blah" mode.

  13. I would love this! I never quite know how to use free weights properly.

    We bought a Wii with the Wii Fit for Christmas. I love it. I use it almost every day, but sometimes I can't get it away from my husband. We got the Fit Plus which is fun for the whole family. The Biggest Loser game was boring to me even though I am a huge fan of the show. I also got the Wii Active which is fun and a lot of work, but very hard on my bad knee.

  14. well, I watch alot of infomercials, but seldom buy. I think the last one I tried was the Larry North program...LOL

    Ok - I just REALLY dated myself

  15. I don't think I've bought anything too out of the ordinary, but one pretty fun thing is a mini trampoline to bounce on while watching tv just to burn a few extra cals :)

  16. Lets see I spent hours with Richard Simmons Videos and Ty Bo videos. The only thing thay did for me was to have my dogs bite me when I tried doing the kicks. I think my final exercise routine became dancing to my massive cd collection. After reducing the dog bites then losing 60 lbs in a year my body is flabby. My arms are the worse. I won't even wear short sleeves. I wonder if the shake weight will help firm them up.

  17. A hard choice between a very expensive treadmill (used 3 times) and Richard Simmons Exercise videos--I'm too old (73) for the fast music. At least he doesn't use all too fit participants. Get real...most of us exercise because we are not fit and trim!!!

  18. I would love to try it!

    The only excerise contraption that I've bought besides WII and DVD's was a stationary exercise bike! It was the cheapy one and I hate riding it with the arms and legs together b/c it's so cheap, it's not comfortable with the arms!! lol

    But I wanted it b/c I watch so much tv at night, I thought I could ride it while watching tv! It did work (sometimes). I rode it for 70 mins one night while watching tv!

  19. I want one of these so bad but i don't want to buy it, lol ... i have not bought any crazy contraption, i do have a treadmill but thats not crazy, back in the day we had an ab roller and I really liked it, it did help with the sit ups but now it collects dust ... my parents just recently bought a "rock in roller" i think its called and it has two steps side by side and you just kind of sway back and forth - its supposed to be good for your butt and hips, my mom loves it. Anyways ... I hope you pick me I would love this!!

  20. Count me in! And BTW so glad you are back to blogging :)

    Weirdest thing I bought was the Dancing with the Stars Exercise DVD. Don't know what part of me thought I would be able to learn any of the moves. Tried it once, now it collects dust. The best thing I've bought is my recumbent bike. And if I used it like I should it would work :) Oh and my favorite thing to use is my Walk Away the Pounds Dvds.

  21. Hey girl- yes, it is me. I still keep up with your site and often use info. from here in the WW meeting.
    I have bought resistance bands in the past and only used them when my personal trainer told me to bring them to the gym. I know that they have many good benefits.

    You are doing awesome- keep up the good work! Please stop by a mtg. sometime if you can, Wed. @ 5:30 pm.

  22. Oh man, I actually spent money on MTV the Grind hip hop aerobics video and a thigh master in my day. Highly embarrassed by both!

  23. Uhh... I need one of these. I haven't personally bought any crazy exercise contraptions, but I remember my cousin had an ab thing that looked like a mini pogo stick. In only 10 minutes a day you could get fab abs! What fun!

  24. Never seen this before...but I'm always willing to try new things!!!

    Let's see...I bought the ab roller when I was a freshman in college and swore by it sits in my basement and collects dust...I should go dig that out!!

    And also bought those resistance bands...they are ok, but you gotta know what to do with em! :p

    My next fitness purchase is going to be trying a Zumba class with a friend next week...kinda nervous!! i've heard that you have to do a sexy dance, get low, and knock your water bottle over with your va-jay-jay!!! oh my!!!


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