Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Does Bootcamp Look Like? & new product to try

The SparkPeople BootCamp is going great! I can tell by the exercise which body part is going to be sore the next day. Thursday my abs will be sore. :)

Curious what a week in bootcamp looks like? Well, even if you're not I'm going to tell you anyway.

Sunday: do exercise video for 10 minute cardio (it was tough for me. see if you can do it!)
Monday: do 8 minute lower body with ball workout plus 30 minutes of cardio of your choice
Tuesday: 8 minute upper body with ball workout plus 30 minutes of cardio if your choice
Wednesday: 5 minute core workout with ball (I do it twice) plus 30 minutes of cardio
Thursday: 10 minute lower body workout plus 30 minutes of cardio of your choice
Friday: 6 minute upper body workout with ball plus 30 minutes of cardio if your choice
Saturday: 15 minute abs workout

Each day has a different bonus challenge. It can be as simple as eating more fiber for the day to eating a salad to doing an extra workout video. The exercise routine repeats weekly for the month of January.

I've decided not to weigh myself until after the challenge. The scale can be cruel even when we are putting our best efforts out there. One thing for sure is that I am feeling great!

At this point in my weight loss journey I have lost 37 pounds. Yesterday I had to get 30 pounds of ice to take to Rachel's chemistry class. I was thinking how heavy those 30 pounds were while carrying them to the van when it hit me like a ton of bricks: this is how much weight you have lost! Actually, I've lost more but still. I can't believe that was hanging off of me. And I still have a long way to go. I can't imagine how much lighter I'm going to feel.

When you start to feel bad about not losing enough weight, try picking up something that weighs as much as you have lost. It's a real eye opener. Think of a box of butter. That's a pound! I've lost 37 boxes of butter. LOL

I have also been tracking my food religiously. I know me and I know that I will not track in the future. So why even start? Because I am using this as a tool to get to my goal. If I ever need to cut back on some pounds I can pick up that tool (tracking) and get right back to where I need to be. It will also teach me about portion sizes and what healthy eating looks like. It should become second nature to me.

Yesterday, right before dinner, I almost had a binge happen. I was really hungry but didn't want to eat anything because dinner was going to be ready in 20 minutes. I ate a small piece of chocolate (and tracked it) and that was almost it for me. Then I grabbed a handful of cereal (tracked it lol) and was so ready to go berserk in the pantry. But I remembered something I saw on Biggest Loser once. They said to eat a piece of gum to help curb cravings. I did and, sure enough, it worked!! I was shocked. Disaster averted.

Speaking of dinner, I picked up some Gorton's Grilled Lemon Peppercorn Tilapia at the grocery store yesterday. They were really, really good! Even the kids ate all of theirs and would have eaten more had I bought more. They are only 80 calories each or 2 points. I paired it with a salad with some spray dressing and some Green Giant steamers corn in butter sauce. Also had a Sister Shubert whole wheat roll. They're found in the freezer section at the store. They are 140 calories so beware.

Go to the Gorton's web site to see the nutritional info and print out a coupon to get some of your own.

Not only have I been tracking my foods religiously but I have also been wearing my trusty bodybugg again.
Here's the math for Monday and Tuesday:
Calories burned: 4650
Calorie intake: 2499

Calorie deficit: 2151

If I need to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound, I have 1349 calories left to burn. I love science!

Hope you are doing something each day for you because you are worth it RIGHT NOW, not when you reach a certain number on the scale.


  1. Truer words have not been spoken.
    Do something for yourself now.

    Enjoy your life. Live hard.

  2. You are so right about picking up something that weighs what you lost - it is a great motivator for me to do that, which I forget to do. Anybody have a small child I can pick up, lol?

    Glad you are staying away from the scale right now. I am, too...I let it frustrate me more than I should, so why do that to ourselves?

    So excited to think that you are going to run the 5K with me!!!

  3. Hey Kelly! God love ya is all I can say. Big hugs and shout-outs to you from my blog to yours. You have helped me more than you could ever know and gave me the piece of mind to move forward to get to my goal. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  4. Kelly!!! It is SO ironic that you just commented on my December post! I was just looking at my fav blogs (your's included, OF COURSE!) and thinking about my post for today! Today is (once again) day 1 for me!! I didn't do well over Christmas. Anyway...glad that you missed me! I'm back...hopefully for good this time!

  5. What an amazing calorie burn! That's awesome. Keep it up!

  6. Yes - very good!
    And the fish is good, too.
    Very good boot camp.
    It's really all good, isn't it?


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