Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HUGE Goal Met! :D

Woke up Tuesday in pain! That Turbo Jam did a number on my abs and back. It wasn't an injury pain in my back but a muscle soreness. My back! That's not exactly an area I think about working out but it sure got it yesterday.

Breakfast: CarbCheck Cinnamon Swirl Bagel with FF strawberry cream cheese (no Rock Star)

Charlie had PE at the Y and I needed to decide what workout I would do while he was busy playing volleyball. Weights or C25K? I was already sore. Today would be the 20 minute run for C25K and I was dreading it. What if I failed?

I decided to try the run. I usually chose a treadmill so that no one is on either side of me. Not today. I eyed the line of people walking and/or jogging to see which would have to endure my heavy breathing and sweat flying. There, that guy minding his own business would be my victim. He was walking and doing 20 second jogs.

I lay my keys on the platform of the treadmill. Get my sweat rag situated. Find my C25K podcast on the MP3 player. Rearrange the keys and sweat rag again. (Come on, Kelly. You can't put it off. Push "Start.")

The treadmill starts and I'm on my way. My back and abs are yelling at me to just stop and take a day off but what do they know? They're lazy. Time flies by and my 5 minute warm up walk is over. So soon?! Usually it seems to take longer on other days. I feel my pulse quicken as I know what's coming up. 20 minutes. Nonstop.

I push the button to speed the belt to 4.5 mph. No, that doesn't feel right. It's hard to get a good pace going at that speed. 4.6? Just a little faster. Don't want to overdo it. I actually want to succeed at this! 4.7 mph will have to do for now.

I watch the little digital readout count down the tenths of a mile. It gives me something to do. Pretty soon 5 minutes have gone by. Can I keep going for another 15 minutes?! Then 10 minutes. Hey! I'm halfway done! 10 minutes more? Surely I can do that!

Somewhere along the way I notice that I am close to reaching a HUGE milestone (literally): running 1 mile. This is something that I have dreamed about. It's something that I've wanted for a few years. When I first started my weight loss journey it was difficult to walk around the block. My back hurt all of the time and my feet would swell. After losing a few pounds I tried to jog but even 12 seconds was difficult. And here I finally was, about to run that mile that I had talked about for so long.

.98 of a mile. .99 of a mile. Then it was there. 1 mile. I did it!!! I reached that goal that I had wondered if I would ever reach! 1.01. 1.02. Wait a minute! I just reached a monumental occasion and now it's gone! I've moved on. Where's the parade and high fives? Where are the tears of joy I knew I'd cry? 1.04 You mean life keeps moving forward after I reach a goal?! But I didn't even get to roll around in the moment!

The 20 minute run was finally complete. At the end of it all I had raised the speed to 4.8mph and ran 1.56 miles. I exceeded my goal by a half mile. I did my 5 minute cool down walk then stopped the treadmill and dripped some sweat. So that was it. It was a surreal moment in time. I had reached a goal that I wanted so bad I could taste it but life just kept moving forward.

It got me wondering about my weight loss goal. What happens when I reach that goal? The goal of all goals. The next day I'd wake up and life would still be the same. It will move forward and I'll exercise as usual and eat the foods I always eat. It's a sobering thought. I will not automatically be happier or wealthier or prettier. It will be another goal reached and life moves on.

To tell you the truth, it takes a load off of my mind. It makes the goal not seem so urgent. I'll get there. I know I will. But then what? I guess I'll just set new goals. Probably more fitness related like running that mile was.

I remember when I was a kid I always thought it strange that when someone (or a pet) died that the world just kept right on moving forward. It doesn't stop for anyone. People went on with their daily lives. The sun still shined brightly. I got that same strange feeling when I ran that mile. The world keeps on moving and I keep moving with it. Forward towards new goals. Nothing magically changed in my life. Except maybe I'm a little more confident. :)

As a little celebration I took Charlie to Freebirds to get some lunch to go. Love this place. Notice that the cup says "It's Not Normal." LOL Maybe that's why I love it so much!

After lunch it kind of hit me what I had done on the treadmill and I did shed a few tears of joy. I couldn't help it. There were just so many times that I thought I would never be able to run a mile. You guys were always so encouraging and told me that I could do it but I had my doubts from time to time. Now I guess my goal is to run 2 miles!

Time for more exercise: Turbo Jam Learn and Burn. Holy sore abs, Batman! I felt every zig and zag today. But I got it done.

Weather was turning nasty so I had to rush to the grocery store. Got to Kroger and they were out of chicken. Come on! How can you be out of chicken?! Apparently there was a sale on chicken and I missed it. They only had frozen chicken or the huge family packs. I just wanted a regular pack, darn it.

To top things off, it was like the universe gave me the finger. Almost every time I touched something, stuff would fall. Needed some zucchini and a bunch fell on the ground. I started an apple avalanche when I reached for a granny smith. Cans of refried beans fell over when I reached for one can. It was crazy. At one time I even said out loud, "Oh come on!!!"

