Monday, January 25, 2010

Reset Button

Who's done this? You go out to eat and chose the "wrong" things and the next morning feel guilty about it? Raise your hand. I know I'm not the only one who's done this!

Yesterday (Sunday) I was tired the entire day. I had big plans to go to go on a hike but we just never got around to it. We were all feeling lazy and sleepy. I did get my Bootcamp video done. It's an exercise that requires a lot of jumping which is very hard on my joints. I did the best I could but kept moving the entire time and got the heart rate up pretty good!!

Speaking of Bootcamp, this is the last week of the January Bootcamp!!!! I'm so happy to have done every single day plus the bonus challenges. Yeah!!!!

OK, back to what I was talking about. So yesterday I was very tired but I had to get grocery shopping done because I was not going to have time Monday. Got the shopping done (it always takes forever!) and came home to unload groceries. I was getting pretty hungry while shopping so I called my daughter and asked her to put the rice on to cook. Brown rice takes so long! When I got home there was a horrible terrible smell in the house. The rice had burned! Not just a little bit, I'm talking charred! Of course, my daughter felt terrible about it so we just decided to go out to eat. Mexican food. Not the healthiest of options, obviously. :)

Here's where things got ugly and yet tasty. You ready?
*chips and salsa
*queso dip
*1/3 of a chimichanga with grilled chicken
*some rice and beans (maybe half of the serving)
*two large Hurricanes (yes, I said two)
*two and a half sopapillas with honey

I calculated my calories as if I ate the entire meal just to be sure I wasn't missing a hidden calorie somewhere. They're sneaky, you know.

The morning after: wondering what I was thinking. LOL I'm not really upset because I have a RESET BUTTON. Oh, you haven't heard of those? They're absolutely fantastic. I'll share mine with you. All you have to do is exercise to burn off those extra calories and it's like they were never there. RESET!

Overate? Don't fret. RESET! Work those calories off! Go on a longer walk. Do some imaginary jump rope. Take a spin class. Try Zumba. Do an exercise DVD. Get active. Clean house. Everything you do burns calories. Pretty soon, you've hit RESET.

Of course, you don't want a lot of surplus calorie days. I'm just saying if you do slip or overindulge, you don't need to have a pity party or feel like "what's the point". Use your RESET and work those calories off. It's like it never happened. :)

Today I'll be working to get rid of a few surplus. I will NOT feel guilty. It's food, for crying out loud. It's not like I went and kicked somebody's dog. I just had a little too much fun last night. I'll pick right back up today with a good breakfast and lots of activity. No de-railment. No falling off the wagon.

Calories Burned: 2328

Calorie Intake: estimated 3260 (I counted high to make sure I was covered)

Calories Surplus: +932 (it'll be burned off today!)


  1. Well, if you've read my blog recently you can bet I know a dog you can kick! HA!

    The RESET button is a great thing - just do the next right thing.

    Have a great week!

  2. I'm loling at Roxie's comment...

    Wait, I thought the reset button just reset your diet...I didn't know you had to exercise off the excess calories! Hmmm, maybe that's why it never worked for me?!?

    Congrats on doing your bootcamp even though you were tired. January is almost over - yay!

  3. I did about the same at Western Sizzlin today. I will have to adjust, adjust, adjust: weigh-in Wed.

  4. kudos to kelly!! for 1) not focusing on your over-eating, 2)counting the calories, and 3)having a mindset to move forward!!

    love the "reset button" idea!!!


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