Sunday, January 31, 2010

Walk It Out for Wii Review

The idea behind this game is that you walk in place, burn calories and have fun doing it. It's supposed to be a way to get the entire family off the couch and more active.

You can use either the controller/nunchuk combination, dance revolution pad or balance board. I've tried all three.

Controller: this burns the most calories and gives you the option of walking around the room instead of just walking in one spot. Walking in one spot can start to wear on you after a while. I think I burned a little over 300 calories per hour doing this. Don't trust the calorie burn the game tells you. ;-)

dance pad: easy to use but it tends to move a little and you have to walk in one place

Balance board: you can only lift your heels while using this. I burned hardly any calories even when doing this for an hour according to my Bodybugg. Also, your hip joints start hurting after a while. Not the best option. My Bodybugg barely showed me being active at all with the balance board.

In the game, you have to walk around an island in beat with the songs being played. You gather "chips" for each correct step. Those chips are then used to buy items for the island (benches, street lights, etc) or new paths. The goal is to add new routes and completely furnish the island.

It is pretty fun but not a great workout. My calorie burn was much greater with Just Dance. If you want to use this to burn calories I would suggest using the controller option instead of the balance board.

Rachel has really enjoyed the game though. At least she's being more active even if it's not exactly the workout you'd get with 30 Day Shred. :)


  1. I think these games are so great for kids. They don't just sit around and move their thumbs anymore. While it's probably not a huge calorie burn, at least it's getting the kids moving! I really want a wii, so it's great to hear about these reviews!

  2. I once watched TV alot.
    Now I blog alot.
    I guess blogging is better - more interactive.
    But the freaking TV never whipped my a$$!

    I guess the wii is ok, too.


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