Drove to HEB for some chicken and protein powder and as soon as I find a parking space my low fuel light comes on. And it's raining. Sideways. Get my chicken, protein powder, wine (I think I need it) and Attune bars and check out. I love eclectic grocery carts like that. LOL Got some fuel in the rain and headed home to unload my loot.

Dinner was spaghetti made with Barilla Plus, sauce and turkey meat; salad; Lite garlic toast. Comfort food. :)

Then for my Attune bar and a glass of therapy (I got the glass in San Antonio). Loved the name of the wine.

It was a great day. It really was. I'm still in shock that I've reach that goal.

Calories Burned: 2798

Calorie Intake: 1748 (a little higher than usual but I think I needed it)

Deficit: -1050

I received some blog love!!

Thanks so much to The Next Biggest Loser for my Sunshine Award. Love it. :)

Now I have to pass it on to 12 other bloggers who bring sunshine into my life. I hate choosing. I always feel like I leave someone out who should be chosen. Look to the right of my blog. See that blogroll? They're all worthy of this reward. Truly.

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And Angels of Angela's Grand Adventures awarded me the Beautiful Blogger award! Thanks!

I have to list 7 things about myself then pass it on to 7 bloggers.

1. I ran a 1.56 miles. LOL Still pretty excited about that one.

2. I have no fashion sense at all.

3. I have a weak spot for birds.

4. I'm not very good in social situations. Don't like crowds.

5. I carry a gun. Yes, I have a permit. :)

6. My 20 year anniversary is in October

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  1. Great job on running 1.56 miles....woohoo! What an accomplishment!

    PS thanks for the award =)

  2. Congrats on running the 1.56mi. That's great work.

    Especially with the sore TJ back - I mentioned that the other day - when you are first doing it, it doesn't seem like it is going to kill your back like it does - but you sure do know you worked it the day after. Great job!

  3. Congratulations on reaching that goal!

    I've always wondered if I will ever get there? And if I do...what will happen then?

    I love your blog...trying to find some time to look over past entries. Very inspirational. :)

  4. That's so awesome, Kelly! You're kicking so much ass lately. My hero!

  5. congrats on the great workout
    i feel ya on the soreness
    my ars is killing me lol
    your very welcome for the award you do bring a little sunshine tomy day you deserve it and i see you got a 2nd award to awesome

  6. I knew you could run that mile - great job, and way to blow past that goal!!! Very cool that it hit you later - the realization of what you accomplished is a big deal! Can't wait to run with you soon...

    Thanks for the award - I love it! Now, will you show me your gun when we meet?

  7. HUGE CONGRATS on running that mile! What an accomplishment 1.56 miles!!!

  8. Baby, you are getting to a point where you are carrying some natural guns! Your arms are lookin' good, girl!

    I am so proud of you for hitting that one mile mark. I see things getting easier for you from here.

    LOVE. Much LOVE.

  9. Two milestones in one run? Woo!

    Congratulations on doing the 20 minute run and on running /more/ than one mile at a time. You earned that glass of wine :)

  10. Holy crap you kicked your goal in the ass, way to go lady! I am so proud of you, blogger high 5's :)

    Totally heart the wine glass coozie!

    Thanks for the award!

  11. KELLY!!!!!!!!! I'm SO proud of you, I knew you could do it!!! And you went WAY beyond your goal, AWESOME!! :)

    PS Thanks for the award, glad I can bring some sunshine to your life! ;)

  12. WOW!! Congrats! You have been working so hard at the C25K! And not even just 1 mile but 1.5+ miles! Outstanding! Yup, now it's 2 miles. And another goal eventually could be to run the 1 miles faster.

    You are doing so awesome! Gives others inspiration.

    I wish I had that burrito place here. It always looks so good. :(

  13. I am so proud of you for running 1.56 miles!!! That is amazing! You are truly an inspiration. Great job!!

    Thanks for the award, you brought some sunshine into my day! :)

  14. Wow you are definitely a runner now!!
    Thank you so much for the beautiful blogger award :) That just made my day.

  15. You Are All That!!!
    And thank you thank you thank you for the shout out!
    A real-life rock star.
    And you know Latin.
    And your blog rocks it on out!
    (What ever that means.)

  16. Excellent job on the running. That really is such a huge accomplishment and I'm so proud of you!!

    A see a 5K in your future!

  17. What a tremendous accomplishment Kelly!!!!!! And you went so much FURTHER, too!!!!! I'm very excited and happy for you. Reaching and surpassing goals are such a great boost to the confidence. I know you worked hard to earn every bit of it. Good for you! :)

  18. Congrats of reaching a milestone. Suggestin the weight loss jouney is more than results on a scale.

  19. Kelly,

    Congrats on the 1.56 mile run! That is awesome. 20 minutes is hard to do but it does feel great when you are done.

    You are doing awesome with your weight loss and running. Keep up the good work!

  20. Congrats on the run, that's amazing. Very inspiring!

    Love the HEB grocery cart, that's about my usual type of list, haha ;). I had one of the "oh come on!" days last week. They're the worst.

    But how cute is your wine glass?


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