Friday, January 8, 2010

Things I Hate About My Scale

  • It never tells me what I want to hear.
  • It does not measure how much muscle I am gaining.
  • It only tells me what I weigh at that moment in time which may be higher than later in the day.
  • It tried to control my mood. High number=bad mood. Low number=good mood.
  • It tries to define me.
  • It can not measure my effort.
  • It only gives me a number. No suggestions. No pat on the back. Just a heartless number.

So Thursday was weigh in day. I started Boot Camp at the SparkPeople web site (user name DASSCHUS). I've been working out doing strength training, drinking my water, doing 30 minutes of cardio 5 days per week. Naturally I was pretty excited about stepping on the scale.

That terrible machine told me that I had gained 2.2 pounds. GAINED. Yes, my muscles were sore which can cause a slight gain. I've read that sore muscles hold more fluid. But I didn't expect such a gain.

Things will be ok. Next week I will expect a loss. I will keep at it and I WILL reach my goals. Never give up. Never.

If I gain again, for whatever reason, I will review everything that I am doing and eating and see what the trouble may be. But I expect a loss.

The good news is that I have completed every exercise for the Boot Camp and am enjoying feeling my muscles wake up. Some have been dormant.

If I were a steak I'd be Kobe beef. Well marbled. Massaged daily with vodka. LOL I'd rather be a strip steak. ;-)

The kids are gone to my parents' house this weekend so Chuck and I have a date. He's taking me to feed the stingrays in Kemah then to Babin's for some seafood. Can't wait!

Exercises are done for today. Arm work with the Shake Weight (that thing cracks me up) and upper body workout with the stability ball then 30 minutes on the treadmill. I also started wearing the Bodybugg again.

Have a great weekend and keep warm!!


  1. I know, the scale is a big meanie sometimes! We definitely give it too much power. It's a hard thing to break, but eventually, I think it's better for our self-esteem to just ditch the stinkin thing and go by our clothes instead!

    Anyway, have a fabulous date with the hubs :)

    Oh, and the Shake weight is pretty hilarious, isn't it? But, I have to say that I do feel the burn when I do that thing!

  2. Hang in there don't let the scale discourage you. Keep doing your program and sticking to your meal plan the weight will come back down again. The mean ol scaley monster does this to all of us sometimes...your not alone.

  3. You said it, the scale is so cold and heartless. Don't pay attention to it. With all of the hard work that you're doing, you're reaping a lot of health benefits. Don't worry about a number on the scale.

  4. We all try to assign a personality to the scale LOL!

    You actually could get a Mary Lou's Weigh - she talks to you and you get lots of encouragement, but no actual number. It's a fun tool.

  5. Go Kel! I feel the same way about muscle gained vs. what the scale says.

    I haven't checked blogs since before the holidays!!!! I'm glad I checked in today, though. I needed to hear someone else say they feel the same way about this topic. :)

  6. PS...I picked up a shake it yesterday in walmart, and could really feel it in my triceps!

  7. I saw an "intelligent" scale in WalMart that showed weight, BMI, %water, and I think %fat, plus had a memory to remember a previous weight. It was a tad pricey.

    I decided to pass because knowing couple of those figures would cause deep depression, like %water and %fat. BMI is roughly your waist or the circumstance of the abdominal tummy roll, that is more than I want to know.

  8. I'm so behind on reading blogs.

    You bought a Shake Weight? Do you know all the jokes I want to crack right now but won't because I'm too lady-like? lol Actually I think it will really give you great forearms, and forearms aren't worked much in my routines except for grasping the weight.

    I booted WW, too. Tired of paying monthly, tired of being tied to a formula. I am really liking calorie counting a lot better.

    Tried Sparks, but I got so annoyed with all the emails and then I was doing WW so I quit. Now I just get too behind with school, blogs, exercise, life that I don't dare go there.

    If you haven't already, take measurements. When I started working with weights, my scale stopped being so good to me. However, I am losing inches. I've lost maybe 5 pounds since November, (I'd have to look, but it isn't much) but I've gone down an entire size. In fact, I'd say a size and a half.

    I just got a stability ball and I'm loving mine, too. I've been worried about shooting it across the room or falling on my face, but I haven't. I actually like doing pushups on it!


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