Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Right to Bare Arms

One thing I notice about women is their arms. I think it looks so nice to have well sculpted arms. Just look at MizFit's arms! They're mesmerizing.

I want to be able to bare my arms this summer so I did the best thing I could for them: visited the gym to push around some weight.

Did 2 sets of 12 of each:
  • back extension machine (90#)
  • abdominal crunch machine (85#)
  • curl machine (35#)
  • seated chest press machine
  • lat pulldown machine
  • seated tricep extension machine
  • seated leg curl machine
  • seated leg extension machine
  • squats on leg press machine (130#) love this machine

Finished it off with 15 minutes of the row machine. Then went home and did Just Dance with Rachel for 40 minutes to burn up some calories.

While at the Y, I made my little trip to the free weight room. I had planned to actually pick up the squat machine bar and do a couple of squats just to get the feel of it and get a little more comfortable in there but it was packed with teenagers. No thanks. I'll wait. But I did stand in the doorway and watch for a while. Hope no one thought I was some perv watching the teen boys workout. I really just wanted to see how the different toys in there were used.

I was wondering if there is a scientific term for fear of the free weight room but I couldn't find anything on the list of phobias web page. You would think it would be gymnophobia but that is actually the fear of nudity. Who knew?! Should get that person together with a vestiphobic (fear of clothing) and see what happens. LOL There is actually a fear of sitting and a fear of standing or walking.

Eats and Treats:

Had my usual SF Rock Star and then a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.

Time to get ready to take Rachel to the mall to have lunch with a group of teens and shop.

I had McDonald's Caesar salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinaigrette. (260 calories).

Charlie and I walked around the mall. We went into this one shop that was burning incense and had stuff from all over the world. I found a belly dancing belt with the little coins on it. Charlie said, "Mom, NO. Put it back. Don't get it. You're not going to get it?!" I bought it to the horror of my 9 year old son. I'm not a bellydancer but I might just take a class at the Y for fun now. Heck, I have the jingle belt thing now!

The smell of Auntie Anne's pretzels finally got to us so I got us each some cinnamon sugar pretzel sticks. I had 4 for 313 calories. Bliss. Pure bliss.

I haven't been to the mall in about 2 years. I wasn't missing anything. :)

My post workout snack was a Brown Cow strawberry Greek yogurt. Oh, that stuff is good. Chobani good.

Time for dinner: salad with grilled chicken breast, 2 boiled egg whites, reduced fat mozzarella, shredded carrots, 1 Tbs real bacon bits, spinach leaves and romaine lettuce topped with some light Caesar dressing. Dessert: No Pudge brownie

Calories Burned: 2723

Calorie Intake: 1313

Deficit: -1410


  1. Belly dancing coins.
    Wii Fit "Just dance". I like where this is going.


  2. Hey Chuck... how about sitting back and let somebody else be the first to comment over here every once in awhile, dude? Fair is fair...

    Totally agree with you about mizfit's guns.

  3. wow, your salad looks really good!!

  4. LOL
    Jack.... life is not fair.

    I gotta get my shout out to Kel.

    Especially if she is considering taking up belly dancing..... I want to be the first to encourage her to do this. Even at the risk of horrifying my little ones.

  5. love those no pudege brownies dont you

    i need to buy stock in those things lol

    great workout

  6. I will never be able to fix my bat wings....just too much loose skin hanging down below teh actual fat sad!!!

    Your food looks great! :)

  7. Your food looks yummy! and what a great workout! Way to go!

  8. i didnt even think about wii dancing
    that might be even better

  9. MzFit does look amazing, doesn't she?

    You know what, though? I say bare those arms no matter what! No need to hide them, they are beautiful in all their forms :D

  10. I really want to sculpt my arms- so I'm trying to find ways to do this with at home workouts. Those pretzels are making me drool!

  11. You know what... those kids sometimes really know how to use the free weights and they are more than willing to show you how to do stuff and good form. I find gay guys REALLY like to help me to when I tell them I want to try something but I am not sure how to do it best or adjust the equip[ment... I JUST ASK people who look like they are doing to a point and I do less weight until I find a good challenge and try it arms is one place the skin is not sagging as drastically. And if oprah has em I can have em...batwings I mean.

  12. sounds like a great arm workout!!

    i need to try those no pudge brownies...i saw them at the store the other day, but got scared away by the price. :s

  13. I want to tone up my arms, too. Boot camp is a step in the right direction (quite a bit of arm work).

    lol. on the belly dancing belt embarrassment. Sounds like my children! :P It would be fun to take a class!

  14. Another Happy post - you are a little gym rat!

  15. Nice job with the weights! Just to let you know, I would be intimidated in the weight room all by myself at a gym. And I kinda know my way around weights! It's a different atmosphere, to be sure.

    SO GLAD you bought that belt! Torture your son whenever you can - it's the only revenge we moms get!

    I live within half a mile from the mall and I never go. I like to get in and out of my stores, and I can never remember which end whatever store I want to go to is on, so I usually don't bother going.

    Just so you know - you CAN do a 5K. Just run slow. You really can do it now. You have it in you, I know you do.

  16. That salad looks great! I am so making that tomorrow!


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