Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling Soreness

Day 4. Booty Camp. The soreness has left my butt and has traveled to my arms while I was sleeping. Very cruel, this soreness. It seems to go to the location of the muscles targeted in the previous day's exercises. Is it a trend? We shall see.

Today (Wednesday) I had to exercise my abs using a stability ball. The online video only lasted 5 minutes so I did it twice to make sure I got my mandatory 10 minutes per day even though I still had 30 minutes of cardio to do.

The abs workout was surprisingly not too difficult for me. The hardest part was when I had to place my hands on the ball and raise up to a plank position. The ball started to shake. My arms started to shake. I just knew that thing was going to shoot out from under me and I'd land on my face. But I didn't!! Surprise, surprise. :)

Cardio. My least favorite necessity of keeping my girlish figure. Got on the treadmill. I like to watch TV while walking on the treadmill but the only thing on was A Knight's Tale with Heath Ledger. Meh. The only incident with the treadmill is the belt slipped or something once and my leg went backwards. It's kind of hard to describe but I'm thinking I narrowly missed a severe injury. The treadmill is out to get me. I'm watching you, treadmill! I'm on to you.

Day 4 Challenge: eat at least 3 servings of veggies. No problem. :) My Taco Soup lunch had a couple of servings and my dinner salad had lettuce and carrots.

Now on to the food log. Just so you know what a chick trying to lose weight eats. Later you'll see if it really works or not. :)

Breakfast: Sugar Free Rock Star; Eggbeaters with Laughing Cow cheese scrambled in microwave then placed on toasted light English muffin

Lunch: Taco Soup with a few crushed baked Tostitos, 1 Tbs fat free sour cream and 1 Tbs fat free cheese

Snack: very large red pear and 2 gingerbread cookies

Dinner: salad with baby romaine greens, 1 boiled egg and 1 boiled egg white, Weight Watcher mozzarella cheese, 1 Tbs real bacon bits, shredded carrots, chopped Boar's Head mesquite smoked turkey breast and 2 Tbs light honey mustard dressing
This salad was so darn good!! It was easy too. Just pick up some lettuce, a couple of thick slices of deli meat and some boiled eggs (I found mine in a bag in the egg section of Kroger by Eggland's Best). The tbs of bacon bits is only 25 calories and adds a ton of flavor.

Dessert: No Pudge brownie and a Hershey Special Dark miniature

Snack: 100 calorie popcorn then a Weight Watcher Boston Cream Pie yogurt

All in all a productive day. And my workout buddy even did all of the workouts with me. :)

Slightly dreading weigh in on Thursday. I checked the scale and it said I had gained .9 pound. Dude, really? Come on! I'm working out. Eating right. If that scale gives me any problems I'm going to shoot it. Literally. Chuck gave me a gun for Valentine's Day one year (nothing says love like a bullet) so I have the means to kill that son of a beach if it talks back to me. Just sayin.


  1. I would never give my spouse a gun. I already give her too many reasons to do me in. No sense in giving her an easy way to do it...

    Don't get too wrapped up in what the scale has to say. Just keep doing right and it'll catch up eventually.

  2. Hell hath no fury like a woman slipping on a treadmill.

    Sweetie, just make sure and take the treadmill out back before shooting it. It will be easier for me to clean up.

    Weight loss will catch up. You watch. Just keep on truckin'.


  3. .9 is just a fluke or water worries. The salad looks great! You sounds like your doing well

  4. You are cracking me up! I have not bought a ball because I too have the fear of the ball shooting out from under me! And as for the scale, let me know if shooting it into submission works. I might have to go get a gun!

    He really got you a gun for Valentine's Day??? That is like when my husband got me golf clubs for Christmas!

  5. I am in the EXACT same boat as you are with the scale. I've been tracking everyday...hardly touched my flex allowance...excercising everyday so far and the scale shows I'm up 1.1 MOTHA F(*&$(*&$ PAIN IN MY A@$ I could scream.

  6. That salad looks delicious! Sounded good for supper tonight but I don't have any lettuce...guess that won't work out! :)

  7. YUMMO!! That salad looks GOOD!!

  8. Shooot it! Shooot it!! Gosh...I bet that would be an a amazing weight loss reward...shooting the effin scale! LOL

    Buy a new one when you reach your goal weight.LOL

  9. Hope the scales were kind to you. I think killing is kinda messy.

    But I fully understand the exasperation.


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