Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zoom Zoom Zumba!

Whew! It was a busy day hitting that "reset" button.

First thing, had my SF Rock Star. Priorities, you know. Then I did my BootCamp workout. I've noticed quite an improvement since starting. It used to be very hard for me to do the Monday exercises.

Then there was a challenge video: Butt Blaster. Just the name sounded frightening. It brought up thoughts of Colon Blow cereal. Any one remember that commercial from SNL? No? Ok, moving on. Finished exercise and I did feel the burn!

Breakfast: Kashi Go Lean and some skim milk

Time for school with the kids. They did great. I'm really proud of them :)

I made kale chips to go with my lunch. They're so easy and quick to make and you get a load of healthy stuff in them. Gotta get those veggie servings in!

First, you take a bunch of kale, wash it, then cut it into pieces removing the tough stems. I just tear mine apart into pieces.

Second, massage it with 1.5 tsp olive oil and about 1/4 tsp salt. I also add some Italian seasoning herbs. Spread out on cookie sheet. You don't want the kale to overlap.

Last, place in 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes. Check it at 10 minutes. You want it crispy but burned.

Here's our massaged kale ready for the oven. Doesn't it look relaxed after its rubdown with olive oil?
And, tada! Kale chips all nice and crispy!
Lunch: about 3 cups kale chips with a turkey, mustard and cheese sandwich.
For half of the entire batch of kale chips it's about 2 points or 102.6 calories. And it's good for you!
After lunch we finished up school and then I did 90 minutes of Just Dance for my cardio portion of the day. Burned 763 calories!! Woohoo!
Everywhere I turn Zumba keeps popping up. I took it as a sign that maybe I should try it. I talked Rachel in to going with me to the Y. I had a Fiber One bar for a little energy boost.
When we got to the Y, there was a huge crowd waiting for the class. The place was packed! There were a lot of first-timers besides us.
Our instructor's name was Arthur. Class got started and we got right to it. Wow! oh WOW! I don't think I've ever shaken my hips that much. LOL It was a LOT of fun but a tough workout at the same time. Sweat was pouring off of every one in there. There was clapping and stomping and jumping and shaking. It was great! I really enjoyed it.
Arthur mentioned that they're having a Zumbathon this Saturday for two hours. For $15 you get food and a tee shirt. I'm all about the tee shirt but I don't think I could survive two hours of that. It was pretty tough for me. Will I go back? You bet!
Got home around 8ish and had chili con carne!! mmmmm I added 1/2 cup brown basmati rice and 5 multi-grain crackers. So good! Just follow the link if you want the recipe. You'll have to scroll down some but it's there. :)
For dessert I had a Blue Bunny Aspen bar (frozen strawberry yogurt and granola) It was sinfully delicious and only 150 calories. I found them at Wally World.
The Numbers:
Calories Burned: 3279
Calorie Intake: 1295
Deficit: -1984 (!!)
Guess I burned off those extra calories from Sunday night!
Steps: 13993
Have you tried Zumba? Have you ever heard of it?
Here's a video as a little introduction:


  1. glad you liked zumba...i can't wait to go tonight again!!

    and way to burn all those calories!!! VERY AWESOME! :)

  2. Haha, I remember colon blow!

    Um, where was I? Oh yeah...kale chips. I am going to have to try them...I've seen them all over blogland and haven't worked up the nerve to try them, but if a S.F. Rockstar lovin' fellow Texan likes them, then it's time!

    Zumba? I have no rhythm. None. Glad you enjoyed it, though!

  3. Oh, Shelley! You don't have to have rhythm. There were even kids in there doing it. People were going every direction in there just doing what they could. It's a lot of fun and no one cares what you're doing. Every one is doing there own thing. :) You should try it! I bet you actually have the stamina to do it too!

  4. I'm the person who makes jump roping look hard...but if I'm ever somewhere that a Zumba class is available, I'll take one in your honor. And probably die laughing at my klutzy self!

  5. If you're in the southern Houston area I'll tak you!!! :)

  6. I've heard about Zumba over and over again for some time and really want to try to find a class locally and give it a try. It sounds like so much fun!
    Those kale chips look good too. I was just wondering the other day what to do with the Kale that I get delivered (other than juicing it).

  7. I've heard of Zumba and really want to try it but they don't have it at my gym! I need to find it somewhere that I can go even if I'm not a member. I would pay to try it!

  8. Your local YMCA may offer it. If you're not a member you could still probably get a pass to try the class. Or ask a friend who's a member to get you in on a buddy pass or something. :) Most YMCAs have their group class schedules online for you to look at.

    I'm really not wanting to get my cardio in today. I'd rather take another Zumba class. :)

  9. At one of my managers meeting they had an instructor come in and give us a small taste of Zumba. It kicked butt! We weren't dressed for it but it did get the heartbeat up! Glad you enjoyed it! Keep up the good work!

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  11. I think I may try the kale chips. Never thought of that and it's time I find something new to excite me.

    With all your activity I would expect pounds to literally fall off. I get tired with Silver Sneakers which is nothing compared to your workouts.

  12. Wow, that looks like a really freat way to burn some calories! I don't know if I would be coordinated enough, but I'd give it a try!


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