Wednesday, February 10, 2010

C25K Update & Daily Stuff

Thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions to yesterday's post about cutting calories/eating enough calories/strength training. Today I'm going to start reading the book again and making notes about specific questions. While doing that I'm going to keep doing what I was doing. No drastic changes until I become a little more informed. Hope you don't mind hearing a few more rambling posts about calories. :)

Thought I'd share one comment I got on SparkPeople: "I believe that physique is the way to go. After all, you do not carry a scale around with you to show people how much you weigh. You carry your body around with you and that is what people see and judge you on. That is one thing.The other is this - the scale is JUST A NUMBER and it may not be an accurate number either. You want to see if the volume of fat in your body makes a difference that you can relate too? Go to the grocery store and look at the ground beef. Choose 2 packages, each weighing 1 pound. Look at the regular hamburger and then look at the 90 per cent lean - on just that one pound, it makes a difference in what the per centage of lean meat is - now think about that for your entire body. Yep, physiquie is what matters! " Well said.

At this time I'm thinking I would like to lose the weight that I promised in the Pound for Pound Challenge then start my strength training. I promised to lose 40 pounds and I would like to follow through on that. It means 40 pounds of food going in to the Houston Food Bank. We'll see. I'm still reading and researching as best I can.

Eats and Treats:
Breakfast: Kashi Go Lean Crunch with 1/2 c. skim milk (very crunchy!)
Rachel had a chemistry class so I dropped her off and took Charlie to Whole Foods with me. Found a few goodies including these Primal Strips. They're vegan jerky strips. The taste is pretty good but the texture is not jerky. Low cal (this one was 74 calories but had 10g of protein!) For my WW buddies, that's only 1 point! A very good low point but high protein snack. I really like that I can take it in my purse on errands and have a snack ready.
Lunch: tuna sandwich, Pirate's Booty veggie 1/2 serving (LOVE these things), and 1 cup of cantaloupe.
Time to hit the gym. There are certain areas that I am familiar with at the Y: The spinning room, the group exercise room A, the bike/treadmill/elliptical area, and the weight machine area. I am, however, not familiar at all with the free weight room. It's like this secret room tucked away in the back where only the fit people venture to visit.
After reading the book about strength training, I was curious about this secret hideout. I tried to stroll in there as nonchalantly as possible. Fumbled with my MP3 player to give the impression that I was cool and relaxed in this new area. (I was not) To be honest with you, it looked like a medieval torture chamber. I'm not joking. I have no clue what those different bars and benches are even for. I strolled back out fumbling with my MP3 player. I guess I should ask someone for a tour of the holy of holies and learn how to work the equipment if I am ever going to do this properly.
But it was time for me to hit the treadmill and C25K training. Today was Week 4 Day 1. Week 4 was a bit more scary:
  • 5 minute brisk warm up walk
  • jog 3 minutes
  • walk 90 seconds
  • jog 5 minutes
  • walk 2.5 minutes
  • jog 3 minutes
  • walk 90 seconds
  • jog 5 minutes

I am proud to announce that I DID it!!! It was tough but it wasn't nearly as tough as I thought it would be. There is no way I could have done that 4 weeks ago. I'm very happy. I'm finally making progress towards that goal of running a mile. During one run I actually ran 4/10ths of a mile. Getting closer!! I'm just hoping that I'm ready to do that 5k with Shelley in March. Even if I'm not, I'm going to cheer her on. :)

Got home and had my post-workout snack. Look what I found at Whole Foods!

Chocolate Greek Yogurt! It's a little thinner than the other greek yogurts but it's chocolate. :)Took the kids outside and pulled weeds from the yard. Another great little workout.

Dinner: Sesame Garlic Chicken with Tahini Spinach & Toasted Peanut Quinoa from Clean Eating magazine March/April 2010 issue. I really liked it but neither of the kids cared for it at all. I will admit that it's a different taste. It wasn't difficult at all to prepare either! And for a HUGE portion it was only 470 calories (7 pts for WW friends); 13g fat; 15g fiber and 38 g protein! I was stuffed. Biggest Loser SPOILER WARNING:

Watched Biggest Loser while folding clothes. Those guys are amazing! The workouts they do...I just sit there watching with my mouth hanging open. I think it even impressed the Olympic athletes. :)

Then the weigh in. Poor Melissa. Forgive the cynic in me but I wonder if she through this WI too. Maybe she knew that she couldn't win there on campus so maybe she could win the "at home" prize instead. That's terrible of me to think that way. Sorry. But we won't know if orange team lady or black team dad goes home. Hate "to be continued" shows!

I did get all of my laundry washed and folded while watching the show. yeah!

Snack: 1 oz. Blue Diamond Cinnamon & Sugar almonds Calories Burned: 2535

Calorie Intake: 1382

Deficit: -1153


  1. I know it's just a number but I have always been so hooked on that, this is a good passage to keep perspective!
    You go on the C25K training that is awesome!
    I am still withya on the pound for pound challenge... I have 29 to go- I know you can do it!
    I have been tempted to buy the chocolate yogurt but so many times other brands have a funny taste- it's on my list for the next grocery order! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good job!

    I know the feeling -- I thought I couldn't make it through week 4. Then I did. Same thing with week 5, week 6...
    Next thing you know, that 5k!

    Also, I notice that after I started to jog for 30 minutes, the scale became a lot nicer to me as well :)

  3. WW Chic, we can do the P4P challenge! And I like the chocolate yogurt but your mileage may vary. :)

    Merry, I am so happy to hear that from someone who's gone through the program. I can't wait to be ablet o run a 5K! good job on your accomplishments!!! :)

  4. I would really enjoy getting a body bugg (that's what you have right)? Do you find it cumbersome to wear under clothes and stuff, do people notice it? I work in an office and it would be noticable there. Just curious what you thought.

    Biggest loser? SPOILER!!!!!!!!!
    I'm really glad that "she" was below the red line and had no choice but to go home. I don't believe her or care about her (nor her husband). And she pleaded not to send him home until at least 250! What about the others? The other guys need to be below 250 too! I hate her!

    Great job on the running! I knew you could do it!

    (There was something else I was going to comment on but can't remember!)

  5. Oh right...the "heavy lifting" section. I never go in there hardly ever! And I've been going to the same gym since I was 16 (14 years)!! It's a pretty scary section with lots of BIG people! lol. Yeah, ask the gym trainers for a little tour back there and they will surely help you out!

  6. Amanda, the only time you really notice The Bugg is when you wear short sleeves. Most people don't even look twice at it. It's much slimmer than their older version and I can even wear it under the sleeves of tighter fitting shirts.

    It really helps me monitor calories in/calories out.
    There are a couple of things I wish it had:
    *seconds timer on the watch display
    *way to track mileage and speed like some gadgets have

    Yeah,I want it all! LOL If I had to do it over again I would still purchase one.

    I've forgotten to mention this on my blog but a couple of weeks ago my arm strap broke and I had to order a new one. The new one is a size medium instead of a large! The large was finally too big. Feels good to be shrinking. :)

  7. Good job on going to week 4 of the c25k. That sounds so difficult!

    That chocolate yogurt looks amazing, I am definitely going to try to find that!

  8. I had the same thought about the person who left last night (spoiler alert!)!!!!! Looks good, though, so I guess it all washes out in the end...

  9. You ran for 16 minutes - that's fantastic! You will be more than ready to run the 5K with me!

    I will have to check out that chocolate yogurt...sounds great!

  10. Congrats on getting through the C25K so nicely!! Sounds like you're doing great...and I hope you get to run with Shelley....that would be a great goal achieved! :)


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