Friday, February 26, 2010

Shopping for a Personal Trainer

Thursday began a new week in the C25K program. Week 6. Hey, after running that 20 minutes all the rest is a piece of cake. Right? And week 6 goes back to intervals so no problem.

And you know, it's such a beautiful day that instead on running on the treadmill I'm going to take it to the track at the Y. It's a little half mile loop on pea gravel.

Get the MP3 playing the podcast and I'm off. 5 minute walk was great. Then time for my 5 minute run. Whoa! Wait just a minute. Why is this so difficult? My legs feel really heavy and I feel each step as it pounds my joints. I start gasping for air. This is supposed to be easy! So running outside is more difficult than running on a treadmill? Well FRIG!

Make it through that 5 minutes of torture. It's time for a nice 3 minute walk to bring my breathing back under control. Nice. It goes by so quickly and then it's time for my 8 minute run. This, my friends, was difficult. It shouldn't have been but it was. Have you ever seen a fish out of water? I felt like lying on the side of the track and gasping like a fish out of water. I had to dig deep to finish that 8 minutes.

Made it through my last run, or so I thought. Began what, in my mind, was my 5 minute cool down. After 3 minutes walking the guy on the podcast announces that it's time for my final 5 minute run. I thought I was going to cry. LOL

Finished up my 5 minutes very thankful that I could still walk and breathe. I'm wondering: can you rent those little oxygen tanks and a little cart to push along as you run? I'm thinking that might be helpful. Not sure. It's just an idea.

Yes, running outdoors is much more of a challenge than running on a nice treadmill while watching the Ellen show in the climate controlled Y. But since all of the races I know are outdoors (are there any 5Ks on treadmills?? If so, sign me up) I guess I should start taking all of these runs to the streets. I was physically exhausted and a little disappointed. I was hoping this would be easy. And the whole experience made me even more nervous about the upcoming 5K. I know I'll finish but will it be on a stretcher or on my own 2 feet?

The good news is that I passed some people on the track. Well, they were walking but still! I passed them! I've always been the one to be passed in the past.

Here's a little snapshot of my red face after the run. It took 3 tries for me to finally form a half smile to take the picture. I was beat.
(week 6 day 1 complete)
Still had Turbo Jam left for the day. I was scheduled for the 20 minute session so it wasn't too bad. But afterwards my muscles were quivering a little.
I've been playing with the idea of trying to find a personal trainer. I finally called a place to talk to them and get an idea how much money it would cost. For 2 sessions per week it would cost $300 per month. ouch! I can't afford that. I felt deflated after hearing that.
I really need some help with this strength training stuff. Cardio is not an issue. But I don't know about proper form. How hard should I push myself? How often should I try to add extra weight? How many calories should I be eating to feed my body yet still lose weight? What are the different machines in the gym used for? There are so many questions. I do have The New Rules of Lifting for Women. I've read it. And it does answer some questions but I need someone there to help me out.
There is no way that I can pay $300 but I still have an appointment Friday evening to talk to them. Maybe they have other plans? Maybe we can come up with a solution? We'll see.
Saturday is going to be a huge challenge. We've been invited to be guests of one of the BBQ cook off teams at the Houston Rodeo. It's all you can eat food all day and all you can drink all day. I know beer is involved (which I can resist) but I'm hoping that wine and tequila are not around (because I usually don't even try to resist some of that). A day of nothing but eating?! I'm working on a strategy: eat a big protein & fiber filled breakfast; pack some snacks in the car; just sample a little; remember how disappointed you will be in yourself to report back that you went crazy.
Calories for Thursday were good:
Calories Burned: 2711
Calorie Intake: 1493
Deficit: -1211
If you have any tips for finding a personal trainer or can tell me the expected price, please leave a comment. Thanks. Or just leave a comment anyway. :)


  1. Don't ask the personal trainers if they accept yarn or back rubs for payment, cuz I tried that and got the ol stink-eye back.

    Great job with the running. I'm threatening to start that program when it gets a little bit warmer.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. A lot of the gyms/trainers will do "small group training" where you have 2-3 people doing a session with a personal trainer so you can share the cost; I would look into that when you talk to the trainer! If you don't know anyone you want to do sessions with they can probably put you with others at your gym that are interested in the same thing.

    Another option would be to see what strength training classes (sculpting, body pump, etc) if any your gym that are included in your membership.

  3. LOL @ oxygen tanks! You crack me up!

    Yes, running outside is definitely different. I think because we tend to take bigger strides when we are outside. When on the treadmill, we can only stride so far. Try running slower and keeping your strides a little tighter; it may help you get your groove.

    And thanks for the tip on the C25K podcasts. I never knew that!

  4. Oh yeah, running outside is harder. They say if you have your treadmill set to 2.5 incline that simulates what you would exerperience running outside. Not sure if you have tried that already.

  5. You really want to get advice from someone who has proper qualifications. Most decent gyms give details of who their instructors are and what qualifications they have; it's a selling point for the gym. More details on the kind of qualifications available can be found at my client's site here;
    personal trainer qualifications

    All the best to you!


  6. The small group thing might be the way to go - that's pretty much what I do. And it's nowhere near $300/month - yikes!

    I used to only like running on the treadmill, but after a few times outdoors I prefer that. Bet you will, too.

    As for the oxygen tank, they come with wheels, right? ;)

  7. great job on the run...even tho it was hard, you finished!!

    sorry i'm no help on the personal trainer. i've always wanted one, but never wanted to fork over the $$ for it

  8. I've been having the same problems with personal training. I really want one (even though I've been working out my whole life!) I'm more of a cardio junkie. But after losing lots of weight, I think certain areas need more toning that I can give them. But I talked to some at my gym and it was between $40-$50 a session and he wanted me to go 2 times a week for at least 8 weeks! That's around $700! So I haven't done it.

    I like the idea of small group training but wasn't sure if I wanted it since it's not one on one. I do a weights class 1x or 2x a week right now. But I don't know. I would love a trainer!

    Maybe see if they can give you a discount right now and only sign up for 1x a week. The other time that week, you can do what he/she shows you. Just a thought.

    Good luck. Great job on the outdoor run. You also might have been tired b/c of the 20 min run the other day. That might have made your legs feel like lead!

    I actually prefer the outdoor run. I've always found it easier for me. Something about running in one place makes it difficult for me! But I do what I have to in the winter!

  9. Aren't you the cutest thing on 4 wheels!
    I hired a trainer years ago, and she whipped my Ask.
    But now I know how do to the form!
    Cheaters never win, do they!

  10. $300 a month it crazy! You could probably get by with an appointment like once a month with a trainer. They could get a plan together for you and then you could check up with them in a month or so.

  11. I don't know nothing about trainers, personal or impersonal. But it's always good to pass somebody when you're running. It's discouraging when the walkers pass you while you're running.
    Um.... or so I'm told. Not speaking from personal experience. Nope, not me. Honest. Would I lie?

  12. where are you going to be? we will be at the cook off to it would be nice to meet you :) we are at the Rotten Wood Cookers most of the night we are staying at the Marriott over night so we will not have to drive home we started doing that a few years back and really enjoy not having to worry about a 45-60 min drive home

  13. There are personal trainers offere at my fitnes center. If I can find out prices, will e-mail you. I have a feeling the prices vary according to demand and local area.


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