Monday, January 11, 2010

The Spark book chapter for FREE

You may already know this but I have been reading a great motivational book called The Spark. It's all about obtaining a healthy lifestyle small steps at a time and losing weight along the way.

The book is based upon a free web site. The man who started the site invested his own money (something in the millions) because he wanted to change lives. The site gives you workout plans, motivation, health articles, access to fitness experts, immediate help, community, nutrition tracker, weight loss help, nutrition plans and a lot more for FREE. It's very inspiring to read about the people who have changed their lives one step at a time.

Chuck and I are doing a one month Boot Camp on the site. Each day we do 10 minutes of strength training video and 30 minutes of cardio of our choice. In just 1 week I can tell a difference in my muscles and my attitude. Somehow I just feel more happy after exercising. I mean, I have been in such a great mood!! Something about accomplishing a bunch of small goals and exercising every day is empowering. :)

I know I sound like a commercial but I wanted to make sure that you had a chance to download a chapter of the The Spark book. You can go here to do it:

The book has been so motivational. I'm going to sound like a broken record for a while about this thing but I really do hope you read it. (SPOILER ALERT: I will be giving a book away in the near future) I want you out there to feel as motivated and positive about a healthy lifestyle as I do.

If you sign up to be a member on (it's free) look me up. I'm DASSCHUS. Do download the free chapter though. It's really good.

Enjoy and keep warm out there! Brrrrrr. Looking forward to some spring weather. Anytime now please.

PS: I'll announce my giveaway for this week later in the day. :)


  1. I downloaded the free chapter of the book can't wait to read it based on your recommendation.

  2. your doing great on your workouts, I'm gonna go checkout the book, I've been seeing everyone post about it, but just haven't "got to it" yet...but you've motivated me..haha!


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