Friday, February 5, 2010

Jillian Reached a New Level of Evil

It was such a busy day! Rachel had a dance on Thursday night from 7-11pm. Took her to get her hair put up (thanks, Connie!!!!) and rushed home to get ready. She looked so pretty! My baby.....she's only 14. Gosh, it seems like yesterday she was just learning to walk. Time flies by way too fast.
It was a Mardi Gras theme so of course she had to have beads and a mask. :)
I don't want to discuss how many boys she danced with. I'm not ready for this yet.
She did have a wonderful time though. :)
I did something today that wasn't one of my more brilliant ideas.
Charlie had PE at the Y so while he was doing his thing I hit the treadmill to do my C25K program Week3 Day 2. The first 3 minute run I was at a 4 on the exertion level chart (goes from 1-10). The second 3 minute run was about a level 6. Yeah, a little bit more difficult but I did it!!!
Charlie's PE class is an hour. I was finished with C25K in 30 minutes so the remaining 30 minutes I watched Ellen and walked on the treadmill. Great! Burn some more calories and get in a 5K while at the gym.
I did discover that I have a gym pet peeve. I never knew I had one before this guy a couple of treadmills down from me started talking (more like yelling!) on his cell phone while he's walking on the machine. I had earbuds in and I could still hear him. It was quite annoying. People, if a phone call is that important, get off the equipment and go outside. It's rude to every one else around.
OK, so here's where the not-so-brilliant idea happened. I went home and recovered from sweating. Had some lunch. Put dinner in the crockpot. Then it was time to Shred. I did Level 3 of the Shred. Was NOT a good thing to do.
I always told myself that I can take anything for 20 minutes. That was how I faced the Shred each day. I was wrong. I can't take anything for 20 minutes.
my butt!
That woman is insane! Doing C25k then the Shred was not smart. I was totally exhausted afterwards.
Some highlights of the torture session:
  • Mountain climbers: I no longer have any desire to climb any mountain
  • jumping jacks with weights: seriously? this is a good idea?
  • walking pushups: pushups are bad enough when they're not walking
  • squat jumps: leaping up from a squat? I can barely stand up after a squat!
  • lunge jumps: these words don't even belong together
  • Rock star jumps: I no longer feel like a Rock Star

This was a seriously intense workout. I am not ready for this even with modifications. Seriously, even the warm up was more intense. Back to level 1 for me!


Eats and Treats:

Not a stellar day with the eats. Seems like I was running around the entire day.

Breakfast: coffee with hazelnut creamer & CarbCheck Bagel with ff strawberry cream cheese (love my bagels). These bagels have 14g of protein and 18g of fiber! Lunch: turkey sandwich on some 35 calorie bread; Pirate's Booty Veggie (1/2 serving); peaches with cinnamon on top. I LOVE Pirate's Booty! Snack: Fiber one bar

Dinner: because my stew was not ready in time for dinner (I like the meat to fall apart) we had Pei Wei again. DanDan Noodles for me and I ate almost the entire thing, container and all!

And a fortune cookie that did not have its picture taken. Hey, they're only 30 calories. :) Calories Burned: 2678

Calorie intake: 1452

Deficit: -1226


Please notice my cute chick on the beach ticker. The scale has been showing 200 from time to time but on weigh in day yesterday it showed 201 so I went with it. This morning is showed 200 again so I went ahead and claimed it. That's 50 pounds lost! 1 more pound to Onederland. Gosh, it feels good to have this weight coming off!

It's Friday. Don't forget to wear RED for National Wear Red Day celebrating Heart Month.


  1. I took Jillian and 30 day shred out of the library and also tried the level 3 (after 1 and 2) and yes, walking pushups, lunge jumps, mountain climbers! What was she thinking!! lol. Great workout though, if you can do it!

    Great job on the 50 lbs lost and having onederland in your sights!

  2. great job on trying level 3
    it is brutal
    but you will get there

  3. aw, i remember 14 year old fun!! :)

    i haven't even attempted level 3 yet and i think you just scared me out of it completely!! ;)

    Great job though on all the!!

  4. Your description of the Shred made me giggle...I've never done jumping jacks with weights - that would make me afraid I would hit myself in the head or something!

    Yes, you did overexercise, but wasn't it nice that you could do it? Rest today, lady!

    Your daughter looks so pretty - glad she had fun dancing with all of the boys. That's what you do when you're 14! Fun times.

  5. Congrats on the 50 lbs!!

    I'm amazed that you did level 3. I'm too scared to even watch levels 2 and 3 and see what they're like. haha

    Your daughter looks beautiful. :)

  6. I wore RED! :)

    You sound like me today all beat up from too much stuff! I am gunna take it easy tomorrow and just take a walk with my teen daughters. I am curious about shred now more than ever.

  7. I started taking pictures of my food in February as a way to keep myself in check with variety, healthier choices, portion control, etc. I write it mainly for my own purposes, but also know that my mom and sister will more than likely read it too.
    So, imagine my surprise when I received a comment from someone who was not my mom :) And then to recognize you from your blog! How exciting. You made my day! I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a few months now. It is a real inspiration. I have passed it on to other friends and family who are on a weight loss, eating right, being more healthy mission. I don't know too much about the blogging world, but I'm glad I stumbled upon your site, and will continue to be motivated by the Happy Texan!
    Oh, and I have to try smores with peanut butter cups! How yummy! Thanks for the tip.

  8. Onederland! You're freakin AMAZING! You should DEFINITELY celebrate!

  9. ROFLMAO i am keeping Jillian for march i did her a few months back and did 15 days and was ready to kill her really so i am impressed that you went to the Gym AND did Miss Jillian.

  10. I recently found your blog and I want to say congratulations on your weight loss!

    Our Pei Wei closed and I miss it!I loved the chicken salad rolls.

    The 30 day shred sounds brutal. I think I will stick with walking and a little free weights.


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