Friday, February 19, 2010

Conquering Fears One Step at a Time

I have a few fears. Some of them are valid and some are self imposed. Thursday I was able to conquer 3 fears!

First, I went to the Y. Charlie had his PE class, Chuck met us up there, and Rachel and I worked out. It was a great time of family physical fitness. :)

I have had a fear of each new step in the C25K program. That's a self imposed fear because each time I've been able to complete the harder runs. Today I stepped on the treadmill with a slight dread. There were to be 2 sessions of 8 minute runs with a 3 minute walk break between. Guess what: I did it!!! I ran 3/4 of a mile in one session and a little less in the other. Do you realize how close that makes me to running that one mile? That's huge!!! What a feeling of accomplishment. :) Finished with C25K Week 5 Day 2. Next is the 20 minute run. Bring it!?!

I've been talking about my next fear for a while: the free weight room. Another self imposed fear. Why in the world would I be afraid of inanimate objects? I've tried to analyze it myself. I think it's a fear of looking foolish or making a mistake. After completing my C25K session I felt so good about myself that I went straight into that weight room, picked up a weighted bar (12 pounds) and did 3 squats. I know it's not a huge deal but it was for me. I'm conquering that fear. :) I also did 12 minutes on the row machine while there.

As if being afraid of running and the weight room were not enough (I think it's really a fear of failing?) I have a very strong fear of stairs (bathmophobia). Some stairs are ok but the one with open spaces between the steps and the ones that are open on either side so that you can see down scare me so badly that my legs seize up in pain and I have trouble moving at all. At the end of it all my hands are sweating (they're sweating now just thinking about it) and my legs are sore from being frozen. It's something I've had for as long as I can remember. There's a good reason for that fear: I've fallen up and down stairs! I'm not the most graceful person. LOL And yes you can fall up stairs. Try tripping and landing on your face while walking upstairs. In front of a bunch of people. While in a short skirt. Ugh.

Thursday night we went to Bass Pro Shop and Chuck suggested we take the elevator because the stairs there are open on either side and give me a tough time. I said nope and took off upstairs. Yay! Yes my hands sweat a little and I could feel those legs wanting to seize up but I pushed through and did it. I even came down the stairs too. Yeah!

What an empowering feeling. To conquer my fear of heights I think I'll go downtown where they have a helium balloon (instead of a hot air balloon) that will take you way up in the sky. But not this weekend. We're heading to San Antonio!!!!!

Eats and Treats:

Breakfast: Protein Pancakes with SF syrup and SF Rock Star
After the workout at the Y I had Protein Shake with almond milk, protein powder, ice and a baby banana.
Snack: minneola tangelo; honey Greek yogurt with .5 oz of walnuts (it's a magical combination. Like a Greek dessert)
For dinner we decided to try a place that opened recently near us: Freebird's World Burrito. They have their menu online and all of the nutritional info so I could plan my meal before going out. They even have a suggestion menu for people on low fat, low carb or low calories diets. VERY helpful! I got the hybird burrito on a spinach tortilla filled with rice, refried beans, jack cheese, white chicken meat, cilantro, death sauce, jalapenos, roasted garlic, lettuce, and lime juice. It was out-of-this-world good and 590 calories for a HUGE burrito. Love this place. We'll definitely be going back.
Stopped by the book store and picked up some reading for the weekend. Pictured here with my chocolate vitamuffin that I had for dessert.
What a great day. :) After all of that I slept very hard.
Calories Burned: 2539
Calorie Intake: 1398
Deficit: -1141


  1. Good for you.. I totally understant about the stairs... ARGGGG...
    I keep hearing about this Tosca Rena person... I tried finding her books at my library..Perhaps me and the bambino will head to the bookstore today.... :)

  2. I got the Tosca clean eating book around nov..I love it and have been thinking about getting her recipe book. I wonder if the recharged book is different from the original.

    CONGRATS on the stairs...your doing so great!

  3. I'm so proud of you for conquering your fears!!! I understand the stairs as I have fallen going up and down (we could be klutz sisters!) - but my biggest fear is the escalator. Do you remember the scene in Elf? That is totally me!

    Sometimes I think KNOWING you have to run a certain length of time is worse than just running and ending up having done that same length. Mental, I know!

    Too funny, we have Freebirds all over the place up here. They are fun in that you specify everything you want on your burrito!

    Have a good time in my old stomping grounds!

  4. bathmophobia...Check! And a big "woo hoo," you're a bigger person than me cuz, like, I trip on flat surfaces. Looks like you rewarded yourself quite nicely, too. Good job!

  5. im so proud of you for conquering your fears

  6. Great job on overcoming your fears. I need to start moving in that direction. I have a fear of heights. I can't do bleachers, the second story of malls, bridges, or glass elevators. But you did it! How awesome!

  7. You are so motivated and it's really nice to read about because it's inspiring too! Great job on that c25k, you are SO close to running a mile!! I get scared on those stairs w/ the open steps too but never as scared as you! Hubby and I went to San Antonio on part of our honey moon and LOVED IT. We really want to go back there someday. Are you going any place in particular there? Take pictures!


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