Saturday, February 27, 2010

Do I Really Have to Rest?

I've seen it in all the books and magazines. They all say that you are supposed to take rest days. You would think that would be something to look forward to! Don't we all look forward to the weekend when we can finally chillax?

Rest days for me are tough. I have that bodybugg strapped to my arm reminding me all day that my calorie burn is low. It just bugs me! I'm so tempted to put on a DVD, run around the block, do something.....anything to get those calories burned!

I had to actually force myself to rest. A couple of times I had to talk myself off the ledge. So close to exercising. But I know for a fact that my muscles needed a day off. My left ankle has been popping a lot. The calves are hurting. I don't have that light feeling when I walk. My muscles just feel a little tired.

I ended up resting but I wouldn't exactly call it rest if I am stressing over it. Ah, yet another mental issue to overcome. :)

The day started out fantastic! I had a breakfast burrito with cheese slice and egg beaters with a strawberry protein shake on the side. Tres yum.

The kids had a 4H meeting that lasted for a couple of hours. It happens to fall around the time I usually have lunch so I had to eat early before we left. Wasn't very hungry because breakfast was so big! But I had a sandwich thin with cheese, mustard and 2 oz of Boar's Head rosemary sun dried tomato ham with a chobani strawberry yogurt on the side.

After the meeting we were all pretty hungry. It was getting close to dinner time but not close enough. What did we do? Head to Red Robin. I had the fish sandwich with the tartar sauce on the side so I could barely smear some on the bun. Also had the fries that it comes with instead of opting for a salad. Bad girl!!

The calories were high but I was going to still have a small deficit at the end of the day so I wasn't too worried.

Went to vote. Chuck insisted that we go. I really wasn't even sure what I was voting for. I get in line and I was asked if I was voting Democrat or Republican. I said neither. I'm not exactly a straight ticket voter. Then I was told I had to choose one. This was to see who would be on the ballot for when we vote for governor and some other positions. Gosh, I hate feeling stupid. Kids got a half-assed lesson in good citizenship and we left.

I didn't go to the personal trainer meeting. I called to discuss price but they didn't seem to have any other offers. He kept telling me about a kick start program but it was still $297. Even if I had the money I'm not sure I could bring myself to spend it.

So here's my plan: Our YMCA has personal trainers. You can view their bios and choose one that you feel comfortable with. I can buy a 1 hour session for $35 or a 30 minute session for $20. I could get one of them to help me out with the exercises in the New Rules of Lifting for Women and get set up in the weight room. Just to show me proper form and anything else I might need to know. Then I can do it on my own. When I move to stage 2 I would make another appointment to do the same. It would be a heck of a lot cheaper!

Like Karen mentioned, they also have Body Pump classes and things like that.

Something I've also realized from doing a lot of reading and surfing on the net is that I have not been eating enough calories. I've been working hard but not refueling properly. When I put my weekly calories burned into the SparkPeople program it upped my calories considerably. And that was still with the goal to lose weight!

Around 9:30 last night, things turned ugly. I got the munchies big time. I had a slight headache and I was ready to go Hoover the pantry. But my calorie burn was low and my intake was high! I ate a couple of ounces of beef jerky. mmmm protein. Still have munchies. Sliced off a small piece of the cinnamon roll from Lulu's. Decided it wasn't worth the calories and tossed the entire thing in the trash. Not just my piece. Ate a couple of Pirate's Booty. A small piece of chocolate. Then about 1/2 cup of Fiber One shredded wheat. Then about 3 oz of sweet tea vodka. I'm not very proud of it and it probably wasn't too damaging in calories but I hate having the munchies like that. Hate it. I think it's worse when I have that "I don't care" feeling. I hate to even have to blog about it.

It's Saturday. A new day. :) Woke up with a light headache. (hormones??) I was feeling kind of low until I got an email that a homeschool family in our area lost their son in a tragic accident yesterday afternoon. Geez. My heart goes out to them. Really puts things in perspective. Feeling guilty about eating a few snacks is nothing. Living life to the fullest each day and being happy is more important. I think I need to hug my kids and spend a day playing with them. They grow up way too fast and every day with them is a precious gift.


  1. You have really hit the nail on the head for me. I would say take a rest day, I learned the hard way and wore myself completely out. I have had a headache off and on this entire week. My energy still isn't back. Booo!
    My calories on spark were also upped after starting to burn a crap load of calories. I also wasn't refueling the proper way. What a learning process this is!!!!
    It's nice to know I am not alone in this. You keep me going.
    I love that you are honest about your munchies! It happens to all of us. Today is a new day!!!!

    Have a great day!

  2. That's really sad about the homeschool boy. Sorry to hear that.

    I think you plan w/ the Y sounds like a good one. I'll be interested to hear how that goes!

    Don't feel bad about the munchies- that happens to everyone once in a while!

  3. Doesn't sound like the calories from the munchfest were horrific...I think you're fine. :) And the plans at the Y sound WAY cheaper than the personal trainer!! Go for it!! :)

  4. I am sorry to hear about your friend! That is very sad.

    You need, need, need rest days. It is so important because that is how your body repairs. You don't want to get overtrained, because it takes a long time to recover from something like that. Now rest days can be active, with a nice walk - but they are very important.

    Some days I just eat, too. It happens.

  5. I have a hard time taking a day off too...I do water aerobics M/W/F and weights T/Th/Su...I take sat off

  6. Yes, to the perspective of all things in life.
    So sorry to hear about your friend.
    And yes, please, please take it easy for a day.
    Your body will say "thank you" in more ways than one!
    Headaches mean "nooooo!"


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