Saturday, February 13, 2010

Becoming an Iron Maiden

I want to become an Iron Maiden. No, not the old rock band and not the torture device. I'm talking about a weight lifting hot momma. I love that lean, muscular look of a woman who lifts heavy things over and over.

After a breakfast of protein pancakes (which Chuck loved!) I went to the Y with my workout buddy. I did my walk through the free weight room. Getting a little more comfortable in there. I even picked up a weight! LOL

Warmed up for 5 minutes on the elliptical then hit the weight machines. Now I know that the machines are not the same as the free weights but I'm just more comfortable with them right now. They're Fitlinxx machines that remind me to go slow when I'm trying to speed things up and also tell me when I've gone high enough and low enough with the weights.

2 sets of 12 of each:
  • curls
  • seated chest press
  • lat pulldown machine
  • lateral raises
  • squats on leg press machine
  • seated leg curl machine
  • seated leg extension machine
  • ab machine

I never burn as many calories doing strength training. :(

After the workout I had a Chobani Pomegranate yogurt.

Took Chuck by the range on the way home for him to try out his new toy. There were two wild pigs on the shooting range!! No one was shooting at them, of course, but there were a bunch of men watching them in amazement. Definitely not something you see every day.

Lunch: Amy's Texas vegetarian patty with cheese, mustard and lettuce on a low carb tortilla; cantaloupe, 1/2 serving of Pirate Booty barbecue flavor After being all snooty yesterday about the Texas BBQ flavor primal strip, I was kind of hesitant about trying another veggie Texas-style product. LOL But let me just tell you now that those Amy Texas burgers are awesome! Love them and they are only 120 calories each. Yum!!!

I was trying to save a few calories for my big date with Chuck at The Melting Pot but Rachel had made some No Pudge brownies for me. What was I supposed to do when she brought me one? Not eat it?!

Snack: No Pudge Brownie (100 calories) Time for Dinner!!! I've never been to any place like this before. The lighting was low and romantic. There were red heart balloons everywhere. It was just wonderful.

The pictures were taken with a phone in low lighting. :(

First we had a mixed drink then they brought out the champagne cheese fondue with veggies, assorted bread cubes and apple chunks. I like the apples the best! Ah, cheesy goodness.

Then they brought out the salads. I had a strawberry fields salad with balsamic vinaigrette. Feta, almonds, strawberries. What's not to love?!

Then it was time for the meat dish. You choose which style of cooking you will prefer (we chose some sort of broth with cilantro and orange juice called mojo, I think). The meat is raw and you cook it at the table. It was actually quite fun! At first I was thinking, "I'm paying how much and you want me to cook it?!" But it was a lot of fun and the food was delicious. Along with the meat was a bowl of veggies for us to cook and 4 different sauces. SO good! (lobster, tuna, salmon, shrimp, teriyaki steak)

Along with all of this food we had a few drinks and I'm not talking about water. :)

Then for the piece de resistance: amaretto chocolate fondue flambeed at the table

It was served with the lovely assortment of treats you see here. Oh my. I could have licked that little fondue pot except it would have burned my tongue off. Then they brought out two glasses of champagne to toast the evening. How romantic!

We also got a goodie bag with a framed picture of us, chocolate fondue, mints, a gift certificate and a chocolate candle. It was a great evening (and VERY expensive!!) I've never spent that much on one meal ever! It's not something we would do often but it was a fun date and something we've never done before.

I used SparkPeople to estimate my calories. Someone had entered The Melting Pot's dinner for 2 so I used that calculation and counted my drinks as margaritas. Yikes!! I'm going to be a busy girl next week melting off the calories from the Melting Pot.

Calories Burned: 2171

Calorie Intake: approx. 3946 (LOL It's almost as comical as it is tragic)

SURPLUS: +1775

Should take me about 2 days to work it off.


  1. Your dinner sounds AMAZING - there are some special meals where you just have to say calories be damned and go for it, and this was definitely one of them! The picture of you and Chuck is a great one, too - love that you got a goodie bag!

    Congrats on moving up to the weights! You are doing good to start out slow, as you will be sore; and true, you don't burn as many calories during a strength workout, but you are building muscle, which will make your body burn more calories overall.

  2. P.S. I look forward to posing all "Arnold-like" with you when we meet!

  3. How interesting...I'm going on a first date tonight at The Melting Pot! Now I'm getting excited. I've never been before!

  4. kudos to kelly on the weights!! sounds like a great start!! I need to get back to "that" side of the gym too!!

    and your date sounds SUPER fun!! and looked just as delicious! :)

  5. What an amazing date! That looks like so much fun! I've never made a whole batch of the No Pudge! brownies. I always make the single serve portions, but those look just like the "real" thing! I'd love to be an iron maiden too!

  6. I totally love Melting Pot! It's where we'd go for homecoming and prom in High School and now for special date and girls night once or twice a year. So indulgent but so incredibly worth it! I've never been for valentines day, I am going to have to talk Fireman into it one year, if for nothing more than the goodie bag lol. What an adorable picture of you and Mr. Man! You two are such a cute couple :) I love that you have these date nights and special things that you do together.

    The great thing is, you counted it all and faced what it was. I think it becomes less scary when you actually look it up and count it!

    I love that youre working to become an iron maiden mama!

  7. Rock Star, Monster, Gym Rat, and Iron Maiden!
    I am really diggin' the work-outs, too!

  8. I'm betting I ate just as many calories at my Valentine's dinner as you did....I felt guilty, but not enough to keep me from smiling all evening long. :)


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