Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update Photo

It's been a while since I've posted "During" pictures. I haven't quite reached "after" stage yet. :)

Me at around 250 and feeling it. Everything was painful. I don't look very happy either.

Me at 200 on Feb. 5, 2010. Much nicer. (Guess I'll post updates every 5 pounds)
After looking at the picture I realize that my shirt is way too big. I can also take my pants off without unbottoning them. I'm constantly pulling them up now. Time for some new clothes, I guess. One of the side effects of weight loss. A side effect I'll gladly take! Now I just need some $$.

I talked Chuck into doing the Shred with me for day 5. He was able to keep up just fine! I was proud of him. But he is sore now. LOL Just wait until day 3! But he liked the workout (as much as it's possible to like the Shred) and said he'd like to continue doing it with me! I have a workout buddy now. :)
After getting cleaned up we headed out for some window shopping. I had a coupon for the book store that I used on these books.
One just sounded funny and the other is one that I've wanted for a while. I saw Mizfit review the book and she seemed to like it. I've just started reading it but it looks really interesting. Lots of stuff I did not know. I'll tell you more as I read more.
After our window shopping we went out to Cafe Adobe. We haven't been there in so long and I love this place. I didn't take any pics but I had chips & salsa, 1 queso chip, 1/2 of a spinach enchilada, 2-3 bites of rice, 1 bite of beans, and half a pitcher of blue margaritas. Caloriewise, I broke even for the day so it wasn't too bad.
I took the day off from cardio except for the Shred. I just needed a day off and I have 2 rest days budgeted in anyway.
Calories Burned: 2243
Calorie Intake: approx. 2253


  1. Lookin' good there, Chica! And the calorie audit isn't bad either. Considering, you know, the HALF PITCHER OF BLUE MARGARITA and all.

  2. You have so many interesting places to eat in your area and choices of foods to prepare!

    and the best and highest congrats on your weight loss. I love before and during and after photos.

    I am envious but wish you more of the same success.

    I tried the Kale chips--would have been better if I had not scorched 'em. I know you warned about it nut my convection oven is overzealous!

  3. Looking fab, Kelly!

    I just ordered the New Rules book, too! I'm a little scared... :)

  4. Great pictures! Keep up the good work and thanks for the book sugestions!

  5. You're look amazing! What a change from the first picture. I love to see the differences!

    It's always so much more fun to have a workout buddy. My brother did the shred with me today! :)

  6. HOLY hot lady, batman!! You look FAB! Congratulations on reaching Onederland! You're amazing! Keep up the GREAT work...maragritas and all!LOL

  7. I just checked out The New Rules of Lifting from my library. They didnt have the "for women" one...darn.

    And you look great!

  8. You, Kelly, look just great!
    You ARE a Rock Star!

  9. That's great that you posted those two pictures up there. It's going to provide encouragement to anyone who's struggling to keep going.
    And good job!

  10. wow huge difference
    you look amazing
    great job on making it to day 5 of the shred its hard :)

  11. Great picture - you look so pretty! But you could definitely use some new, smaller clothes!


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