Sunday, February 7, 2010


Saturday started out a little different than usual. Chuck woke me up early so I could go with him to his first acupuncture appointment. A few years ago he was involved in a hit and run with some illegals. They were caught by the police after a chase but, of course, they had no insurance or anything. They got to go free but Chuck has the constant pain of an injured neck. He's had several cortisone shots, 2 neck surgeries, chiropractic sessions, deep tissue massages, pain meds. It kills me to see him hurting so much. Sometimes he has to leave work early because the pain gets so intense that he gets dizzy. Our next step was to try acupuncture.

Before we left, I had a bowl of Kashi GoLean and some skim milk.

Time to go. I was nervous. I want something, anything (!) to finally work. At the same time I have a fear of needles. I've passed out before in the doctor's office. LOL

The acupuncture clinic was packed! There were people everywhere in there for various reasons and ailments. In the lobby he had a map where he placed a pin from each patient from a new location. There were pins from people all over the world who had come to visit him!

The old Chinese man comes in to talk to us.
Me: Is this going to hurt?
Him: Oh yes! Hurt like hell!! Very painful. Hurt like hell!
Me: Wha?!
Him: I pull your leg. It not hurt.

And the fun begins:
If the needles weren't enough, let's hook him up to electrodes and shock him!
Afterwards Chuck's arm was hurting. He kept complaining of a burning sensation. But the big knot he had in his shoulder was gone. It was weird! We're going to go back for another session. The acupuncturist said he sees this all of the time and he gets good results. We'll see. I'm hoping for the best. Anything to stimulate that nerve to heal!
Got home and had some lunch: Morning Star corn dog with a good dose of mustard; 2 clementines, cheesy broccoli
Then it was time to go to a birthday party for Charlie's friend. That lasted until a little after 5pm. He had a great time.
By that time we're getting really hungry. Time for pizza! Not a healthy choice but I made a pretty decent choice while there: 3 slices Greek pizza So good! It had spinach, roasted garlic, kalamatta olives. It was supposed to have some feta but I never found any.
Got home and just chilled. We were all exhausted. I did not Shred or do any cardio. I just took a much needed day off. Besides, Chuck is super sore from trying Shred yesterday. :) LOL
Calories Burned: 2147
Calorie Intake: 1484
Deficit: -663


  1. Jillian is quite evil.
    But I can't let her get the best of me.

    Bring it *****.

  2. Chuck, you can do it! You'll feel grat afterwards. (not really...just seemed like the right thing to say)


  3. I hope the acupuncture works out for him. Very interesting procedure!

    That corn dogs looks delish! It's been a LONG time since i had one of those!

  4. My husband several sessions of acupuncture purportedly to quit smoking---didn't work, but several for sinus infections he said were effective.

  5. On pins and needles!
    MMMM....corny dog......

  6. Oh my word I havent had a freaking corn dog in like 15 yrs ... WOW.. Now im craving one.. .. I don't think I even liked them.. Hmmm

  7. Wow, that acupuncture looks intense! Love the Chinese guy's sense of humor, though. Hope it helps Chuck - sorry to hear about the pain that he's been in.


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